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You won Excelsior :)


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2yrs of getting folks to understand group teamwork, it was going great there last 6 months of it. 


I take a break for 180 days, I come back tonight.  Herding Cats for 1 hour, I was like nope, lol.


So ya'll won, I think I'm finally done with the game that brought me love, family, friends, and happy times. 


Ya'll be well.

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49 minutes ago, Ukase said:

Never take a break. Folks took a break from live - and we saw what happened. Never, ever take a break! 

Right! I mean I took breaks because it cost money and sometimes I just didn't have enough to justify the sub, but now that it's back and FREE I'm picking up what you're putting down. 

Pocket D Zone Tour

Best Post Ever.... 568068478_BestContentEverSignature.png.4ac4138c1127616ebdcddfe1e9d55b57.png

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