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Level 40 booster?


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1 hour ago, Spankea said:

Level 50 boost isn't going to happen outside of pvp.

So if this is the case, why would a Level 40 boost happen?

Also that's not really a boost. It's a PVP-focused character that is locked to a couple specific zones. Big difference.

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3 hours ago, Spankea said:

Can a level 40 booster be available in the p2w vendor?  Maybe at 100 million influence?  


Can it? Sure

Is it likely? Sure

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There's too much push back when people ask for instant 50's, but if we instead ask for instant 40s, then surely we can get that and then push for 50s since we have 40s?


... ...

... ... ...

No thanks. PL'ers can already effectively crank out instant 50s. Use the existing process.

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Is this really a suggestion. 
its like that person who expects a ceo position with no experience. 

instant 40 lol. 
Play the game. 

or create pvp or go to beta server for instant gratification with a 50. 

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I think we have to just come to the conclusion that a huge segment of the community favors these instant level up options without any room for compromise, and the other half is vehemently against any form up leveling up boosts and feels double XP and current AE farming suffices the needs or is already too good.


There really won't ever be consensus on this.

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