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What's up with Excalibur?

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Hero 1 got a faaaabulousss sword update in the new release with lots of rainbows and shiny (although it also graphically disappears sometimes during the fight), but isn't Ms. Liberty also holding "Excalibur?"  Is prime dimension Excalibur just a tiny tanto-sized sword?  Does it magically transform in the right hands?  Does she need an update?  She'll probably have to wear it on her back, as Hero 1's version would drag on the ground if she wears it on her belt.

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22 minutes ago, Jiro Ito said:

Does it magically transform in the right hands?



Short answer but exactly that. The sword magically suits the bearer.

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Sword of Omens anyone?

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Funny enough, Miss Liberty's Excalibur could be argued as the most 'historically accurate', since Excalibur would have been a sort of short, onehanded, iron sword likely based off Roman or Anglo-Saxon design. That said, depending on the version of the myth you subscribe to or is used for City of, Excalibur was a sword created by the benevolent Fey and blessed by God and so who knows what metallurgy would be behind it.

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