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Venomous Gas is a ranged PBAoE power?


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I was looking at the stats of my Poison/Dark Defender's abilities, and noticed an oddity -- in both the mouseover stats on the enhancement screen, and in the detailed power info, Venomous Gas, a PBAoE power, has a base 70-foot range. The power functions normally, so it looks as if it's solely a quirk in the internal labeling, but it was odd to see:



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Interesting, I wonder if the power used to have another design intended but changed from targeted AoE to PBAoE and forgot to remove the range and the ability to enhance range. Like you said, it does nothing in regards to the design intent of the power; just has cleanup needed.

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Can't just be a hold-over from MM's Noxious Gas because that power only has a range of 30 feet.

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