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Pure Regen


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The year is 2005, 

I'm playing a Tanker, Willpower/Super Strength.

He did crap DPS, he had no taunt power.  But he was nigh invulnerable.

I had stacked regen sets to an obscene level, at the cost of all else.


I'd like to rebuild something with a similarly staggering Regen that requires a one hit kill to take him down.

But this time I want him to be better at keeping hate.

I was wondering how the Bio armor powers stack up versus Willpower for passive regeneration, defense, and keeping hate?


Those were the only two tanker primes that directly affected passive regen I think.



For his attack Power, I like SS, it did the job back in the day but I wasn't sure if another Melee choice would be more in line with keeping hate.


He doesn't even have to do a lot of damage.  I want him to keep hate and regenerate fast enough to live through anything.

Should I take Taunt and Provoke both?


The rest of the party can make the kill.


I'd love some advice from a player with experiences in paragon younger than a High school sophomore.

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You can keep agro with WP, but it's going to take effort.  You'll need to make sure to toss taunt around as often as possible.  It's an interesting challenge to have to actively tank, instead of hop in and start smacking fools.  If it fits your concept, maybe look at fire melee?  If your AoE toggle won't keep their attention, a bunch of AoE attacks generally will.

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I'll have to get back into MIDS and remember what all the +Regen% combo Enhancements that could be slotted for taunt are.

Everything slotted on the original character gave a combo bonus to regen or health, sometimes both.


I can't wait to restore him and get him back into the arena.

Can't one shot me?  This fight is going to take a while, hehehehe.

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Bio, WP, and Radiation are the defense sets that do most for passive regeneration.  I've yet to make a Willpower tanker though I have many WP characters; they are sentinel, scrapper, brute. 


Building for anything other than defense bonuses tends to be a lot cheaper and easier.


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I have a WP/SS build on the forum I posted a couple days ago with 650% regen.  


I've never had problems getting aggro with RttC and Taunt,, plus attacks.

However, if you moved the + Regen Regenerative Tissue and/or changed one of the Heal/Absorb IOs in RTTC to the debuff procs, you should have 574% regen.


Or pull from the Endurance IOs to build aggro.  I like having the End full so I can cycle attacks and stay in the fight.

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I'm working on a /Bio brute, but it works on a tank too, that when surrounded by ten mobs has something like 1700% regen and 500% recovery. Combined with softcapped defenses and I'm not sure if regular play can even kill it.

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15 hours ago, Sovera said:

 I'm not sure if regular play can even kill it.

That was my fascination with the regen build.

My goal is to heal faster than you can deal damage, all the time, passively.

I can't remember the % but I know my old Wpr/SS was almost there, he was super obnoxious in the Arena, lol.  


I'd like to do the same with something that holds hate better.  My Bio/Elec is still under lvl 20, so I have a lot of building to do but I think I'm moving in the right direction.


I wish Ice Armor had a passive regen power, I love Ice armor, but cant get the passive regen as high with it.

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I tried making that build on Justin since I'm not used to making melee. Turns out I had some ass-umptions going. Parasitic Aura is not a toggle for example 😅 Yep, I'm a noob. Hero Designer just treats Bio as it having all adaptations running at the same time. 


So, to achieve the numbers it requires: be in Efficient, use DNA on ten corpses, run to the next pack, use Parasitic on ten living bodies. My best ended up being 124 HP per second when I tried this.  It went to 159 HPS with Ablative, Efficient Adaptation, and Parasitic Aura. Doing that with Offensive Adaption gave 100 HPS and 9 EPS.


But since Parasitic Aura isn't always available, and we will most likely be in Offensive all the time and, say, we are not bothering with stance dancing, then in Offensive, using DNA Siphon on a *dead* pack while we have Ablative running it, we reach 75 HPS. Remember the caveat of being used on corpses. So, yeah, don't expect to run around all the time with 100 HP per second but for regular play you can use it on a dead pack and bounce to the next pack and have 15-20 seconds of regenerating while mad.


This is with me running with base 21 HPS, 40 HPS with Ablative running.


Ultimately I did not find any of this having an impact in the gameplay. Regenerating or using DNA to heal up to max is the same if our bar is full, and when we would like to regenerate is when mobs are alive and kicking us and that's when they are, well, alive, so DNA Siphon does not trigger regen.


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