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  1. If it's anything like the "Mow the Lawn"Task Force I have to run every week or so there is definitely villany afield! 07K1tHnz_o.png

    Also as an alternative to the shack there is Imgbox where you don't even need an account (but they

    are free and easy to make). Whichever you choose just avoid Photobucket at all costs.

    They took in millions of pictures as a free sight and sold out to a company

    who then put a up a paywall locking people away from their images

    unless they paid a ridiculously large sum of money for

    access. Unscrupulous to say the least.



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  2. Very generous @_Kai_


    @DJFM 2 quick questions.

    1. Does Pondy have a weapon of some sort?

    There is space in the upper left of the sketch I sent you.

    I could put the head of a trident or whatever up there if you want.


    2. Those things on his at the sides of his mouth are the same color as his skin so I thought

    they might be face tentacles like Sith have but then I realized the color restriction

    is maybe why they are green but they could also be a mustache (the CC

    names them as a Confucius mustache), how do you see them?


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  3. 3 hours ago, Cutter said:

    Final Four, thanks @Christopher Robin! Big ups to the other finalists, and @DJFM for the win. I have to say, the random draw element makes good sense given the quality of entries. I would hate to have to pick just one!


    Your welcome Cutter, yeah it really helps with so many ways to approach each theme

    it's not really an apples to apples comparison but in the end I just have

    to get in the ballpark and let fate decide it for me.


    Besides you guys seem to love not making things easy for me. 07K1tHnz_o.png


    5 hours ago, Icanav said:

    Actually DJ1 that might all be the same shade of green with the way the costume maker changes colors on different materials but it doesn't look like the dark yellow E3 to me either. Could be his monitor is really off or something? I don't know it's really up to CR how he wants to handle it, he's seen and thanked it already.


    "Nat it's earthquake under the ocean, we handle it by not handling it." ...is what Okoye would say

    if this was Avengers: Endgame and Marvel was trying to tease the coming of Namor (I'm on to you Feige!).


    In other words, yes I saw it, and yes it's most likely one color over multiple items, and that color is F4 not E3 and that's okay.

    Doc can enter whatever he wants. He can adjust it if he wishes or leave it as is. I just want people to have fun with

    this and stretch their creativity a bit. If they also want to try for a prize they know to stick to the weekly

    colors chosen whenever possible but it's not the law or anything. No worries and carry on. zb7XgP0P_o.png


    4 hours ago, DJFM said:

    Diolch 😄 Thank you everyone

    Forgot there was even a prize......................................


    Oh so I should give your prize away or skip it then? Also check your PM's. 07K1tHnz_o.png

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  4. I'm sticking with the habit of picking one finalist for every three entries (rounding when needed) and so

    with 12 entries in a league or their own I chose the 4 characters I thought best followed the theme

    & made good use of the four selected colors & then I picked one at random from a hat.



    From the depths it did occur that four fathomed the theme

    And this week they were...


    @Cutter                          @Icanav          @DJFM                   @American Valor

      image.png    ScreenShot1502.jpg    67h2TmG.png    DoshiKaCCe1.thumb.jpg.6cf7ae0b231a2341f4f83a76552c00ac.jpg.cf8db189bdf1071b170cc1352d017754.jpg   


      and the winning entry I pulled is...


      Pondy by DJFM!

      The gods of random agreed... he really is the coolest. 07K1tHnz_o.png





     @DJFM  PM, note or post and tell me what you want

    for your prize drawing. zb7XgP0P_o.png


    Next weeks colors and theme are set, good luck everyone!


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  5. 3 hours ago, Crasical said:

    but I worry that the orange is overpowering


    Yes. Everything is proceeding precisely as pla... oowhat now...? Oh um yes, well obviously

    when dealing with such a potent and awesome color it is best to use it sparingly. 07K1tHnz_o.png


  6. @BjorJlen 1st, hello and welcome to the best part of the forums. zb7XgP0P_o.png

    2nd, Yes this would be the place to share costumes & art. 


    Well you can take the characters that you think are

    your best and post them in the "best costumes" thread here. 


    Or you could start your own thread, that way those who want to can look

    through at their own leisure. Or try an image hosting site. Or some combination thereof.

    Finally the Skulls are not there to be annoyed they are there to be hunted so Go Hunt Kill Skulls! 07K1tHnz_o.png


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  7. The new theme and colors are posted check the OP

    & spoiler boxes if you have any questions

    or want a hint. Good luck!


    The colors for week 6 are:  A9 - B5 - E3 - N8  + Any "Skin" color ~  The theme is: Ever After!


    GSg0DrUV_o.jpg     3kVC5Q7a_o.jpg    




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  8. ====================================================================================================================================


    That's the deadline! I'll go over entries and pick a winner this evening. 

    New colors and theme for next week will be up later today!  




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  9. @Seen2BeGreen

    Well it originally was called something like "What Can Your Level 1 Do?"

    and the idea was to make a level one hero meet up in the old sewers and sprint

    madly past as many huge mobs of level 5+ Hellions as possible before faceplanting.


    Afterwards I would stand over each downed hero on a 50 and look at the distance to an X marker

    I placed in the entryway. Multiple runs and the person with the most cumulative yardage

    would win a prize. Upon having the rules I had made up explained in the sewers one

    contestant quipped "so we're all gonna die here, what really matters is who can

    fling their corpse furthest down the hall? and so it came to be known as

    "That corpseflinging event" and then eventually "Corpseflinger." rs4wmRnk_o.gif



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  10. @Lunchmoney Thanks, I did not know that. My signature says...


    Like the Costume Creator? Enjoy a challenge? Love to WIN?

    Then you should click here before April 9th!

    New colors and theme added!


    It's the contest I am currently running (in it's 5th week now).

    The prizes might look different, depending what people

    ask for, but this was he prize drawing from week one.



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  11. Hunh, it's strange sometimes the perspective you get from reading threads like this.


    I lead stuff all the time and I don't really experience the problems that people here are describing.

    I've hosted costume contests (thousands of them), lead events, officiated runs and held challenges both

    in-game and on the forums here (cough *sig* cough). I've even invented new things (The Cannon-Brawl Run,

    Corpseflinger, CoXsO). I go out of my way to find new players and help them with mundane tasks or getting their

    bearings (the way people helped me get started). I gave away influ as fast as I could earn it back in the day and almost

    made it to zero for shutdown (giving away hundreds of billions is tougher than it sounds). I've heard the horror stories of

    terrible teams but almost never encountered them (once or twice in a decade). On live I had a list of "don't invites" but it only

    had like 3-4 names on it. This has been one of the best communities I have found which is why I put so much effort into keeping it.


    All of the above said, I rarely lead leagues or Task Forces and never organized a Hami Raid but that is just because I lack experience

    with those things. Also most content I've done many times over and most maps (especially the repeatable ones) I have long

    since memorized so maybe being comfortable and knowledgeable enough to answer stuff on the fly helps (I'm also

    a fast typist) but yeah it's weird to think people can be playing the same game as me and have such a different

    experience that they'd say "Most of the blue side teams are incompetent morons and afkers." is just bizarre to me

    because I play Blue-side nearly exclusively with the occasional prolonged arc that is Gold-side

    (never red though). Maybe I am just that lucky or I attract a certain kind of people. rFYv2e1c_o.gif




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  12. I  re-read your post @Sublime and now it sounds more like you just want

    someone to make a complete costume for you as close to a Luddite as

    possible and not actual help with picking out options in the CC.


    If that is the case then here ya go.

    Costume file attached below.



    I put the former text in a spoiler box if you want 

    suggestions on how to tweak it yourself.


    Well @Sublime Luddites are not a group you can have exactly as they appear ingame,

    they use custom parts, but you can get close. It depends what is more important to you.


    Up top if you want the belt on the outside then robes are best. MA3 and Warrior probably get closest.

    If you don't care about the belt being visible then you can go with jackets or vest and give up the belt.

    Below is the same deal if you want the boots outside the leggings you have to go with tights or tucked.

    But to get the resistance or denim patterns you have to choose pants and then boots will be underneath.

    For the boots Resistance or flared base in a leather pattern get close. RetroSci-fi3 is also a good option.

    For head there are 3-4 faces that get close, the hostile ones are probably your best bet.


    There are a few exceptions to the above statements of course,

    here are a couple quick variations to show you what I mean.





    a ludd5.costume

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  13. 5 hours ago, Glacier Peak said:

    Windows... ME???


    Nope. That is Windows XP with the Luna 2 silver theme.

    The green start button did not exist on ME. 07K1tHnz_o.png


    It's been forever since I have seen that screen though as all the

    ingame monitors for me have StreetFighter or Tekken on them (yes, mods).


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  14. I'm sticking with the habit of picking one finalist for every three entries (rounding when needed) & so

    with 13 cobbled up entries this week I chose the 4 characters I thought best followed the theme

    & made good use of the four selected colors & then I picked one at random from a hat.



    From pastries and clowns to robots broken down, there wasn't much I found that'd make me frown.

    Illusory Kobolds and ugly sticks plus a gal really into her leather, sure made

    it extra tricky to pick the 4 whom I thought "pulled it together."

    And this week they were...


    @Metatheory            @biostem                     @American Valor                        @Seen2BeGreen


    573945411_KoboldsTogether01byMetatheory.jpg.cfd19958f41a30dbcb98d9f150289140.jpg     311088736_TheCrassLass2byBiostem.jpg.8a14a183f8cedab4ef33f8f1e010e346.jpg     279975020_Scrapyardigan2byAmericanValor.jpg.c54a5a9a25cc14cff92200d1cb5df1fa.jpg     2071074901_JunkYardRevenger1.jpg.7bb6c4d8e9e859b55ee4466f0d02def8.jpg




    and the winning entry I pulled is...


    Seen2BeGreen's Junkyard Revenger!





      PM, note or post and tell me what you want

    for your prize drawing. zb7XgP0P_o.png


    Next weeks colors and theme are set, good luck everyone!

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  15. 17 minutes ago, Leetdeth said:

    Haha, yeah. I didn't realize the connection to the soup brand when I was naming the character. Progresso is italian for progress. Progress, time, yeah you get it.


    Well at least you didn't broth-er to go all in a can-ned reply

    using only stock images beef-cause that would be a Dinty trick. E9rkOkuW_o.gif


    14 minutes ago, Nerio72 said:

    There go my plans for Dinty Moore Lass...🤔


    How about The Campbell's Chunky Connoisseur! 07K1tHnz_o.png

    His bio could just be "Yes I mean the soup."


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  16. Thanks Cutter.


    Yeah, there's isn't always an exact match between the different palettes so for

    simplicity's sake let's just say get as close as you can with the FX

    colors and "skin" is still a "free color" of your choice.

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  17. You say that like it's a bad thing. rs4wmRnk_o.gif


    Ducking out before I derail the very serious discussion in this

    thread but from the depths of the art forums I heard

    the summons to demon-strate bad puns and

    Princess Bride quotes so I answered.


    To shirt the issue otherwise would be incon-sleeve-able!


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