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  1. Ugh, I wouldn't want to have to fight them. Fort Ill/Time Elec/Elec Def Fire/Psi Dom DA/TW Tank Dark/Dark Def Demon/Cold MM Water/Nature Corr The Fort alone is bad enough. The rest are just pets.
  2. Kat/Bio Scrappers are stupid fun too. It is one of the "easy mode" characters. Just run in and kill stuff. Move on to the next future pile of bodies.
  3. The RNG is a fickle mistress. I go on farming binges from time to time and they normally last a week at a time. Usually I'll get 1-2 a day between the farmer and the sitter. I have had as many as 9 drop in one day. I find that PVP recipes fall along the same lines. I can get 2 or 3 of those in a row and not see another one for days on end.
  4. Poor Kinetic Melee. How I want to like it.... Jazz hands just doesn't do it for me.
  5. I was thinking something opposite of Titan Weapons. Fast recharging, lower damage melee. Think the Flash in DC's animated series. A teleport in/out would be kinda interesting. Zip in, hit the target and zip out. Could have a damage boost modifier for not getting hit. Pair it with SR and you'd be awesome till you weren't all of a sudden.
  6. I hadn't heard of that trick. I'll give it a go if it happens again.
  7. It is still around. Happened on a team I ran with the other day. Usually if you leave and come back it will fix itself, or when you enter the sewers the game figures out you have your Alpha slotted. So you're useless for only part of the mission.
  8. It takes time to figure out the best way to nerf regen. Also I heard some rumblings about the animations for carp melee not being quite floppy enough and they went back to the drawing board. Kinda hoping they are working on some new control and assault sets. Would like to make a Wind/Sonic Dom. Sonic Melee might be kinda fun too.
  9. I really want to like this character but I'm about to just give up on it. I can't come up with a build that I actually like. Looking for the usual def/res/movement (being stone armor). Lets see what you all can come up with. Cost is no issue so use whatever you need to.
  10. I usually buy a bunch of packs all at once, horde the ATO's and grab them as needed. I'll convert the lesser used ones to something else. I will use all but the Arachnos and Keld ones. I already have enough of those classes. I have a build ready before I roll the character and most of the time I have the IO's in a bin waiting to be slotted.
  11. That is some hot garbage right there. I usually don't look at them as I am opening. Just click the macro 10 or 20 times and sort it out from there.
  12. Is it official that they are going to stay at 10M? I have a bunch of packs. I'll crack them for IO's as needed.
  13. Better yet, if you jump off said balcony and the hostage follows, you get a mission failed message and text that says "Mrs. Johnson has broken both her legs, hips, back and has a severe concussion" I still think we should pick them up and run out, they walk too slowly and must not be too concerned with the fact that there are lots of baddies I skipped just waiting to recapture them.
  14. Summer Fun Pack: IO's could be something like 100 SPF Sunscreen - Def Set / Chance for +heal proc Aloe Vera Lotion - Heal set / +Speed proc Hangover - Slow set / Toxic resist proc Beach Umbrella - Resist Set / +End Proc Schools Out - Pet Damage Set / +pet dam proc
  15. Was the price of Winter Packs adjusted to 10m on a permanent basis?
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