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Since we do not have a Supergroup subsection of the forums - I figured I would put this here. People can post their SG in here and what kind of SG it is, what kind of players are in their SG, and what they are looking for. Players can also "advertise" themselves if they are looking for a SG; especially the type of SG they are looking to join.

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Sure why not get this started:


Supergroup: No More Heroes


Who we are: Adults! First and foremost we are indeed adults.  The leaders of the SG played since CoH release right up until the servers went down.  We are just friends looking to make some more irl.  Tired of trying to pug people to run things so we're going to start trying to recruit a bit and maybe get somewhere between 20-30 ppl total so there will always be people on to run things.


Are we for you: I don't know.  Only you can answer that.  We like to socialize, and try to pay attention to chat, but for the most part we're on on Discord talking, reminiscing, and debating what we want to do or create next. lol


Activity: Yeah, normal adult people hours.  We start around 6pm CST and play 'til 9-10pm CST and weekends as able w/ families and other obligations.  Remember, adult!  If we get more this may turn into a "Always someone on" aspect that would be pretty awesome.


SG Base: It's a work in progress.  I need like 200 hours to get one back to what we had on NCSoft servers back in the day.  For now it's functioning with all crafting stations and teleports.


Looking for: Anyone that wants to join and have fun in this game on villains or heroes.


Contacts: @ghost2k4 and @Devils Reject


Hope to see some familiar and new faces. ^.^

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Not a supergroup, but I created a global channel for Controllers. 


/chat_join Controllers


Who we are: No one in particular! But looking for other people who like running Controller alts.  Of course other AT's are welcome also. 


Activity: None planned, but it will be nice if we get enough members so that scheduled "all-controller" teams could be formed to faceroll.. er, I mean tackle highest-difficulty content.  Also help others with build questions and the like.


SG Base: None. You can use your own or join another. Just join our channel anyways.


Looking for: Anyone that rolls a Controller alt or is interested in rolling one.  Also looking for others to help get the channel going.


Contacts: @pyrotechnique

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The Tiki Club. Open to anyone who likes to Team, Theme Teams, XP, do Strike Forces.(Red Side main). We also have Alt SG & Blue Side SG all linked up in Coalition & Bases. If you are interested.  Contact @JJDrakken in game or if you see someone in The Tiki Club, they can direct you to the recruiters. If you have alt's we'll get you in Tiki Club Dance Hall. If you have a Blue, we can get you in Tiki Club Blue. Folks are willing to team, help out, & teach.  Just recently added: Tiki Club Thrill Kill Kult(Alt SG 2) and Wrongbow(Theme SG). All still linked in Coalition with all others & have full bases.

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JOIN MISFITS! We're a chill group of gamers that do task forces and team together regularly. We'll eventually be doing pvp and events together once we get our toons built! We have a discord and donuts. What are you waiting for? Message me @bunnykicker and become part of the crew!

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Hello,  I just started yesterday but I have played this MMO from launch until they shut it down.  I was in one of the top PVP SG in the game. I currently leveling up a PL toon an SS/Fire tank. So I can make money and level up my friends for pvp.  Looking for a place to call home.  My toons name is Reswar.  All my toons will have Res in the name

Infinity Server

Main: Resolution Mind/rad troller

SG: Hell's Army

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I'm not sure she's checking the forums, but I'll post this on behalf of @ElectraOutlaw and such some of the following may need updating. This is what feels accurate based on my personal experience with the group all of these years.


SG Name: The Lethal Ladies


Theme: As one might expect, this OG era group was originally created with an all female (alt) concept in mind. It originally had a matching Deadly Dudes group (that I may just setup anyway) for the counterparts.


Player Expectations: While not an official list, "I" would expect that you be courteous and kind to the others (anyone IRL TBH). The group itself is casual in nature, but pre-planned events are often setup for those who can make it.


Base: We have a fully functional base that will likely continue to evolve aesthetically as people feel creative. Not everyone can edit right away, so if that's something you want, then I suggest asking one of the higher (than me) ranks as I'm not sure how that's been decided. You can add/remove things, but I'd advise balancing what you give/take as there's only so much storage and we should share. ;)


I can't think of anything beyond that really other than that there is a Discord and in-game chan.



Note: Before I finally ran into the other LLs I had created both a group and base on Torch. At this point it seems that the LLs have settled on Indom, so I'm likely going to close up shop their with a redirect to the Indom group.


If you'd like to join, then let us know!

@ElectraOutlaw -> SG Founder

@WanderingAries -> LL Recruiter (alt name and apparently new task >.<), I'll likely be on Torch at the time, but I can swap to Indom when needed.

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OG Server: Pinnacle  <||>  Current Primary Server: Torchbearer  ||  Also found on the others if desired

Installing CoX:  Windows  ||  MacOS  ||  MacOS for M1  <||>  Migrating Data from an Older Installation

Clubs: Mid's Hero Designer  ||  PC Builders  ||  HC Wiki  ||  Jerk Hackers

Old Forums  <||>  Titan Network  <||>  Heroica! (by @Shenanigunner)


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The 3412 Van Street address in King's Row appears as a modest single town home, and if you ask the neighbors they will tell you that they hardly ever see the owners of the unleasable investment property.

But unlike the other row houses in this neighborhood, 3412 is a bit different inside. The front door is not even a functional portal, as visitors enter directly via teleportation into the foyer with it's 30' high vaulted waiting area. The space quickly dips underground where the rest of the subterrainian space widens out into the rest of the base.


Passcode: VAN-3412


If you stop in, say hi to our receptionist. To be honest, I can never remember her name. Is it Karen, Sharon, Cindy? She's frequently changing her look (hair and clothing), so much I feel like it's every time I leave the room she turns into a different woman. It's very confusing. But she's a wonderful employee. Her dog, Bruno should be near by. He won't bite. Though, he may lick you to death.



There are a few doors where you have to scan your hand for entry. Since you're an acknowledged friend of the group, we took the liberty of entering your data in the system. You are authorized for full access!



I should warn you that our newest member, Lymbo is a bit of a trickster and has cast spells on mundane base objects in the past as a joke. One time she enscorcelled a coffee mug in the break room that sent an intern to the plane of Lymbo. He has never been quite the same since.  Evidently, she now keeps a spell book open on her work space that has the ritual that will bring you back to the base. Just follow the instructions and you'll be fine. You do read ancient Summerian, right?

Anyhow if you do accidentally wind-up in Lymbo (the place, not the hero), can you do a bit of snooping for me? She bet me that I couldn't even tell her what she had for lunch today. Can you believe her nerve?!.....and so far I haven't got a clue! But if you find any clues, the first person to email me @ROCKETEUR with the right answer will send you back 1,000,000 Influence for the tip! Thanks!


There's always some staff in the facility. They are the true heroes that keep the place humming so we can get all the influence, prestige and gratz! You may see faculty members from Croatoa University researching Lymbo's collection of spell books or a gadgeteer tinkering on new enhancements to my power sets. Or some technicians fiddling to optimize bases power production. Try not to interrupt them if they appear to be working on something. There's always a buzz of activity around the place.


A few other base notes:

-You'll notice a few blank displays around the base. The cable bill was in Homunculous' name and we're having issues getting the service added since he's still shown as a "resident" of this address.

-Stay out of Frigid's room. He's asked that we all respect his privacy to maintain his secret identity. Besides, as I look at the bases thermostat settings, I think you could very well freeze your brass off in Frank's room...... Crap. Did I just tell you Frigid's first name? He's going to kill me.

-Feel free to drop in even if it's just to use the new compact Handscan zone teleporters (HZT's). They have become all the rage in Paragon. Tiny in relation to the Rikti technology of telepads, and very quiet. Occasionally you'll see random supers passing through the base just to use them. A shout out or "Go get 'em!" is always fine, but refrain from asking for autographs. They may be on way to a mish though perhaps you can offer to lend them a hand!

-Also, be careful what zone's you teleport to. You could wind-up in a spot well above your proper security level. BTDT.

-You're allowed to use the crafting stations in the lab, but you must BYOS (bring your own salvage). The salvage is locked-up ever since we had a prospective member with sticky-fingers "loot" the storage.

-Help yourself to sodas and snacks in the break room vending machines.They are gratis from the Vanquisher trust. But please don't touch anything in the fridge with the name 'Donna' on it. She's our lead tech and I swear she will go full-on AV if anyone eats her lunch. I seriously would NOT do that.........again.

-Try not to share the SG Passcode with civilians. It is a "secret base" after-all, and we need to keep it secret from somebody.




Team Motto: Ever vigilant, never yielding.

Team emblem: Latin letter “V” in White embedded in blue or grey.



The Vanquishers supergroup was established as a coalition of surviving heroes following the aftermath of the Rikti invasion.The name was unanimously voted for by the core 7 members, as it was in the words of the state governor "...emblematic of the endless resolve summoned by the members to successfully expel the Rikti and who have vowed to take the fight to Earth's greatest threat". The supergroup is primarily funded through the Vanquisher Trust and member contributions, but private donations and some government subsidies provide not inconsiderable funds to defer the majority of the group's operating costs. The original charter is saved in a highly secure vault within a central location of Wentworth's Fine Consignments.


Though I'm sure it doesn't need repeating or expounding upon but in case you've been living in a cave, the original Vanquishers team consisted of:


Capacitator: Able to siphon the electrical and energy attacks of enemies, and able to drain normal humans into unconsciousness with but a touch.

Canis Lupus: A Counsel "traitor" Warwolf shape-shifter. With a onetime price on her head of 10 million gold marks. It is rumored that she is stalked by Vampyri elite to this day.

Battle Forged: A hero in inobtainium metal armor that gives increased strength and nearly invincible resilience to attacks.

Adam Bomb: A formidable energy wielder able to generate massive explosions of concussive force.

Fuge State: The astral projecting hero able to manifest within and control the bodies of others.

The Masticator: Yes, THAT Masticator! The one who devoured and digested a Ritki scout vessel power core just moments before it could self destruct. He said it gave him the worst indigestion he ever experienced.

Silver Silhouette: Silver spandex wearing mutant heroine with the psychic power to create realistic illusions.


All original members have since disbanded from the SG. Some having retired. Others you may have heard have passed-on. Over the years new members have joined in to fill the ranks in their ceaseless fight against villainy. But the membership status is always in flux and as of recently, there has been a steep drop-off in card carrying members. The current team is all pretty green.


Currently there is no official leader, but the group's current spokesperson is the iconic jetpack-wearing subterfuge artisan and really swell guy: Rocketeur.

There is also the diminuative hero, Homunculous (a migrant demon from hell: And I'm not talking about New Jersey) that has a begrudgingly part-time membership with the group.

Then there is the always-fresh despite being nearly frozen hero-in-training, Ice/Cold controller FrigidAir. And let's not forget the recent prospective member of the group, Lymbo. Though still in her teens, she has proven to be a formidable spell-caster. Proficient at extraplanar travel and able to channel the energies from the plane of Lymbo to manifest a mystical sword of great sharpness and eldritch armor that encases her body the more energy she wields.


Word on the street is that the new Vanquishers are currently looking for more heroes to join them. Are you up to the task? Will you stand vigil, or will you yield?

Take a look around and let us know if it feels right (or if you find out what Lymbo had for lunch!)



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Trademarked Name (@Trademark)

Hocus-Pocus, Assault, Joan (of Atlas), Homunculous, Ensorcellress, Seismic, Wolfin, J0LT, The Limit, Transparency, Fastball, Loremaster, Monkey-Boy, Presto Chango, Kazam

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**<Visions of Tomorrow>**  

We are a casual and new player friendly, growing Super Group actively recruiting heroes of all ATs and levels. Founded by two old school veterans about 4 months ago.  


SG features: 

fully kitted base with teleporters, NPCs, crafting tables, storage and plenty of eye candy. 

Coalition with a large SG, Overwatch, with whom we share members.  The Overwatch base is pretty rad as well and membership grants you access to both.  They also run the Discord channel.  


<VoT> has a full range of players, from beginners, newly returning veterans, farmers, auctioneers and story arc runners. We are a small group, on average 3 to 5 on at any time, but active and interested in making this a fun experience for anyone who's on.  


If you're a new or casual player without an SG yet, or just want a home for your newest level 50, Visions has a place for you.



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Feel the need for speed? Have you 'seen this movie a few times and like to fast forward to the end part'? JADED is a global chat channel for forming speed TFs/SFs. We also like to do all -AT TFs, like all-blaster STFs and all-melee ITFs. No need to join an SG, just join the public channel: /chan_join Jaded


You can also search for the channel and join that way. We have a discord, feel free to ask a mod in game for a link. LETS GO FASTER! 

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Myself and a real life friend created this SG sometime last year to commemorate our return to this great game. We wanted a place to call home.


The base is well organized with all amenities neatly packaged around the entrance in an organic way. Portals are well marked. Pillar, medical bay, and buff stations located close to the zone portals. Community storage room has multiple salvage racks, enhancement storage tables, and inspiration storage for all members to use.


We have coalitions with several active SGs as well to help keep things active. 


If you are looking to join just send a message to @sushiloving. I am usually on most nights around 2000 eastern time. Thanks!



That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.

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Hello All!


My Name is Artic, 


I'm the Team Captain / Leader / Founder of Incursion ( PvP SG / Team )


Recently in the last month or so most of my members have been able to play ALOT more then they would usually with the world in the state of " lockdown " as it is currently. When I started to take notice of this I realized that it was very fun to have all 16 of my members on largely thru and thru most hours of the day ( literally ) and I started to think of what it was truly like back on live with active SGs filling Ventrillo up and doing farm runs together and taskforces of all levels together and running static teams of all levels together and going to do PvP Events / Zone together!


It made me fond of my memories and I wanted to share new memories similar to those with the rest of the community here on Indom Server!


With that being said I have recently done just that and for the last three weeks my SG has been open and has taken in 11 new members ( some zone PvPers but mostly new PvErs ) that just are looking for a new place/group to call their family. Where we will teach you everything we know about the game inside and out whether it be PvP or PvE situations. Were currently planning on doing costume contests inside our massive newly designed base by our head of labor Vile Bile. As well as we are currently preparing to run a coalition based Hami Raid of our own with another large SG run by Indoms very own Twisted Visage! ( very good friend )


Each Member gets their own unique room inside our amazing massive base and gets to style their room to literally whatever they want. We have members from USA and EU with members ages ranging from 26-59 years of age. We are also okay with taking in younger members if you are of a younger age.  


We currently are sitting at 27 individual members including myself as of this post here today. 


If you are interested in joining please message me ingame @Teh Artic 


OR you can simply PM here in the fourms 

OR you can reply back to this post with ur global so we can link up! 


Thanks for reading and we will see you soon around Indom! 


Check out our base using 


/macro_image "Teleportation_LongRangeTeleport" "Teleport to Base" "enterbasefrompasscode INCURSION-5731"



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