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Feel free to delete this comment when it's no longer needed


This thread is a great idea, but please put in the current server for your SG in your post. So people can search for and find SGs that operate on their servers.

Including your old server is also a great way into draw people from that server in too.


Umm...this is the Everlasting server section of the forums so its safe to assume that the SG is on Everlasting

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SG Name: Inari's Smile

RP/RP Friendly: RP all the way though not exclusive.

Theme/Era: Cyberpunk/Modern

Redside/Blueside: Technically Redside, practically Greyside.

Recruitment Message:




Inari's Smile is a Cyberpunk/Post Cyberpunk themed RP VG. Based around the seemingly unlikely alliance between a strange, small cybernetics corp' and a night club serving as front for Yakuza, the VG welcomes all who live on the fringe of society (such as rogues and vigilantes) one way or another and who wish to explore themes of the quest for transhumanism, street/corporate morality, with perhaps a touch of magic, a side of vigilantism and some licentiousness.


VG is 18+ obviously, open to any archetype and redside-based (though really not actually picking any side, so active Arachnos operatives might be turned down outright). It's still small but hopefully growing with a couple operational  bases (aesthetically speaking that is).


For more details contact Vetala/Bai Mianxi @DevilTiger or Grey Sky @Grey ingame or @Devil Tiger#2730 on Discord!



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Made in Northern Valley is Now Recruiting!


SG Name: Made in Northern Valley (MiNV)

RP/RP Friendly: Light RP

Theme/Era: Magic/Modern

Redside/Blueside: Blueside


Made in Northern Valley (MiNV) is a new blueside guild with light RP elements. Many of our members never played the endgame during live, and so our focus now is on exploring the content together. While not prohibited, most members do not powerlevel or use exp boosters. Once we get our numbers up, MiNV will have regularly scheduled events and days to team up. We are open to any archetype and origin, and are looking to build a community for the long run.


Story: The Northern Vale is a place caught between dimensions and time. Walk through and you are just as likely to see an Aztec stargazer debating a Praetorian physicist as you are a Grecian pitfighter dueling a Malta battlebot. The Vale is a place where the impossible and the improbably happen every single day. The inhabitants of the Vale do not know how or when they got there, but each of them has a strong sense that they are exactly where they are supposed to be, doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Perhaps, then, it makes sense that when a portal to Primal Earth opened up there was no hesitation. The Vale saw a dimension and a time in need, and it's people answered the call. Together.


((If you are interested, contact me @Nj3Fate in game or at Fate#7375 on Discord!))

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SG Name: F.E.N.R.I.S.

RP/RP Friendly: Yes

Theme/Era: Modern Supervillains.

Redside/Blueside: Redside

Recruitment Message:


Focusing Evolution Networking Ritualism and Information Syndicate or F.E.N.R.I.S. as it's more commonly known, is an organization founded by Oliver Felix. Within its ranks three core factors are taught, Strength, Willpower and Intelligence. Every member of FENRIS must possess above average in these categories, two out of three being the bare minimum required to join. F.E.N.R.I.S. believes the world governments to be currently flawed, united they plan to take the world back piece by piece and place it in the hands of the strong. While some villain groups have been strictly focused on one origin, F.E.N.R.I.S. believes every origin of power has its merit, should the individual prove themselves worthy to co-operate and pull their weight. Villains of mutant, magic, natural, scientific or technological banding together to crush the old ways beneath their heels.


Think DCs Legion of Doom or Marvels Sinister Syndicate, a collaboration of villains all fighting together to conquer and restructure the world. Some are a part of FENRIS for the political megalomania, others are simply all about the money and the rush of battle, the motives of each member vary amongst our colourful cast. For further information on the history of the group IC or OOC, more clarification on its core values or public knowledge about its founder please don't hesitate to message me if you're interested in joining, either here or in game.


My global is @Ry


And lastly, thank you for reading!


Edited by Ry
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SG Name:  D.E.F.E.N.S.E.

RP/RP Friendly:  Yes

Theme/Era:  Scientific research

Redside/Blueside: Blueside

Recruitment Message:  working in space, we can push the boundaries of science outside the boundaries of law.


The DEpartment of Forensic Engineering of Nuclear Scientific Experimentation is recruiting scientist, inventors and willing test subjects (all are welcome) to push the boundaries of the current understanding of science.


This is my first attempt at base building, but I have all the basics.  I have portals to all the major areas and a shuttle that takes you up to the space station here all the research and development is done, including salvage, inspiration, and enhancement storage.


My global is @Diamondstrike

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SG Name: Street Fight Sirens

RP/RP Friendly: Yes

Theme/Era: Golden to Chromium age fun luving superchicas and their fans.

Redside/Blueside: Blue

Recruitment Message:

You may know me from my rants "But it is about RAM" and "It isn't always the server's fault".  Besides being a techie pain in the ass with an over-inflated ego, I am also a fan of Adam Warren-esque/Empowered style superchicas.  More She-Hulk than Psylocke for Marvel fans or Bab's Bat-Girl instead of Cassandra Cain.


If you got a butt kicking superchica or are fans of butt kicking superchicas, this is your new home.  No politics, no drama, no powertripping.  Just beat badguys and pulverizes perps and look cool doing it.


RP is Okay but not required, just try to keep it PG-13 as we support the Comic Code Authority around here.  We are Alt friendly until we hit capacity and then will offer a support group for Altitis sufferers.  No racism, sexual harassment, bigotry, or general butthole like activity allowed.


Once we get enough members we'll look at SG taskforces, events, and the like.  We are also looking for a cool Coalition to join, so hit me up.



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The League of Superheroes



WHO WE ARE:  The League of Superheroes is a small SG looking to open up our doors to the public.  We started out as a SG for a few close friends to get together and enjoy the revival of CoH/V.  Due to interest from several people, we are opening up the SG to public recruitment.  We play almost every night, and our activities include raids, task forces, radio missions, contact missions, etc.  I lead Rikti Raids several nights every week, and you can often find me advertising with Marijuanaut or Xuku.  We also enjoy doing Incarnate content.  I lead BAF trials at the moment, but I'm also looking to expand into other Incarnate Trials.  We are a group of low-key, laid-back people.  Our SG has a fully functional base, including teleporters, storage, med bays, inspiration vendors, level up npcs, facemaker npcs, and vendor npcs.  We have a Team Speak server that we get on regularly and will be open to members, but not required to get on.  It is merely an option should you like to use voice comms.


RP/RP FRIENDLY:  We are not an RP supergroup.  We don't discourage RP, but, generally speaking, we are not RP-centric people.


REDSIDE/BLUESIDE: We are a BLUESIDE supergroup.  Heroes only!  Sorry villains!  =(


WHO WE'RE LOOKING FOR: YOU!  We're looking for anyone who would like to join!  All levels are welcome!  We're looking for casual players, not-so-casual players, raid and task force leaders, and people who are generally laid-back and want to have a good time.


Contact Information:  If you are interested in joining The League of Superheroes please contact myself or my friend in game.  You can send either one of us an in-game email, or hit us up with a /tell if you see us on!  My global handle is @dude and my friends is @gusthemole.

Marijuanaut | Man of Granite | Xuku

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SG Name: Smurf Village


RP/RP Friendly: Very casual RP and not required


Theme/Era: Create a Smurf and join us for some goofy fun!


Redside/Blueside: Blue, of course!


Recruitment Message: Contact @Leaping Lemur (Stabby Smurf) or @Hypnotic1 (Stoney Smurf) and help rid Paragon City of all the big meanies! This is not necessarily a "family-friendly" group, but we don't want to go too far overboard.

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SG Name: The Phenomenal Five


RP/RP Friendly: Full on classic comic book RP!


Theme/Era: The CoH equivalent of the Fantastic Four! A total homage


Redside/Blueside: Blue

A small (5 person) SG, the Phenomenal Five, a total Fantastic Four homage....


1986, Dr, Ullysses Strong and four others enter the trail of Haley's Comet and get bathed in cosmic radiation, to return to earth with Phenomenal powers.


Like the original FF, basing their powers off of the Elements.

Earth (Dr. Strong, super strength, invulnerable, the resident Reed)

Air (you)

Fire (you)

Water (you)

Spirit/Mind (you)


Matching outfits, corny dialogue, the "first family" of superheroes...


I play a coupla times a week, mostly nights EST (7-10ish), no play requirements, just fun, dorky awesomeness...


So, if ripping off the fantastic four, and becoming Magnetic Maiden, the Human Storm, Miss Magma or Telepath(these names are just filler suggestion names, so please don't feel obligated to think they are necessary, unless you love them, and more importantly, can get them...come with your own names and ideas)... Look me up or PM me here...


WHO WE'RE LOOKING FOR: YOU!  People who want to have fun and really ham it up with some classic comic book RP and subtext! People who can take being ridiculous serious, and never be serious about it.


Contact Information:  here PM me, or go to Deviantart, and look up taghuso.deviantart.com and message me there!


Dorks away!!!!

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"Problems solved for hire", the card is black with red type, boring, generic mercenary villain as it gets, and that's as far as most will.  Under the right light though, the logo of a star flickers, a hint of a rumor you've been chasing, or an invitation. Words are visible only in that light too, "Protection for the people".


Blacklight isn't a known superteam, and it isn't a gang, but something between, a network of those who want to protect their own on their own terms. Heroes for the people of Etoile Isles, so long as your definition of heroes is flexible about things like bombing Longbow(we don't need your condescending help) or chucking Crey experimenters into Coralax filled water and 'accidently' being followed by wailers into Arachnos bases. The Isles are their home, and they wouldn't have it any other way, but as much freedom as there is, someone needs to keep teaching the lesson that the citizens of the Isles aren't disposable. 

(This is a zero pressure currently solo VG that people have expressed interest in being a part of, whether or not things like regular missioning and etc happen will depend on interest, feel free to poke me @Kai in game or I'm in the City of Roleplay and Homecoming Discords)

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SG Name: The Conclave

RP/RP Friendly: Very

Theme/Era: Secret Cooperative

Redside/Blueside: Redside

Recruitment Message:
IC: In the Rogue Isles, rumors are like rats. Ever-present, scuttling things moving about in the shadows, so ubiquitous as to be background, readily ignored. That is until one scurries up behind you and bites you. One such persistent rumor has finally caught your attention. That a secret cooperative of villains and rogues exists hidden in the Isles. This rumor has a name. “The Conclave”. Word is, everyone who wants in goes through a strange old doctor the papers call “Dr. Pain”. No one much knows how they’re run, or anything else about what goes on behind the scenes, but they’re said to have vast resources, and more interestingly, are all too happy to encourage any and all sorts of villainy an ambitious sort might want to get up to. And you just happen to know where The Old Doc is hanging out lately…

OOC: The Conclave is a casual/heavy-casual RP VG with a focus on individuality and cooperation - villains who work together for their mutual benefit without uniforms and higher ups telling them what to do. We hope to assemble a “Rogues Gallery” of well-developed “villains for hire” to serve as antagonists in RP for daring heroes of quality who demonstrate their credentials.

Open to any Archetype, any Origin. We’re based in Redside Everlasting and have a lively Discord ready to welcome you and acclimate you to the VG.

We also run frequent PvE content in RP runs and are ready to expand into nearly any other aspect of the game our members would enjoy, with a hearty dose of RP, of course!

PM Jooknar#4660 or Talan Yeager#8278 on the Discord for details, or tell/email to @Jooknar413 or @Amon the Black in-game


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SG Name: Tariq Trading Co.

RP/RP Friendly: RP basically exclusively

Theme/Era:  Demons and Mages here to spread dangerous magic

Redside/Blueside: Redside

Recruitment Message:

Tariq Trading Company ( https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/4128-tariq-trading-co-is-open-for-business-everlasting/  ) is now hiring for a variety of positions, including but not limited to the following...


Salespeople comfortable with magical items (both in-house and external)

Warehouse workers

Librarians (knowledge of magic a plus, but not required)

Mages willing to sell their knowledge and skills

Magic Crafters prepared to make items on demand

Acquisitions Specialists willing to go out and acquire hard-to-get items by any means necessary.


Our mission statement is to provide top-quality magical power to anyone willing to pay for it, without worry about silly things like 'background checks' or 'regulations' or 'casualties.' Our goal is to amass wealth, and most positions include commission-based bonuses to reward go-getters.  Full health care available for full-time employees, including dental.


(( We have a Discord that we use frequently. Contact me here, or in-game at @Tariq if you're interested in joining. SG nights are 8 EST- 10 ESt, which involves RP during 'Aquisitions' missions, but random RP teams happen frequently.  Also, feel free to hit me up if your character just wants access to powerful and dangerous stuff, even if you're not interested in joining the SG. The shop and library are there for customers, after all.))


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SG Name: The Protectorate

RP/RP Friendly: Very RP Heavy.  Several RP events per week, most activities are done in-character

Theme/Era: Avengers / MCU style heroes and stories (Standing for hope, justice, fighting off threats both big and small)

Redside/Blueside: Blue

How to join: Start in our discord, you can meet us there and apply! https://discord.gg/ThTvtHF

Recruitment Message:


The Protectorate is a large, highly active, heavy RP supergroup, and we're looking to add new members to our roster!  We just finished up a major storyline as the Protectorate faced off against Arachnos to foil their latest plot, making this the *perfect* time to join up as we prepare for our next big story.


We put a lot of focus on storytelling, and giving our members the tools to get involved, or tell their own stories if they wish!  Heavily inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are always looking toward our next big adventure, and how we can shake up the status quo.


In Character, The Protectorate is based out of the top floors of the largest skyscraper on Peregrine Island, known as the Monolith.  From their headquarters, they work closely with Portal Corp, providing security and regularly assisting expeditions into new dimensions.  They also patrol the city, stopping threats and looking for opportunities to inspire hope among the citizens.

If you join, you'll be able to join one of several teams that will help you find specialized RP that suits your character's interest:

  • The Technology Team, building all the tech and hacking all the computers for the SG
  • The Magic Team, keeping the spirits in line and unraveling mysteries
  • The Investigations Team, spies and sleuths keeping their ears to the ground looking for clues
  • The Security Team, assisting Portal Corp and defending the Monolith
  • The Medical Team, patching up the other heroes and looking for ways to fix the damage done during plotlines
  • The Public Relations Team, focused on inspiring the people and standing as a beacon of hope for all```

The Protectorate believes that a hero must not only inspire the people to be brave, true, and strong but to stand for what is right. They should be willing to lay down their very lives to protect it, and find strength in being a symbol others aspire to be. A member of the Protectorate isn't merely looking for the next bad guy to arrest, their goal is to bring hope and community to a world that should feel a little brighter. Even in the darkest of times, what good is saving the city, if those we save have no hope?



Edited by firelightx

Everlasting server

Main Characters: Vigilance, Firelight, Chameleon

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SG Name: Paragon Hero Academy

RP/RP Friendly: Heavy RP

Theme/Era: Superhero College

Redside/Blueside: Blue

Recruitment Message:  Paragon City is a dangerous place, even for experienced heroes.  For those just starting on their journey as a protector of innocents, their first mistake might be their last.  To learn what a hero needs to know about heroing, these rookie heroes find themselves at the Paragon Hero Academy!


PHA offers a wonderful selection of courses ranging from the technological to the mystical, and everything in between!  Students are offered on-campus housing and internship opportunities to help them settle into the heroing life, while a highly well equipped medical clinic tends to the various injuries and illnesses that befall the city's protectors in the field.  A simulator provides the means for training those whose ink on their hero license is still drying, while those with more training and confidence participate in student patrols to keep Paragon safe!


If you're looking to learn what it means to be a hero, sign up for classes today via our Discord!  https://discord.gg/hzBMBZV


((Heavy RP SG with a focus on hero school RP, regular events and many other students to interact with!  Staff applications are currently closed, but if you're interested submit the appropriate app and we'll take a look when we open that portion of recruitment again!))

Edited by Freedom Frank
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SG Name: Golden Age Heroes (Formerly the Gods of the Golden Age/Young Gods of the Golden Age Supergroups from Virtue. We put on those Golden Age Festivals!)
RP/RP Friendly: We're a Heavy RP Supergroup
Theme/Era: Golden and Silver Age Themed group, but with a modern take
Redside/Blueside: Blueside (With a redside group for villain alts)
Recruitment Message: We are the Golden Age Heroes. Champions of the ideals first set forth by the brighter heroes of yesterday. Justice, Liberty, and Integrity are our watchwords, the foundation of our beliefs, and the promise of the future we all strive to achieve.

When iniquity spreads across the world and the people of Primal Earth watch in despair as the malevolent and tyrannical undermine the fabric of society, there is a need for good men and women to come together as a beacon of hope in an otherwise forlorn time. It is a task not undertaken lightly, for to be that symbol of the Golden Age Ideals of justice, liberty, and integrity that the world sorely needs, these men and women must sublimate themselves to the greater cause of these principles. It is here, in this chapter-house of these Golden Age Ideals, that those men and women gather in solidarity to stand against the forces of evil and protect the innocent from the rising tide of darkness. Those men and women, assembled as one, have vowed to defend the defenseless, protect the innocent, champion the just, and serve as exemplars of these ideals under the banner of the Golden Age Heroes.

How to Join:

In order to join applicants will have to fill out a short application on our website, Golden Age Heroes. ( https://www.golden-age-heroes.com/ )  There's a section in the forums called Membership Applications, just fill out an application template and post it up in the forum section.  It lets us know who your character is, what they're about, and what they look like prior to meeting up with you. After posting the application, one of our officers will contact you to set up and ingame meeting/interview. At the time of the interview, please have a bio in the description box.  We've also got a group discord available to members, where we do most of our posting and  out of game activity.

Some other things to keep in mind prior to applying:

- Applicants must have a name that's causally related to the superhero’s powers or origin. The use of extraneous characters (periods, hyphens, apostrophes, and other typographic symbols absolutely unnecessary to the meaning of the name), aren't allowed as well as non-conforming spellings (unnecessary letter substitution, character swapping, misspellings, and so-called “l33tspeak”) and of course, the name can't be offensive.

- Members of the Golden Age Heroes adopt costumes that are designed to reflect the glory and simplicity of an era long past. The so-called “four color” costumes must be inspired by the best and brightest examples of the Golden and Silver Ages of comics. Costumes must be suitably heroic, must not contain elements hostile to the Golden and Silver Age theme, and must be appropriate for the hero’s origin and/or powers. Off-duty civilian attire is exempt.

As mentioned above, the GAH is a Golden/Silver Aged theme group, but we are willing to work with you to help make the character fit the theme. See you in Paragon!

Edited by Nurse Midnight
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SG Name: Grave Walkers

RP: RP Friendly, but not required

Theme: Strictly Un-Dead


  Grave Walkers is a Super Group for all manner of heroic risen dead. Ghosts, Zombies, Vampires, Ghouls.... or any who are no longer among the living. If you have the will to fight your hunger and do right, join us and show Paragon that not all horrors are evil. ((This is new as of this post date. I know nothing of base building but am willing to learn, and would love to make the base into some strange Tomb. I'm pretty active myself, and am willing to help you with your arcs and such. Message Jeremiah Mortis. Global @Bronzette. Get creative and bring out yer dead! ))

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Pastfinder's Magic Shop is now Pastfinder's Shop of Magic!

(Everlasting SG)


If your character(s) lives in King's Row, they might have received the described advertisement in their letter drop. For Kamala, who is always eager to save money and resources of nature, recycling the silly paperslips Paragon City health department attached all over the outer walls of her warehouse was just a natural thing to do. Free paper, and in good condition, because they were wrapped in plastic. If your characters turn over the advertisement, they can read the following text (written using crayons of different colors):


"We are cleared to open again! Under our new name 'Pastfinder's Shop of Magic' you can find us in our same old address. We sell Magic, Spells, Potions and all kind of artefacts of Magic nature. We also provide you assistance in all most many arcane matters. Come and see us again! As soon as we finish cleaning up the mess. Maybe a week more, or you can come earlier, if you don't mind a minor odor. P.S. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide you our totally safe, declawed and deteethed, easy-to-care, virtually feeding-free and 100% no-need-to-poop pets."


SG Name: Pastfinder's Shop of Magic
RP/RP Friendly: Heavy RP 
Theme/Era: Misadventures of a peculiar undead witch and her shopkeeper companions
Redside/Blueside: Blueside (not necessarily very heroic, but well-meaning, at least)

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Onh-wardshh, my loyal mee-nions!

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SG Name: Agents of Ruin

RP/RP Friendly: RP heavy

Theme/Era: Arachnos loyalist

Redside/Blueside: Red

Recruitment Message:


Agents of Ruin is an Arachnos Villain Group dedicated to representing Arachnos through some of it's best and brightest, and not the darkest and grittiest.


Despite being a part of the terrorist organization of Arachnos, this division under Ghost Widow comprises of many talented individuals in many fields for the sake of undertaking tough, never-ending missions to...




...which in turn is an attempt to ensure the world is Lord Recluse's for the taking, through fighting against the toughest, stubborn enemies who would oppose Arachnos, or perhaps those who would even destroy the world.


Currently the leadership is composed of 6 individuals who have taken charge in their original leader's stead, this includes:


- Operative Ezekel, Human Resources (Wolf Spider) Overseer

- Strike Captain Suul, Crab Spider Overseer

- Magus Mustang, Mystical Arts Overseer

- Seer Renault, Widow Overseer

- Yohannes and Zayne, Bane Spider Overseers


Seek them out if you wish to be recruited, made a contractor, or an occasional ally.


The recruitment process involves screening based on simply interacting with the SG: simply approach one of the officers about wanting to join up and the recruitment process begins from there.

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SG Name: The Revitalists

RP/RP Friendly: Heavy RP

Theme/Era: JLA / Avengers-style; Heroes of all walks, seeking to better Paragon City as their home

Redside/Blueside: Blueside

Recruitment Message:


((IC Content:))

Howdy y'all! Are you a do-gooder in Paragon City, looking for a new home? Do you strive to be kind, or noble, or heroic? Trying to turn over a new leaf? Look no further!


We are The Revitalists! A collective of powerful individuals formed for the betterment of Paragon City, The Revitalists are looking for good-natured individuals who want to band together to restore peace to the City, and to protect it from threats both big and small! We've got a lovely campus in Founders' Falls stocked with all the amenities that fledgling and veteran heroes alike need to do their good works, with plenty of rooms available for full-time residents! We're open to all heroes looking to apply, regardless of species, planet, or dimension of origin.


(We are looking for honest individuals; note that any previous affiliations with organizations that commit or have committed acts of mayhem, criminal mischief, or villainy must be disclosed before joining. Hiding this information to be revealed after recruitment is grounds for dismissal.)


Please submit all applications to Star Cannon (( @Star Cannon)) for review. And remember: Heroism means choosing the good, every single day!



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Everlasting Server

Star Cannon - Level 50+3 Mutation Blaster / Level 28+ Mutation Scrapper

Leader and Founder of The Revitalists (Heroic RPSG)

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SG Name: Masterminds Inc.

RP/RP Friendly: yes. we aren't an rp guild but we are more than accommodating!

Theme/Era: Masterminds only

Redside/Blueside: both

Recruitment Message: Mastermind Inc. is looking only for masterminds to fill our ranks. RP is fine. Or no rp is fine. Lets become the largest chaotic enemy squashing clusterf*** the game has ever seen! Aint no tunnel we won't jam. Come Join the Murderblob!

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"Welcome to the PJSA!"


"As your Headmistress, Georgia Clay, I would like to welcome prospective students to this years class.  As a full service boarding school you can expect that your prospective student will be versed in both the classics and more specialized training to accommodate their diverse gifts.  We have a fully trained staff to ensure that no matter what talents and abilities your child has, we can help them through this difficult phase in their life."


OOC Information:
The PJSA is a SG dedicated to RP for a Super Boarding school.  If you have a high school aged character (14 to 18) and want to join in the fun of a super boarding school, join our Discord and say hi.  Characters older than student aged can potentially become faculty, however, faculty positions are awarded on a case by case basis.


RP Activities include: Social, Classroom, Training, Mission, Simulations.


We have characters who run farms, Task Forces and other game content.  Come join us and become one of the Alumni of PJSA!


Name: Paragon Juniors Super Academy
Alignment: Hero
Roleplay: Heavy RP
Recruitment Officer: @BlazingCoconut
Recruitment Message: If you are looking for Super High, this is the place for you!  We do a lot of RP centered around the school, but also run RP missions, SIMs, Task Forces, Events, Farming, and most other game content.
Coalition: Paragon Hero Academy.  
Play Times: Most players are EST, but we have folks from around the globe

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Note: We are currently on hiatus, but the post will be left for posterity. Mods, if you need to remove this please feel free.


Arrive on Earth via mystical portal? Survive your spaceships crash landing? Lost your home in Praetoria? Still trying to fit in and make a difference in Primal Earth? Vanguard Halo is here to help! 

-The Few. The Brave. The Vanguard.-


The Halo - The division of Vanguard dedicated to protecting Primal Earth from threats beyond the Rikti. Backed by the UN Council on Interdimensional Affairs and funded by Portal Corp., The Halo is a sub-agency of Vanguard with a more specialized response to threats than traditional Sword or Shield troops. Operating from a defense network station called HALO ONE, it's orbit just beyond Earth's Moon, The Halo is capable of rapid response to threats all across the world. 


SG Name: Vanguard Halo

RP/RP Friendly: Yes - Medium to Heavy RP

Theme/Era: Military, Law Enforcement, Sci-Fi, Tech, Magic, Space, Praetorian, Vanguard.

Redside/Blueside: Both
Timezone: Central (Events are flexible, but usually occur on Fridays at 5-6PM Central)


Recruitment Message:

The Halo is a subdivision of Vanguard, operating to protect Primal Earth from threats beyond. Our primary focuses are alternate dimensions and space, with a strong focus on Praetoria. We are a military/law enforcement themed supergroup open to all alignments and any background. Medium to Heavy RP. 
For more information, please contact Dawn Watchman (@Battlescars) in-game or join our Discord! -> *Snip*

Edited by AlphaEp1
Reformatting - Updated 3/9/2021, Updated 4/11/2021
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On 5/13/2019 at 5:05 AM, markofantares said:

SG Name:

RP/RP Friendly:



Recruitment Message:

please add -- Time Zone or Most Active Time:  -- with the responsibilities of real life this is a primary criteria for a lot of us.


that said looking for an SG that is blue, not RP required, is on evenings PST, no mic required or text chat only, has a decent  population on at that time.


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Chazcon says, "FOR THE VITAE!"

Ru says, "CHAZ!"

Simply Red says, "I am SO not recovering your body."

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The Agents of Ruin is an Arachnos Villain Group dedicated to representing Arachnos through some of it's best and brightest, and not the darkest and grittiest. Founded by the recently resurrected Ruiner, its mission remains the same despite his previous, unexplained disappearance.


Despite being a part of the terrorist organization of Arachnos, this division under Ghost Widow comprises of many talented individuals in many fields for the sake of undertaking tough, never-ending missions to...




...which in turn is an attempt to ensure the world is Lord Recluse's for the taking, through fighting against the toughest, stubborn enemies who would oppose Arachnos, or perhaps those who would even destroy the world.


The Council of Six, who together have the final word on the operations of the group, include:


- Operative Ezekel, Human Resources (Wolf Spider) Overseer
- Strike Captain Suul, Crab Spider Overseer
- Magus Mustang, Mystical Arts Overseer
- Seer Renault, Widow Overseer
- Yohannes and Zayne, Bane Spider Overseers


In addition, there are rumours of a mysterious shadow council known as the Hetairoi, consisting of:
- Seer Camille, Acting Commander
- Agent Solano, Crab Spider Webmaster
- Agent Cameron, Bane Spider Scout


Seek them out if you wish to be recruited, made a contractor, or an occasional ally, you will be screened for if you fit in with the sub-division, then sent toward one of our six overseers for whichever fits you.


Join the official discord if you are interested in chatting with us. You don't have to be a supergroup member to come and say hello.

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