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SG Name: The Protectorate
RP/RP Friendly: We are a heavy RP group that focuses on weekly/monthly plots & campaigns.
Theme: We mimic the MCU's Avengers in terms of general feel. That sort of "save the world" power scale dealing with major threats to the city.
Redside/Blueside: Blueside exclusively.

Timezone/Event Times: American timezones, most events happen around 8 or 9 PM Eastern

Recruitment Message: 
The Protectorate is a large, highly active, heavy RP supergroup, and we're looking to add new members to our roster!
We put a lot of focus on storytelling, and giving our members the tools to get involved, or tell their own stories if they wish!  Heavily inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are always looking toward our next big adventure, and how we can shake up the status quo.
In Character, The Protectorate is based out of the top floors of the largest skyscraper on Peregrine Island, known as the Monolith.  From their headquarters, they work closely with Portal Corp, providing security and regularly assisting expeditions into new dimensions.  They also patrol the city, stopping threats and looking for opportunities to inspire hope among the citizens.
The Protectorate believes that a hero must not only inspire the people to be brave, true, and strong but to stand for what is right. They should be willing to lay down their very lives to protect it, and find strength in being a symbol others aspire to be. A member of the Protectorate isn't merely looking for the next bad guy to arrest, their goal is to bring hope and community to a world that should feel a little brighter. Even in the darkest of times, what good is saving the city, if those we save have no hope?


Contact Details: Join the discord and chat with us directly there. We love to get to know people, and keep most of our SG activities open to anyone, member or not.


OOC Details: The Protectorate has a long history - it was an SG back on the live servers, and it is one of the first SGs on Everlasting. We've been going strong since Homecoming launched, with a team of DMs that keep SG story arcs, AE missions, dice events, and RP hooks rolling all month long, every month. We love to coordinate with members to help get their character's story arcs in front of the other RPers, and put a high focus on making sure each character gets their moment to shine.

We use a custom dice system that is very easy to learn and works well with our RP events in game. The system rewards cooperation with others, featuring things like Superhero Combos and Heroic Moments to make sure you have every opportunity to show off your character's coolest moves against the supervillains.

And to top it off, we have one of the largest bases on Everlasting - a full scale 40-story tall skyscraper and accompanying complex, complete with all the amenities a superhero could ever need. It includes a listening post, briefing room, dorms, arena, workout areas, medical, brig, and more. Plenty of options for engaging in casual RP in between events!


OOC Expectations: We are looking for people who have an interest in getting to know us, and letting us get to know you. Our application process can take up to a couple of months - this gives us time to feel you out, make sure it's a good fit, let you meet people and see how we do things. Fear not - almost all of our RP activities are open to non-members and guests at any time, so even while you're in our long application process, you'll still be able to take part in everything we have going on.

If you'd like to meet us, ask questions, or submit an application, just join our discord!





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Everlasting server

Main Characters: Vigilance, Firelight, Chameleon

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Name: The Georgeworth T. Bonkspoon Academy of Bonkin’

Colors: red and dark blue with gold trim

Team: blue or red

Founder: Stickbonker (@Hertz in game)

Details: RP friendly but not required


A word from the founder: 

Hey dere, dis is Stickbonker. If you on Everblasting, you know dat I am a top-quality guy and also the mayor, prob’ly. I wrote dis mission about hot dogs, an’ I arrested Ghost Ship when it went fru Underpants Port. I got to da highest level ever (50) by only leveling up 49 times. I bet dat never been done before!


Anyway, it time to pass on all dis cunning an’ skill an’ cunning dat I got, so I startin’ dis academy. I made up a fancy name so it fit in wIf all dese fancy Ivy Leek schools dey got. We study art of bonkin’ in all various forms: stickbonkin’, rockbonkin’, techbonkin’, an’ all dat. I gonna build dis great base like a big fancy school, we gonna have grill in da back yard an’ a pool, it gonna be great.


Dere’s a couple rules we got about joinin’ dis academy. Your name gotta have BONK in it, an’ stickbonkin’ ain’t a metaphor for nuffin’ nasty. (Dat a common phallacy.)  It also gonna be much funnier if it all one word, wif first part ending in K sound.


Here some ideas to get you started:

  • Quarkbonker could be atomic guy.
  • Darkbonker could be somet’ing too.
  • Sharkbonker sound totally cool.
  • Hackbonker could be sword guy.
  • Mechbonker could be dis killer robot guy, I dunno. Maybe he got rocket boots.
  • Thinkbonker could be a psionic guy an’ shoot mind farts at people.

You get da basic ordeal. Dere ain’t no requirement dat you as smart as me, or dat you talk all fancy an’ dat, or if you red or blue or male or female or what. Bonkin’ academy welcome all kinds. Only thing is, we don’t allow nobody to join if dey one of dose beercats down at City Hall dat always pushin’ people around wif pencils. Dey always makin’ up so many rules! All dis red tape dat dey do is makin’ life hard for da people on da street. At da Academy we don’t mind givin’ out rules, but we draw da line at people tellin’ us what time of day to do.


If you wanna know official Stickbonker uniform I can tell you dat too.


Anyway, send a message to @Hertz in game to join up on da ground flop of dis new supergroup.

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The original @Hertz, creator of the Stan and Lou audio series on YouTube. Player of City of Heroes for yonks.1


1A yonk is a very long time.

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On 5/27/2019 at 9:05 AM, Warhead2067 said:

SG Name: House of Cards

RP/RP Friendly: Friendly, not Required

Theme/Era:Playing Card theme group

Redside/Blueside: Blue

Recruitment Message: We are just a themed group wanting to make new friends and team together.  Pick a card and make a toon.  No restrictions other than colors.  Please stick to the red and white or black and white color scheme.  Face cards can add gold and blue.  Look for Ace of Spades, 2 of Diamonds, or 7 of Clubs in game or send me a message for more info.


I am interested in finding someone who would like to co-lead this group with me.  So far I have just been making toons on my own.  I had recruited a few but so far those recruited are not regular players.  Would like someone who can help grow the group.  Please let me know if you are interested.

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Group Name: Night Hall

Alignment: Hero/Vigilante/Rogue (some restricitions may apply)

Roleplay: Heavy

Discord:  (none yet)

Recruitment Officer: @Zephyr Star, or character Lady Domino, @Rastille or character Rustbane

Recruitment Message: Welcome to the mysterious Night Hall, a haven for mutants that need a home, or a place to feel safe from the world where they may be treated poorly. Located in a pocket dimension, mutants and their friends can feel free to enter the house unencumbered. 

((Hello! Lady Domino here. I am looking to start a mutant-centric RP group! I would love to have an intimate collection of roleplayers interested in grouping for missions, task/strike forces and events, and hopefully start storylines within the group! While the main idea is mutant RP, I wouldn't turn any character's origin away within reason. I hope to garner some interest to get this off the ground! I will be posting random recruitment ads in game! Send me a DM here or in-game for more info.))

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Group Name: Pastfinder’s Shop of Magic ( PSoM )
Alignment: Brrrrrrrrrr… ( Wheel of Fortune -soundeffect ) it really depends: PSoM try not to break the law, but if and when they do, they avoid getting caught. And when they do get caught anyway, they Marin themselves out of trouble. Ok, if not total villains by intention, they are moral-fluid people.
Roleplay: RP heavy.
Discord:  ( must pass discord interview to join discord )
Recruitment Officer: @iynx ingame, iynx#5276 discord
Recruitment Message:              


Pastfinder's Shop of Magic -the FIRST magic shop in Paragon City run by Kamala Haaska,  a woman of extremely diverse heritage and social justice- is seeking to rearrange their personnel by parting ways with every current employee and hiring new inclusive staff by intersectional hiring principles. If you are of an oppressed minority, and know something about magic, look up at this… actually don't. Kamala, you are going to kick me out just because you found out about a new fashionable trend and want to gain more public appreciation? After all these years I put my hide in the line to save you from scandals you got yourself into because of your own arrogance and stupidity? All these years I served you loyally and put up with your unbearable attitude, and now you get rid of me because of physical characteristics I was born with and which I cannot change. Knowing that you are too lazy and dumb to read this before it goes to print, let this be my last FU to you before you fire me and get someone else to replace me. -your future former employee, Michael.


OOC: PSoM is seeking active, RP-heavy players with a sense of humor. The shtick is to make money: get stuff to sell, get customers, make good customer relationships and sell stuff and services making profit, Discord-server is used to keep up with purchases and sales. Task/Strike Forces or normal missioning is not the thing PSoM does; they rather poke into ongoing plots and take every opportunity to make money and gain power. Think of Pawn Stars mixed with What We Do In The Shadows dictatored by a magic-savvy undead cross-breed of Gordon Ramsay and Sanna Marin.

Pastfinder's shop of Magic is located in King's Row, Paragon City.


Onh-wardshh, my loyal mee-nions!

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2.5 years on i think its about time i made this post.


SG Name: Invictus Academy

RP/RP Friendly: Yes

Theme/Era: Collegiate Education/Training

Redside/Blueside: Blue

Recruitment Message: 

   Invictus Academy, is a trade school dedicated to the superpowered industries of Paragon. Whether its mutant physiology, teleportation theory, or the ever popular hero program, Invictus has everything you need for a career in the most important functions of the city of heroes. Invictus recognizes that many students will have a busy life schedule and will even be splitting their time between the Academy and a traditional collage. As such Invictus provides a flexible schedule with regular classes and plenty of one on one time with many of the greatest minds in their respective fields.


   Invictus Academy promises to work with any individual to help them achieve their goals and overcome any obstacle no matter how unique or challenging. With so many reasons to join, why haven't you enrolled!?


   ((Information provided in the discord under the rules and about section. Friendly community willing to answer any questions. No application process, just come on in and join the fun. We are always looking for new members especially those interested in producing content for the group and community.))

Discord: https://discord.gg/JpTyu7t9kW

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SG Name: The House of Wrath

RP/RP Friendly: Yes

Theme/Era: Mad Scientists; Science-Origin/leaning/following folks

Redside/Blueside: Primarily Redside, however, Elaina does encourage rogue/vigilantism, and even feigning heroism if it furthers the goals of the group

Recruitment Message: ((A'ight, so it's mostly just me right now because I haven't had the chance to get things fully up and running, but I wanted to throw this out there in case anyone is interested and would like to help build it up. I'm a full time college student and single mom, so any help/interest is appreciated.

Also, I am not a heavy or strict RPer, so while RP is encouraged, it's not a requirement; I'm down for light and casual and figuring things out along the way. Examples of the characters I have created for Elaina and this VG can be found throughout here, or feel free to PM me about them/the VG.))


For Science! For Glory! For World Domination!


The House of Wrath is dedicated to all things science and world domination, and, of course, me, Dr. Elaina Wrath. And no, being a scientist is not required to serve me... I mean, our ambitions. I... we... welcome all sycophants followers of me science who have a penchant to come together in a way we haven't before and use our minds to do what other villains could not before us. Also, a few of my pesky creations have gone rogue and need to be put down, on top of our other nefarious plots. Ahem... right... where was I? ... Oh yes! Join the House of Wrath! Spread the gospel of science! Experiment to your heart's desire and unleash them upon the earth! And, uh, you know, even if that's not your jam, we are always in need of spies, muscle, tinkerers, worshippers, etc. to use and abuse. 


Edit: The House of Wrath now has a crude Discord server: https://discord.gg/RZ3D7f6A

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added Discord link

Global: @Valnara1; Discord Handle: @Valnara#0620

I primarily play on Everlasting, but you may occasionally find me on Indom. 🙂

Notable Characters: Apocolyptica - Demons/Storm MM; Lurking Monster - Human-Form WS; Environmentabot - Bots/Nature MM; Miss Fade - Ill/Traps Controller; Sister Apocalypse - Beast/Dark MM; Dr. Elaina Wrath - Plant/Rad Controller (Join the House of Wrath, and spread the word of science!); Ruff Ruff Boom - AR/Devices Blaster

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SG Name: The Dark Horses

RP/RP Friendly: Yes. Light-Medium RP.

Theme/Era: Street level heroes.

Redside/Blueside: Blueside and Vigilantes.


Recruitment Message:


Based out of a decommissioned firehouse in Brickstown, The Dark Horses are a team-based, light to medium RP, supergroup of predominantly street level superheroes, inspired by groups like The Defenders. Street level is more a description of our focus on being local heroes than the power level of the members of our group. Do we sometimes team up to save the world? Sure. However, most of our time and efforts are spent keeping Brickstown and Paragon City safe. The Dark Horses are focused on building an active community in City of Heroes on Everlasting. There will be weekly opportunities for both RP and content, as well as an active Discord to discuss real life, game stuff and to keep the RP coming.



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Group Name: Black Friday
Alignment: Redside (All alignments welcome)
PvE/PvP Activity: Heavy/Active
Roleplay: Medium to Heavy; encouraged but not required.
Discord:  https://discord.gg/6YmVC8uSy5
Recruitment Officers: Dusk#2545, Domi/Sidney - Faverty Events#0949

Recruitment Message:

Are you ready to be a part of the longest running, MOST ACTIVE community, and nightspot on Everlasting? Then you’re ready to join Black Friday! From City of Heroes LIVE to the Homecoming Everlasting server, Black Friday’s venue is home to the roleplay community’s flourishing nightlife!


But that’s just the beginning! Black Friday’s Discord is a thriving hub which hosts a jam packed PVE, PVP, and RP community where our experienced, active, and knowledgeable players run anywhere from 40-60 events and classes a month!


Have you felt bummed out about missing out on that farm? We run those regularly. Are there badges or accolades that you really need for your character, but can’t find a team to run that content? Are there strike forces, task forces, and trials that you really wish more teams ran? Have you been wanting to get more into roleplay, base building, and MIDS?


Then, join our active,  friendly and inclusive group for those strike forces, task forces, themed team ups, classes, AMAs, contests, and events that award the influence/infamy you need to build out your characters. (Did we mention we have MIDS experts, too?)


And while ALL of that is amazing, here’s the best part…. Black Friday is about family. We support each other both in and out of game. Logging into our discord channels feels like coming home from a long day of work. It’s a safe and inclusive place where everyone is welcome. Come give us a try and see what a VG family can be!


BF-Homecoming 4.jpg


BF-Live 2.jpg

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Group Name: The Wild Cards

Alignment: Rogue

Roleplay: Moderate to Heavy RP

Discord: https://discord.gg/QhynqeJudS

Recruitment Officers: @Dahlia Haven (Eerie Siren #0777 on DIscord), @King Lizard(Dakthulhu#4169 on Discord) or @Tanklet(Tanklet#7231 on Discord)


Recruitment Message: "As a merc with your ears to the ground, you hear people whisper about The Wild Cards making bold moves around town, and their ranks are growing. Reputation, rewards, and allies are invaluable in this line of work. Maybe it's time to seek out a Wild Card, and add your unique set of skills to their roster."


OOC: Listen up Mercenaries! The Wild Cards run Redside content, AE Arcs and farm teams. We encourage player run content/RP daily, run 'Wild Card Wednesdays' every other week with pop up teams happening on the regular, and scheduled farm teams every other Sunday adjacent to WCW's. We're regularly spotted in Black Cat and Black Friday for social RP, and have very active Discord full of IC and OOC shenanigans! For the most part we are EST; however; we have players that are active all hours of the day.


Wanna join the fastest growing, most deadly and active mercenary group on homecoming? Then you'll be coming to the right place.


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Group name: The Seeds of Willow

Alignment: Neutral-ish

Core Belief: Preserve lives, not uphold laws

Restrictions: almost all female; similar body height and build

Role playing: Yes, definitely!

Recruitment: via consensus

Time zones: Pacific to GMT

Discord: private


You may already have seen the Willows on Everlasting — the group of mostly-identical women with the similar names in Pocket D and in clubs. For those who don’t know, the Willows were created when the cremated ashes of a woman, Willow Longbough, were scattered in Perez Park, and her lingering spirit was imprinted on the seedlings there due to residual Circle of Thorns magic. The Willows are all tall, almost identical, and they share a mental connection to see and hear what their sisters do.


It may not surprise you to learn that some of them are played by one person; but you may not know that it is possible to join the SG if you have an interest in the lore and want to participate in it. We have a Discord server where we keep track of story points and important people in those stories, and where you can take notes and read up on what others have done.


We do not have an open recruitment policy; we want to find RPers who are a good fit with the existing players (to minimize drama) and are willing to work within the lore (and build it out here and there, too).


if you have wondered about the Willows and think it might be fun to be one, PM me here or at @Hertz in game.

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The original @Hertz, creator of the Stan and Lou audio series on YouTube. Player of City of Heroes for yonks.1


1A yonk is a very long time.

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SG Name: Ranger Force

RP/RP Friendly: Yes, light to heavy RP

Theme/Era: Tokusatsu (Power Ranger, Kamen Rider, Beetleborg, etc. style heroes)

Redside/Blueside: Blueside & Redside (Villain Sister Guild)

Recruitment Message:

Calling all Rangers! The world is in trouble, again. It's up to Mythic Force, The Rabbit Rangers and many more teams of heroes to
combine their efforts and protect the galaxy!

Do you have what it takes to be a ranger?


  • Become a Ranger and protect the galaxy and the Earth against evil and mostrous threats!
  • Want to be a Super Sentai-style hero associated with a matching team, or a threat that wants to squash the Rangers?
  • Are you a Magical Girl, Kamen Rider, Beetleborg, or Ranger themed character, or perhaps a super traditional villain ala MMPR?

Join Ranger Force!

Ranger Force is a Sentai-Based Roleplay Supergroup that focuses on Ranger Teams, facing galactic threats, giant monsters, and more!
We allow guest stars to associate with the group and join the discord that fit the theme of what we're going for.

Regularly Active membership, and an intentionally wholesome, light hearted story with very traditionally written heroes and villains

Streams of series(s) like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Kamen Rider OOOs, and Smile PreCure! in the server!

A new web of lore packed with easter eggs and references to the original Power Rangers and Sentai Series, which maintains itself in a lore-friendly way towards City of Heroes!

Open and Welcoming to outsiders as guest stars, as long as they fit the bill

OPTIONAL TTRPG & Wikipedia Lore Repository!

📸 We’d love to have you as part of our community!

Are you interested? It can’t hurt to give it a try!


Join Ranger Force Today!


Discord Link: https://discord.gg/jMDnR9Pgdd
Wiki Page: https://ranger-force.fandom.com/wiki/Ranger_Force_Wiki

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