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The Protectorate is a large, highly active, heavy RP supergroup, and we're looking to add new members to our roster!


We put a lot of focus on storytelling, and giving our members the tools to get involved, or tell their own stories if they wish!  Heavily inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are always looking toward our next big adventure, and how we can shake up the status quo.


In Character, The Protectorate is based out of the top floors of the largest skyscraper on Peregrine Island, known as the Monolith.  From their headquarters, they work closely with Portal Corp, providing security and regularly assisting expeditions into new dimensions.  They also patrol the city, stopping threats and looking for opportunities to inspire hope among the citizens.


The Protectorate believes that a hero must not only inspire the people to be brave, true, and strong but to stand for what is right. They should be willing to lay down their very lives to protect it, and find strength in being a symbol others aspire to be. A member of the Protectorate isn't merely looking for the next bad guy to arrest, their goal is to bring hope and community to a world that should feel a little brighter. Even in the darkest of times, what good is saving the city, if those we save have no hope?



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Everlasting server

Main Characters: Vigilance, Firelight, Chameleon

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SG Name: The Miracles

RP/RP Friendly: RP Heavy

Theme/Era: Young, Idealistic Superheroes and Activists

Redside/Blueside: Blueside

Recruitment Message: The Miracles are a group of heroes founded on three core ideals – optimism, youth, and activism. We are a diverse and welcoming group of community based hero-activists ranging from our teens to early 20s. While fighting crime and super powered threats is an important component of what we do, we also seek to serve and improve the community in which we live through activism and volunteer work. Out of our base in Faultline, with a community center in the works, we strive to make Paragon City, and the world, a better place! We run missions, TFs, and encourage of our members to run RP stories

To learn more about our theme and character specifications, and to apply, please visit our forums at https://miracles.shivtr.com/

You can also contact us in game at @Ultradynamic, @Wravis, or @Cenes

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On 5/15/2019 at 8:18 AM, davpa said:

SG Name: Entropy Legion

RP/RP Friendly: Yes

Theme/Era: semi-competent villainy

Redside/Blueside: Red

Recruitment Message:  we take the slightly lighter side of being a villain. We take the styles of Venture Bros. villainy. We are dastardly and deadly, but mostly we are neurotic, petty, and lost.


Entropy Legion is a continuation from the Virtue server. We ran 3-4 days a week before things shut down. We were a heavy active RP group that always included non-members in its shenanigans. We RP newspaper missions; we RP through Strike Forces; RP during AE Stories...we just RPed through all the game’s content, no matter what type it was. One of the best thing we did is we hooked up with some Blueside Heroes (yuck!) and RPed the Incarnate Trials from beginning to end. It was a blast.


Our website is entropylegion.guildlaunch.com (still building), send in an application and come join us as we plot, scheme, and fumble our way through the Isles.

Hey davpa.

Nice to see both The Entropy Legion and The Union Supreme back in CoX.  I'm also quite impressed to see that you maintain a forum for each team, I'm not a big fan of Discord. Just in case you don't remember me, I'm the guy who drew Radium Blight vs Iron Man.


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17 hours ago, Agent Canada said:

Hey davpa.

Nice to see both The Entropy Legion and The Union Supreme back in CoX.  I'm also quite impressed to see that you maintain a forum for each team, I'm not a big fan of Discord. Just in case you don't remember me, I'm the guy who drew Radium Blight vs Iron Man.


I do remember.  I have the drawing right here....(virtually).  Give us a ring in-game.  I'm at @davpa.  We were quite during Xmas holidays, but will be starting again this week.

Edited by davpa

Entropy Legion, Villain SG: https://entropylegion.guildlaunch.com 

Union Supreme, Heroic SG: https://unionsupreme.guildlaunch.com

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Name: Zero Signal/Rogue Agents/No Remorse

Alignment: Hero/Vigilante/Villain

Roleplay Friendly: Heavy RP

Discord: https://discord.gg/4AcjVG8

Recruitment Officer: @AlleviateEH

Recruitment Message: This coalition of SGs was formed by players who wanted to RP more traditional superheroes and villains in a mature adult setting. Heroes who actually have secret identities and aren't looking to be famous for being superheroes. Villains who are actually evil and don't just... run night clubs. General theme would be similar to the Netflix Marvel shows in terms of realism and tone of characters, though range of power level does vary greatly.
-Zero Signal is a group of heroes who are largely unregistered for various reasons (not required to join) to keep their identities secret even from the government.

-Rogue Agents is their safehouse in the Isles and a place for vigilantes and undercover heroes venturing into The Isles.

-No Remorse is a group of violent, vengeful, dark and malicious villains. All these groups encounter each other and interact for character development and regular RP story arcs.

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SG Name: The Daybreak Initiative
RP Friendly: Yes, we are a medium to heavy RP SG.
Theme/Era: A diverse group of heroes.
Red side/Blue side: Blue side
Recruitment Message:
The card slipped within your grasp feels soft - velvet. A matte black, that catches the light in an odd sort of way to reveal its secrets: a gilded, auburn emblem of a three-pointed star, nestled within a circle of glossed abyss. A spark, a flicker of eldritch and technological nature both before a small hologram flares to life within your hand. It depicts a woman, ushered forth amidst a brief flurry of hushing and - was that a giggle? Regardless, the ethereal woman speaks, beneath a crown of short, bright hair and an elegant pair of shades. Her lips curled into a small, bright smile as she spoke, an accentuation of an otherworldly beauty that carried forth on the clear, crystalline voice that poured from the card. "If this card has made its way to you, you've been given a chance - to join a talented group of individuals working to keep Paragon City safe from a wide array of threats; against the cadre of common thugs, against catastrophe of extradimensional proportions, we will rise. And we'll take -you- with us. We are the Daybreak Initiative." The hologram flickers as the voice tapers off, and warps into an array of contact information, hovering above that same, three-pointed emblem.
The Daybreak Initiative is once again looking for new members!  We are a well established  RP/PvE Supergroup that is looking for creative, friendly, low-drama, and team orientated players to join us! We accept both new and vet players of the game. We hold weekly RP events (Discord, Base, AE, IC PVE, Coalition RP events.)  and daily PvE team content! This includes TFs/ITrials/Raids. Discord is VERY active as well. All origins and most themes welcomed.  For more information or if you have questions, DM me at Nena#8188 on Discord. Our Discord server link is here: https://discord.gg/88c8BJF

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Solomon's Key

RP/RP Friendly: Yes. Medium to Heavy RP

Theme: Arcane Library for Magic-Wielding or Mystical Heroes

Redside/Blueside: Blueside. Heroes.

Recruitment Message: The sigil appears in the strangest places. An alleyway in Talos Island, over the head of three Tsoo Ink Men tied up tight with silk rope. Branded on the table in a corporate conference room where scattered evidence of the company's guilt - a thousand workers cheated of their retirement! - litter the floor. The Shadow Shard, where signs of a tremendous battle scar the floating stones.


The septagram, a seven pointed star set in a circle, bears a stylized S in its center. If one stares at it too long, it mesmerizes, entrances; a galaxy of stars swirl behind the sigil's lines, distant suns burning bright and then fading from view as others sweep in to take their place. It only takes a brief investigation to determine whose symbol it is; it belongs to a new group, gathering of witches, wizards, and sorcerers, of celestials, infernals, and everything in between, come together in a bid to change the world, to make it a better place.


This group is known as Solomon's Key.


[[ Solomon's Key is recruiting! We're a brand new magic-focused heroic RPSG based in a former Salamanca bookstore converted into an arcane library! Looking for magic or mystical folks ready to change the world! Sapientia et scientia potestas est! ]]


Contact: @Modus Operandi

Discord: Yes - File:Discordlink3.png

Website: SG Wiki coming soon!



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On 8/4/2019 at 8:16 PM, Nurse Midnight said:

SG Name: Golden Age Heroes (Formerly the Gods of the Golden Age/Young Gods of the Golden Age Supergroups from Virtue. We put on those Golden Age Festivals!)

How to Join:

In order to join applicants will have to fill out a short application on our website, Golden Age Heroes. ( https://www.golden-age-heroes.com/ )  

Hi there @Nurse Midnight , I just stumbled across this page,and loved everything about your SG. But the links don't work. Please advise? 

Or send me a tell or email in game to @Touch


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In 1982 the United Nations formed a sanctioned super group with the constant threat of nuclear war from the Soviet Union. This group was named Skywatch and was headed by a man named Preston Graves. Mr. Graves was a millionaire who had his hand in many different things, from security systems, to medical tools and state of the art mechanics. The Soviet Union had installed a safeguard system they called Rasputin, that would launch all it's nuclear warheads if the United States or it's allies had launched theirs. Rasputin's purpose was also to monitor the worlds warheads and react. For the next ten years Skywatch was dispatched for many things across the globe, taking care of natural disasters as well as any national crimes against innocent people. Graves designed a massive satellite that would orbit the world called the Lighthouse. Installed with advanced teleportation services it served as the Skywatch operating base, allowing it's agents to be able to be dispatched anywhere across the globe. After ten years this secret world police force shut off it's lights.

Then came the Rikti invasion in 2002, the light in the Lighthouse went on once more and the call went out. All agents responded, and they were dispatched accordingly. Preston Graves was in failing health, so he served as the communications within the Lighthouse. Skywatch fought alongside other heroes during the war, and Graves himself even donned his armored suit to join the fight, sadly he lost his life in that battle and Skywatch was closed down for good. Upon Preston Graves death, his estate was set up as a school for fledgling super heroes called the Phoenix Academy. It accepts young applicants from all over the world, offering room and board as well as full paid scholarships on the Graves grounds. Classes vary from academics to training with powers and various abilities, making sure that these young heroes go into the field with proper training. However some of the academy students have since found a teleportation beacon within Graves unused office that takes them to the Lighthouse. Reawakening the Lighthouse itself as well as it's computer assistance program Vicky, these students are setting out to operate once more as Skywatch.


((Who are we?  A small group of Roleplayers that play when we can.  We don't expect you to be overly active, play when you can.  Grab some RP with us and enjoy your time.  The group is based very Justice League/Avengers.  We like heroes, classic types....no cat girls or werewolves and vampires need apply, unless you make them classic hero types.  Message in Game @Suntear if interested.))


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On 1/16/2020 at 4:55 PM, Clichecaligirl said:

Name: Zero Signal/Rogue Agents/No Remorse

Alignment: Hero/Vigilante/Villain

Roleplay Friendly: Heavy RP

Discord: https://discord.gg/4AcjVG8

Recruitment Officer: @AlleviateEH

Recruitment Message: This coalition of SGs was formed by players who wanted to RP more traditional superheroes and villains in a mature adult setting. Heroes who actually have secret identities and aren't looking to be famous for being superheroes. Villains who are actually evil and don't just... run night clubs. General theme would be similar to the Netflix Marvel shows in terms of realism and tone of characters, though range of power level does vary greatly.
-Zero Signal is a group of heroes who are largely unregistered for various reasons (not required to join) to keep their identities secret even from the government.

-Rogue Agents is their safehouse in the Isles and a place for vigilantes and undercover heroes venturing into The Isles.

-No Remorse is a group of violent, vengeful, dark and malicious villains. All these groups encounter each other and interact for character development and regular RP story arcs.

Is this group still active?

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Name: Terata
Alignment: Hero/Vigilante
Roleplay Friendly: Yes
Discord: None yet, will edit when I have one set up
Recruitment Message: "Monsters" of Paragon City (and I'm not talking about Lusca, Jack-In-Irons, or any of those sorts) unite! For too long have we been treated as second-class citizens, or worse, pests. Seriously, just the other day I saved a woman from muggers and she immediately called out to a passing hero to beat me down! I mean sure, lady, I may look scary when Umbra is taking the wheel, but I just freakin' saved you from those guys, maybe take a context clue?

Anyway, yeah, getting off-track. Umbra (that's the shadow-beast living inside me, if you were wondering) tells me that in some parallel Paragon there was a group of "monsters" who banded together to protect the city from the real monsters, and I thought that sounded like a sweet plan. So. Terata. I think it means "monsters" in like, Greek or something? I dunno, that's the name Umbra gave me to call it, said it was what they called themselves in that parallel city. I'm registered and all that, this isn't just a pipe dream, it's happening. Or it will, if anyone signs up besides me. If you're interested, leave a note here, or look up "Enshadowed" (that's me!) and talk to me.


((The basic concept is similar to what the original Terata was back on Virtue in the pre-sunset days. Monsters (mostly movie-monster inspired, but they had, and I hope to as well, some inspired by comic books - both monstrous villains and heroes as well as fringe cases like Jackie Estacado from "The Darkness" - and original monster and monster-adjacent themes) fighting on the side of the proverbial angels. RP or at minimum RP-friendly, no goal from a gameplay perspective other than to experience content, both official and fan-made (AE, publicly-shared SG bases, etc), as a group, and maybe some fun RP sessions. Would like to recruit someone with some base-building experience, I have ideas - with some wiggle-room for what anyone else who joins might want within reason - but not the skill to execute them. Also I'm a fairly inexperienced SG leader, so someone with some experience in that regard would be nice. Like the in-character portion of the post said, drop a DM to me here or find "Enshadowed" in-game if you're interested.))

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Name: KGB Special Section 8
Alignment: Heroes, Reformed Villains 
Roleplay Friendly: Yes! All types!
Discord: https://discord.gg/spExs3c
Recruitment Officer: @ironjoe
Recruitment Message: Privyet comrades! Do you like playing a Russian or Soviet themed character? Then KGB Special Section 8 might be a good fit for you. We are an SG originally formed on Virtue to answer the question of, “What if the Soviets were the good guys?” If stories like “Red Son” or “Black Widow” inspire you to play with that idea, then please ask about joining on our SG communications (https://discord.gg/spExs3c). Please also come see our new base starting with the people in Kings Row and then teleporting up to our orbital space station protecting all the Earth and the people.

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Saint: A very virtuous, kind, or patient person.

Liberty: The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views


Rather than a traditional paint by numbers supergroup (JLA) Truth, Justice, and the American way. The Saints is more focused on patriotism, law and order (JSA). It has a grittier tone and the heroes take a harder stance on crisis or massive threats (Harder on crime). We operate in more of a gray area than the basic black and white. Sometimes Laws must be broken in order to serve justice. Most of the time, these are men and women who have seen injustice in their community and want to do all they can to fix it. To accomplish that, they often have to go outside of the legal system and take the law into their own hands.


In short we're not bloodthirsty vigilantes but not above stooping to that level.


For example, Is more likely to put down Otherworldly Invaders (Thanos/Darksied) than lock them up in a prison where they can be a threat once again in the future.



The main base of operations is located in the Astral District of Skyway City, known as Liberty Hall. It is a captured Council Research and Development facility repurposed for quick deployments toward eliminating terrorist cells.

 The location is known to the public and previously funded by the United Nations. The Saints govern themselves. Public Image is top priority.


 This program was an experiment the U.N. agreed to attempt, putting together for their own Nation's "Heroes" in order to better protect themselves and their citizens from various threats.




October 24, 1945, San Francisco, CA the United Nations was founded.

In 1952 the Citizen Crime Fighting Act was passed, to include officially licensed hero organizations that could in turn deputize their members. The Saints of Liberty (Saints Initiative) joined the ranks of the Freedom Phalanx, Dawn Patrol, and the mysterious Midnight Squad in taking advantage of the expansion.


Saints we founded primarily from warheroes from WWII:

1.    Ameri-Guard
2.    The Daylighter
3.    Ms. Broadway
4.    Super Chief
5.    Super 400
6.    Royal Blue
7.    Capitol
8.    California Zephyr 
9.    Cincinnatian 
10.   Western Star
11.   Green Diamond
12.   Humming Bird
13.   Olympia
14.   The Comet
15.   Nickel Plater(edited)


Disbanded in 1976 when the events of the Vietnam war came to light. Public image was shattered due to a failed black ops mission. Many of the members distanced themselves from the group. Legislation to disband was passed by the U.N. in attempts to save face within the public eye. 


In 1984 Super humans had begun to commonly make appearances in the streets. The Initiative was reactivated is secret in order to combat the likes of the Freedom Phalanx, if such an organization were ever to go rogue.


For Decades, over 20 countries in the U.N. worked tirelessly to create or recruit their ideal "Hero" in hopes to summit them to the Saints when or if the program went public once again

In 2000, in response to these blatantly illegal and dangerous super outfits, the United Nations decided to form the Special Council on Super Human Activities to monitor and police situations around the world involving super-human threats and non-governmental super-villains and organizations.


Soon after, the UN Security Council had officially reactivated the Saints Initiative, deploying the newly formed roster when intervention was needed or as they saw fit.


In 2019, the Saints returned to the public eye openly combating the surge of activity within the terrorist group known as the Council.




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SG Name: Caffeinated Crusaders

RP/RP Friendly: Lite RP/Very RP Friendly

Theme/Era: No theme/Modern SG

Redside/Blueside: Blue focus w/ acceptance of Vigilante/Rogue

Recruitment Message:


The Paragon City exclusive coffee chain, Caffeinated Crusaders, was founded by Caleb Jacobson and Paul Bland in the 1980’s, with the first location opening its doors in Atlas Park. Paul and Caleb had a single mission: provide an experience for both the people and heroes of Paragon City, and serve coffee at the same time. To that end Caffeinated Crusaders boasts a unique decor pattern that is inspired by the city, and heroes, around them. Medium coffee, 2 sugar, no cream? BORING! How about a medium Level One, 2 sugar, no Enhancements. NOW WE’RE TALKING! It was with that mindset that Caffeinated Crusaders became a near overnight sensation. Ever since then the chain has been going strong, expanding into various other parts of the city, and doing what they set out to do: make coffee fun and represent the people of the city.


For over 20 years CC’s has grown, donating to various relief funds for those impacted by the Rikti invasions, Arachnos schemes, and villainous attempts to destroy, enslave, or otherwise damage the beautiful Paragon City. Now, for the first time ever, the Crusaders are expanding their business outreach with a not-for-profit branch by enlisting the aid of meta-humans to help keep the streets safe. Originally founded by two employees, the Caffeinated Crusaders supergroup is now looking to expand their outreach and capacity by bringing in more new talent. No need to be a coffee drinker! You just need to want to help the city!


Interested in joining the Crusaders? Contact Barista Brawler(@Bay) or Caffeinated Crusader(@Trinket) for additional details.


Massive thank you to @MiteyMarvel of Impossible Industries (TM pending) for making a visual 'dream come true' with our base.



CCs Flyer.jpg

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SG Name: Wardens of Paragon

RP/RP Friendly: Heavy RP, Light/Med PvE

Theme/Era: Heroes/Vigilantes (May have roles for villains in the future!)

Discord: https://discord.gg/UU5Ac5

Recruitment Message: 


 You! Are you a misfit with strange powers? Are you sick of the threats that loom over our home? <Wardens of Paragon> are now recruiting potential heroes in order to make a change.((Heavy RP SG looking for more role-players out there trying to see a more positive active role-playing community!))



A group of misfit individuals have decided to step out of the shadows after almost a decade of silence among Paragon City. These individuals come with flaws as do all, but have come to the realization that in order to save their home, they will need to band together in order to stand a chance against their foes. 


((This is essentially the beginning of a much larger story that we plan to grow and role-play in-character starting tonight. We plan to create in-character bonds and plot-lines in order to grow the overall story as each day goes by. If interested, please feel free to reach out to my character, Phoenix Shock or any officer online. Feel free to join the discord server as well if you plan to join and check us out. We're going to be focusing on the quality of the role-play rather than the quantity of the SG, that way we have some good product to bring to the table long-term. Thanks!))


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On 5/16/2019 at 3:49 PM, Rumormillz said:

SG Name: Legionnaires


Rp Friendly: Yes

Theme: Mashup of all types of heroes



Not trying to really start the group back up as much as trying to find the people who were once in it! Miss you guys!!!

Patience Lee here. I miss you guys too! What was your name?

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Imaginary Comics is a group of affiliated Super Groups and non-SG characters that all interact for story-based RP, general gameplay content, and out-of-character enjoyment. We are 100% RP-friendly. We range anywhere from RP-light to RP-heavy depending on the involved players' wishes for the day. We try to work with everyone's schedules and temperaments to ensure that we're not making the game more work than fun.


Our groups span multiple themes and eras. Take part in as much or as little as you wish!


With such a broad offering, we cater to both Blue-side and Red-side RP (one of our SGs is solidly Red-side), but for now we are primarily Blue-side.


Check out our Discord at https://discord.gg/kYh8Dmf

The Imaginary Comics Expanded Universe exists under the out-of-game premise that Imaginary Comics is a comics publisher along the lines of Marvel, DC, Vertigo, etc. All of the characters and teams affiliated with Imaginary Comics are characters featured as part of the comic book series, limited series, or standalone titles published by that company.

All of these groups, characters, and more are being actively expanded upon all the time. With custom AE missions, interaction-only style in-game RP, TF and iTrial runs, mission grinding, custom digital art, and even more extra content published on the Discord server by our creative members, the stories told as part of the Imaginary Comics property are constantly growing. If you would like to have your character be a part of the imaginary Comics line, with the distinct possibility of having your character’s actions and interactions immortalized in these stories, or even to actively participate in crafting larger stories for other characters, we encourage you to come check us out.

Imaginary Comics has three premiere team titles along the lines of the Justice League or Avengers comics. In-game, these three teams are all established Super Groups.


Hero Team One is an action-oriented group. While other super groups are out there plugging for advertisements, propaganda, and to get their names known through the traditional capitalistic framework of modern society, Hero Team One prefers to be the workhorse of the superhero community. They handle all manner of issues, but prefer and specialize in high-level threats that are ever-present and have the capacity to cripple the entirety of Paragon City and beyond. They get their names out into the community by simply being available at all times when a threat presents itself.


The Order of the Black Wind is a rogue group that presents itself primarily as an organized crime network. The group consists of ninja, assassins, martial artists, demons, magical creatures, and their allies, all spread throughout the Rogue Isles and even Paragon City. They aren’t wholly evil and routinely work on the side of heroes, but their pursuits are always shrouded in mystery and are assured to be self-serving in the end.



Nebula Corps is a group of interstellar heroes all brought together and empowered by the sentient nebula A'noh. Once empowered, these heroes are known as Nebula Sentinels. There are any number of Nebula Sentinels throughout the cosmos, but a number have collected on Earth and in Paragon City in an effort to work against A’noh’s primeval enemy, the sentient black hole called Salok. Salok’s direct influence has been observed in Paragon City, so many Sentinels have answered the call to come to face their ancient enemy and its agents.

Expanded Universe Design


There are also several smaller groups within the ICEU umbrella that aren’t large or stable enough yet to warrant full Super Groups, but do gather frequently enough that they can be identified by a group name. These groups often have a revolving-door style of membership, with members coming and going often, sometimes operating alongside their allies and sometimes acting alone.


In-game, these groups and any characters that aren’t part of the premiere teams are all part of the Super Group named Imaginary Comics. It is always possible that any of these pseudo-groups can become steady or popular enough to warrant a new premiere spot in the Imaginary Comics lineup, at which point they would split off and become their own Super Group. Until then, they often identify themselves by assigning a specific Badge Title when they are engaging in RP with the rest of the group.



The Guardians of Justice are much like a traditional hero group, but aren’t backed by any supporting agency or government. These heroes are celebrities among the populace, but are still heroes. They live in the limelight, surrounded by reporters and journalists documenting their public appearances and superhero actions. The individuals involved with the Guardians have agreed to support one another in their efforts to keep Paragon City safe from the many villain groups that would seek to do its citizens harm despite the challenges posed by their relative stardom in the eyes of the citizenry.


While portraying members of the Guardians of Justice, players are encouraged to obtain and wear the Title GUARDIANS OF JUSTICE Exploration badge. It is located in Nova Praetoria on top of the PPD headquarters building, 223 yards north of the Magisterium marker. Its coordinates are (-5097, 290, -830).



The Shadow Walkers are a group of loosely affiliated occult practitioners and magical beings who come together to battle dangerous mystical threats. The Shadow Walkers only operate 'in the moment' of a crisis, each member then going his, her, or their own way once the battle has been won. They often seek to recover stolen artifacts, topple arcane threats, rescue hostages that are of mystical import, and combat the efforts of the various magical villain groups in Paragon City.


While portraying members of the Shadow Walkers, players are encouraged to obtain and wear the SHADOW WALKER Exploration Badge found in First Ward. The Shadow Walker badge is in the Free-Fire Zone neighborhood, 346 yards southwest of the map marker; at the bottom of a ditch along one of the Twilight World paths. Its coordinates are (-120, 20, -1952).


The heroes of Radio World are characters from the two-fisted, pulp magazine, classic radio show, cliffhanger movie serial, and golden age style of adventures. These adventurers hail from an alternate Earth named XENETH. In that world, time moves more slowly than on ours - It is still 1943. Characters from Xeneth and Primal Earth travel back and forth through a dedicated gateway maintained by the Portal Corporation.


While portraying heroes from Radio World, players are encouraged to obtain and wear the Phantom Radio Exploration Badge found in Echo: Dark Astoria. The Phantom Radio badge is located 430 yards SE of the Toffet Terrace marker, at the base of the radio tower on top the building. Its coordinates are (2984.3, 204.3, 3676.1).



The Bright Stars are the previous winners and current contestants on the popular reality TV Show The Bright Stars. The Bright Stars is sponsored by media-savvy Super Group The Guardians of Justice. The Bright Stars serves as a sort-of "Guardians of Justice: Junior Squad" and as a training academy for future members.


While portraying members of the Bright Stars, players are encouraged to obtain and wear the Bright Star Exploration Badge found in Steel Canyon. It is in the Gimry Ridge neighborhood of Steel Canyon. It is on top of one of the perimeter buildings around the Paragon City University building. It is located on a ledge between the northeasternmost building on the campus and the building just west of it. Its coordinates are (-2987, -36, 1820).





Once you join our Discord server, you will need to respond to the following message on that server before you can view any channels other than the #about-the-server channel. 


"This server will have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, aggressive OOC behavior, and other forms of negative interaction. Disagreements are fine, but keep things civil and respectful. All text interactions and nickname changes on this server are recorded in an off-server log, and all connections to the voice channels are documented. Any accusation of abuse will be investigated by the server Admin. Those that are guilty of abusing others on this server will be banned. If someone has abused you in a way that cannot be verified in this server's logs (ie. in-game, in a voice channel, on another server, in real life), please alert [the server owner] so that he is aware of the issue and can respond. I would always rather take flak from being too cautious in this respect than allow someone to continue being abused. 


To indicate that you have read and understand this expectation, please use the white_check_mark emoji beneath this message. All channels will be hidden from anyone that has not clicked that emoji."




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On 6/1/2019 at 12:47 AM, Darksider said:

SG Name:  Ivory Tower

RP/RP Friendly:  RP

Theme/Era:  Current

Redside/Blueside:  Redside

Recruitment Message:  The New Order that Lord Recluse is making will need an aristocracy for administration.  Arachnos is the future and we mean to see that future prosper.  Our way is the subtle, nuanced and the merciless.  Rulership is not done alone, and Lord Recluse has laid it upon us to make his New Order a reality.  He has given us a free hand in dealing with the challenges ahead as we see fit.  While our ways tend to be clandestine, we are not above having the necessary muscle on hand to deal with the more direct problems that may arise.  We are cultured, powerful, savage and ruthless and also without regret.


((OOC:  contact me if you are interested in joining -Global: @Coldsun ))

((Figured I should update this! The Tower is still around, we're still RPing, and we're always and forever Redside!))


Lord Recluse may have tasked Lord Supremacy with an extended assignment, but that does not mean the Tower is leaderless or weak.



((For those interested in joining or have questions contact me @Saeletra ))

Midnight Thorn, Overlord of Ivory Tower.  (Everlasting)

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Name: The Frontline
Alignment: Hero
Roleplay: Yes, Medium-Heavy RP 
Recruitment Officers: @Regiworld
Virtueverse page for more information: http://virtueverse.net/wiki/Frontline


After Jim Stryker, Ex-Director of S.P.E.C.T.O.R. discovered a shadowy organization known as "The Ark" and the impending threat they pose, he activated a long dormant program designed to gather powerful individuals to take on world threatening events. The project would involve recruitment, training and equipment of this team to combat any threat head-on, including prominent metahumans if they were ever compromised. This team would be the planets' FIRST AND LAST line of defense against any impending threat, including the newly discovered Ark organization.


OOC Notes: The Frontline is a medium-heavy RPSG inspired by Marvel's The Ultimates, Avengers (MCU) and Blizzard's Overwatch teams. If you're a "soldier, scientist, adventurer or oddity", you should fit right in with our group. Our flavor of RP combines elements of spy thrillers, modern comic book storylines, and good ol' fashioned capes and tights with just the right amount of goofiness to have a good time.  We have just finished our first team arc, and ***We are currently recruiting!***


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Name: Oasis

Alignment: Hero

Roleplay Friendly: Yes

Recruitment Officer: @GENI (in game global)


Recruitment Message:


Oasis was created when a group of rogues got in over their heads and turned themselves in to longbow after a bombing in Faultline.


Deep six cut a deal and spent a few days clearing monsters off islands in Peregrine Island as penance. He found the Oasis and claimed it for himself and his friends to restart their lives. A group that would help people support the little guys

Over time, the complex was excavated from the dormant volcano. Pools and hot tubs built. The group dwindled and rather than fighting in the street for their cause, they became a place to escape from the chaos and turmoil.


The Oasis is looking for new recruits! We are a resort with that is home to a team of Super Heroes.  We are a RP/PvE super group that is looking for friendly, team orientated players! We accept both new and old players. We hold a weekly event night where the whole server is welcomed to our club. We also run weekly RP TF's! All origins welcome, Oasis is the home to those that don't have a home.



Come on by and fall in love with your new home at Oasis-3471


https://discord.gg/87fRuNz (Discord Link)

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