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Best Base in Paragon, 2.1 !!! (Use this thread)


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Greetings Everlasting!


The Vanguard League is once again running our semi-annual SG Base Building Contest! We've upped the prize money to more than 6 7 8 10 Billion influence in cash and prizes!  You have 3 or so months to enter the contest and complete your base or it's upgrades.


We’re very pleased to announce an additional judge has been added to our roster! Tigris (@Deep Six) of the Oasis (OASIS-3471) will be serving as our 3rd judge in this contest.



1) Deadline for Entry to the contest is 25th of April 2020. No entries will be considered after that. Please register your SG by including the name of the SG, the base passcode and a contact either here (reply  in this thread) or in an in-game email to @Blushield. Incomplete entries will not be counted.


2) Prizes will be awarded in Kallisti Wharf on Saturday,  May 2nd 2020 at 7:30pm US Eastern.


3) 2 judges from the Vanguard League will begin scheduling tours about 2 weeks before the awards. Bases will be judged broadly on Theme, Creativity and Technical merit by each judge. The consensus of the committee is final.


4) Previous contest winners and judges choice winners may not enter this contest (to give others a fair shot at it).


5) SGs are welcome to open their bases to the general public for viewing, but are not required to do so.



1st PRIZE:  4,000,000,000 inf

2nd PRIZE: 2,000,000,000 inf

3rd PRIZE: 1,000,000,000 inf

4th PRIZE:  500,000,000 inf

Plus special awards are available from each judge.


Good Luck everyone!



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I may as well add my own this time around, since it's currently "all dressed up" for a special occasion. XD


The Sanctum of Shadows - Wedding Edition!



An old Oranbegan's "lake house" retreat, located beyond the far horizons in a dimension called the Midnight Sea.


While traditionally kept in a state of perpetual, peaceful darkness, lately the Sanctum's pavilions and surrounding islands have been lit up like a birthday cake with torch- and candle-light. Flowers have started to bloom and garlands of roses have appeared. Even the Karnaim, the magi's Skybound warship, has found herself decked out for a celebration... 

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Taker of screenshots. Player of creepy Oranbegans and Rularuu bird-things.

Kai's Diary: The Scrapbook of a Sorcerer's Apprentice

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Mercy Island Slums


@Captain Futura

Long before you became a supervillain capable of defeating skyscraper-sized demons who drink spacerays with a brimstone chaser, you were just a reg'lar guy/gal who'd get their butt beat by "foes" whose claim to fame was that they vomited alot and complained - very loudly - about not feeling too good.


This is the supergroup base you returned to after washing the yuck outta your jacket....



This started out as just an RP location for verrrrry low level redsiders, and was meant to create the inside of one of those tiny teeny itsy bitsy corrugated metal shacks that cover Mercy Island like weeds. It's grown from being only a bit of rp atmosphere into a full-featured base, with just about everything a 'real' base has , except a Pillar of Flamey Icey stuff and a Vault door.  It is, after all, a teeny tiny etc sized shack.


Heck, by the time the judges visit I might have figured out a way to wedge those into the place, too.


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Legion of Valor

VALOR-30 (yes it is a very small number!)

@Kallisti Gold


Legion of Valor was the largest SG on the Victory server on live. We have a small hardcore group of players whose names you will recognise plus quite a few casual players who have rediscovered the game.

The base is a mixture of below ground and surface features, including a coffee bar (Valorbucks), a restaurant (Cafe Valor) and a nightclub (Club Valor), plus a secret, heavily defended cookie stash!

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The Kallistiverse COH site:


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I know I ain't winnin' this thing but as a novice base builder who's learning a few tricks, might I submit:

The Emancipators


@spooktheherd (in-game global as well)


It's a basic SG base but I try to bring out the various personalities of my members, althought it's definitely still just getting started. Maybe by judgment time it'll be a little more fleshed out!

I drawed things:

Gallery of my CoH Pantheon

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The New Praetorians Initiative have been keeping this in mind as our base comes together.  It's still a long way from finished, but hope to have it submitted anyway and do what we can before the cutoff.


SG NAME: New Praetorians Initiative

BASE NAME: "Little Imperial" (working title, hahaha)

CODE: BRIX-10044



It's a mixed-use neighborhood of refurbished warehouses being used by the Brickstown Praetorian community, including the local supergroup, the NPI.  Presently includes an apartment building of exactly ONE apartment, a free clinic, a charity bakery/thrift shop, the base itself w/ attached Vanguard DPO, a park, a gym, a bar, and a burger place.


Give or take a big street market as the focal point of the base.

Lead of the <New Praetorians Initiative> supergroup.  Goldside enjoyer.  Perennial RP-etiquette overthinker.

Most of my writing is SG-internal, but the following are SFMA that anybody should be able to play if you want new story-based content.

  • NPI: Duray, Duray | 25575: - The New Praetorians scramble to stop the Praetorian and Primal Virgil Durays from getting the band back together.
  • NPI: Brickstown Vice | 36729, 40648, 40803 - The New Praetorians aid Marauder in a drug bust that dredges up his past.  Branches into two paths.
  • NPI: Red Resistance | 43796 - The New Praetorians run afoul of vigilantes after a robbery gone wrong.  Crossover with <Hero Corps Founders Falls>.
  • NPI: Leucochloridium | 44863: - A wellness check on a Woodvale cleanup officer turns over unfinished, Praetorian business.
  • How Emperor Cole Saved Christmas | 45794 - A 100% authentic simulation of how Emperor Cole singlehandedly saved the holiday of Christmas!
  • Bassilisk | 51947 - Several Paragon City villain groups fight over the Rikti's dumbest entirely-canonical doomsday weapon.
  • A Freakshow Love Story | 54544 - Ganymede the cherub calls upon heroes to break up a toxic romance that's going to have explosive fallout!
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Joker's Wild St Martial's premiere nightclub/bar/casino will throw it's hat into this race.  WE also wish luck to the other contestants as well.


SG NAME: Joker's Wild

BASE NAME: Joker's Wild Club


SG LEAD GLOBAL: @Will Herrald

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River Styx


A ferryman takes you to a town across the river that welcomes you, home of Ghost Widow's Library and many other sights.  The Pillared Stairs will lead you into the descent into the underworld, deep down in the pit where the dark portal will take you into the depths of Hades.  There you will find horrors such as the Living Cave and the Cemetery of the Double Dead, among others, on your way to the Famed Hell Raiser Club in the Lava Fields of the Underworld!


Come visit, if you dare!




SG Name: RIver Styx


Leader: Shining (@Fezzik)  


Entry Code: Styx-13041

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The Block


With the Skull's relentless attacks on Kings Row, the damage was eventually going to be catastrophic. One fateful day in Sept 2019, they ignited a blaze that nearly obliterated a two block square of The Gish. Fortunately, a local charitable organization, "The Island", stepped in and bought up most of the burned buildings at previous market value, preserving the local land value, and then encouraged manufacturing and locally owned businesses to move back in as well as setting up an at risk women's shelter and soup kitchen. Though all may not be as it seems. (OOC: this started as the IC entrance to another Sg's base, and kind of Metastized into it's own thing. It is a public area available for various RP opportunities with shops, bistro restaurants, a park, a high tech factory, a dance club/restaurant, and a 'greasy dive' hold over hidden in an alley. )


SG Name: MA Block


Leader:  Archmage Crystal BG (@Ai Hai Lilitu) 


Entry Code: MONK-11958

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In my case, it's probably easier for me to adapt to your schedule. Being a freelancer has its perks. XD


(The Sanctum doesn't really need a tour, but getting to "the rest of the base" from the main structure isn't obvious.)

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Taker of screenshots. Player of creepy Oranbegans and Rularuu bird-things.

Kai's Diary: The Scrapbook of a Sorcerer's Apprentice

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SG NAME: The Craglows

BASE NAME: The Craglows




Underneath Port Oakes, deep within the labyrinth of the broken down, rotten sewer system is the small sewer town of The Craglows. Home to downtrodden homeless, disfigured mutants, and unsavoury thugs; This dusty, dirty, but cosy, hub is a stop-off point for any would be Rogue or Vigilante that wants to find high market jobs/bounties, scour the Black Market, or just enjoy the seedy scenery within the districts.

Boasting a canal Market, a Tavern, a Red Light District, an Undercroft and a 'sewer' hall, there is something for everyone, and every-thing-, here!


( Public RP spot for mainly Rogue/Vigilante style characters. The NPC's -are- meant to look like homeless/beggars/mutants etc, but sadly no custom NPC's! I am slowly adding more districts, but everything in there for now is complete! The entrance is meant to be in Port Oakes, hence the rain/style etc. If I had more teleport points too there would be more enterable homes but 'eh! Hope you enjoy; Anyone is free to look/use 🙂)

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SG Name: Cu Sidhe Wilds
Base name: Twisted Weald (can't change it in game?)
SG lead Global: @Nashlani (main account)

The twisted weald is a faerie forest meant to be a save haven to fae of all kinds. Seelie, Unseelie - better or worse. She is backed by a small army of drow in permanent secrecy to keep the home base guarded from invaders. These dark assassins are empowered by the forest's need of death in balance and tandem with all things.

Wandering the forests will lead you here as the path is open to fae or friend of fae.

(Three levels - First is the 'spawn' point where people see the tree and feel the effects of the twisted essence of the place by feeling stuck and lost. > A guide is almost needed as the first level goes through two tests. The initial 'lost woods' inspired 'find the right path' test. If that's failed you head to the hedgemaze and find your way out! Wrong paths will be dead ends or return the player to the entrance.

Second layer/map is the hedgemaze which leads to the fae springs

If you pass the path/rock test or make it through the hedgemaze, you find the tree in it's true glory. A golden haze protects it as it radiates with foliage and life. A home for the faeries as the tree has railings and ramps - leaving the golden haze returns the user to the unprotected region of the home. )

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SG Name: The Black Sheep

Passcode: DIAMOND-8022

Ingame Contact: @Bluetonium


Diamond Port is a broken subsidiary of Independence Port. Once forgotten behind the war walls, the port serves little usage to Paragon's economy. What's left of the area has fallen under siege of a gang known as 'The Black Sheep' and has since become a necessary evil to the local businesses. Whatever interest they have from the real estate is what keeps the small town alive.


The base consists of two main levels. Ground floor is the port, meant to be a cut-out of Independence Port. The underground level is the Black Sheep's hideout, an ultra-tech water base turned into an underbelly rave. 


Feel free to send an ingame email, or tell, or reply with any questions.


Thank you,

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