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Monkey Fight Club (It's Not a Secret Anymore)


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Tonight was pretty eventful!

A Rikti Invasion interrupted us about halfway through, so we did the raffle early.  Gave out nine Enhancement prizes, including:  

 Numina's Convalescence: Regeneration/Recovery

 Preventive Medicine: Absorb Proc

 Miracle: +Recovery

a couple Luck of the Gambler: Defense/Increased Global Recharge Speed

 Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control: Chance for Build Up

 Performance Shifter: Chance for +Endurance

and more.


But THEN, when things resumed . . . the Rikti Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt showed up!  (GM intervention)  But, apparently the Rikti have a sense of humour after all, since Kuhr'Rekt came dressed up as Il'los!  Oh, Nongratis nearly flipped, but managed to play it cool.  

The Commandant and the Ambassador had some words about the state of the monkeys . . . (GM didn't actually roleplay; we were busy discussing things in OOC Tells and communicating with the Homecoming Team.  Although the GM -did- come dressed as the Rikti Ambassador!  Which was very nice!)

But ultimately, the Ambassador decided that the club was fine.  After all, as a proud Restructurist, Kuhr'Rekt wanted to ensure that any and all monkeys used in the pit would naturally only ever be Traditionalist scum.

(long story short, out-of-character:  I need to phrase things a little more carefully in-game, since I can't make assumptions about the understanding of OOC flags in chat or what constitutes in-character dialogue.  Fair enough!  My mistake, and I'll strive to do better in the future.)


The Commandant decided that was enough excitement for the night, and closed out a little early.


I'll strive to make sure the next event goes more smoothly!  Sorry again to all the attendees who didn't enjoy the interruptions tonight.

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Another lovely monkey fight night!

But tonight also had a special event!  We threw a -person- in to the cage with the angry Rikti Monkeys!

Squad Leader Sugar Beard, seasoned veteran soldier of fortune and Sailor Scout cosplayer with a will to die, took the plunge and offered herself up for the entertainment of the crowd!

She was handily defeated in her first match against the merciless monkeys.

And the second one as well.

But in the third, after taking a performance enhancement serum, she managed to bring the pain back to her monkey adversaries and win the day!


We are taking volunteers for tomorrow and Sunday's events!   Level 25 to 28, please.  Come!  Show us your mettle in the (metal) cage!  Will you reign supreme against the monkeys, or will you be monkey-slapped until you're face-down on the Rikti-bloodstained floor?

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Let's do another!

Thursday, August the 6th!

One Hour Standard!  9:30pm Eastern!

Same place as ever:  Sharkhead's Rikti Monkey Fight Club!

Please, give some Rikti Monkey Fight Club Bookies a hand, and spread the word far and wide!


Your support and involvement makes these worthwhile!

Additionally, the Commandant's Inf reserves are -quite- dry.  If anyone is willing to provide donations, it would be immensely appreciated. 

Thank you.

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On 8/6/2020 at 11:07 PM, Mechanizer said:

That was fun, can't wait for the next one.
Getting shot by one of the monkeys during a losing streak was hilarious.

I actually had a lot of fun DJing the event and throwing some of Tess's money around. She's a Sharkhead native, so it was like a "homecoming" to her. Definitely would do it again, and Vile's a good friend and has been supportive of HoT-Impulse - so I am happy to make the events more fun for people. Next time, I'll make sure to have over 2 hours of electroswing, lol. 

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*perks* Electroswing? Music?


I was sad that I had to miss this last one, it was the universe saying "Nah, you don't need to root for Nigel's Friend." But next time. NEXT TIME!


Midnight Thorn, Overlord of Ivory Tower.  (Everlasting)

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By special request, we'll be having another Rikti Monkey Fight Club Event on Saturday, August 29th, at 7pm Eastern.  


So, @Saeletra, @Mechanizer, @CU_Krow, @Cellechan, @Muppy, @Denarii, @Ry, @Zafhir, @Dirge of Chaos, @Macchiato, @Pizzicato, @MrCuddles, @Patti, and all the folks who can/want to:  

Please, spread the word!  


Let the monkey carnage flow!

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