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More Lore Pet options.


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Obviously this suggestion is something 'for the future' since the dev team are currently very busy with other things but I'd like to see additional lore pet options allowing for more generic themes. I mean for a Robots Mastermind you can use Robotic Drones or Warworks but for your Thugs mastermind or your Natural hero/villain none of the Lore pets really fit.


Some of my suggestions are:


Add in a copy of Mercs Field medic as the support pet. Not great DPS I imagine but handy if someone just wants more 'special forces' style soldier option to go with their natural origin or Mercs MM.



Another good Demon option for those that aren't all fire and brimstone.



Good for your Cop heroes naturally and there is a lot to pick from.



Yes original KoA not the Knives of Vengeance...was deeply disappointed they weren't an option for my lady merc Rogue since KoV just doesn't quite fit the theme.



Same as Spetsnaz but more specific though can also be used for more 'high-tech' style Merc with the Zeus Titan Boss pet and Gunslinger.


Now ones that could be added but would require a lot more work would be a Beasts style lore pet. Using the Spider vanity pet model as a boss pet as a clone of the Toxic Tarantula Arachnos boss and a Lioness lt for the boss line and a Lioness and a Howl (sonic) buff wolf pet as the invulnerable pet.

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Aww, and here I was hoping for suggestions like Hellions Lore pets that steal a purse from their target, any target, even Hamidon.  🙂


Seriously though, I agree 100% on Knives of Artemis.  Would love to have them on call.  They also do pretty decent damage output when they layer 17 stacks of caltrops lol.

PPD I would rather see as an MM Henchmen Option vs Lore Pet, but I wouldn't turn down either one.  

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