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Unable to connect to the remote server


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yup, same here. This is what i sent on crash report pop up window.


There was a server reset or something early on march 3. When i came back to homecoming, i was kicked out of game each time i tried to run one of my AE fire farms. when i selected my stories in AE the game kicked me out of the game. a window popped up with several selections to send a crash report. I selected crash report 3 times and then went back into the game. all was fine unless i tried to enter one of my AE  stories. The 5th time i tried to make a new AE story, but all of my custom made toons were listed in orange. I clicked on a group anyways and was kicked out of the game. When the crash report window popped up this time, i selected the first option and filled out the report. however, when i tried to get back into the game i could not get into homecoming and i cannot get back into tequila.


How do i get back into the game?

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