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Best Minus-Regen AT&Powers Help

Rooster Gold

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Looking for something that would make fighting Reichsman less problematic.


Looking at the -Regen powers what I could find there is....


Benumb -500 [Cold Domination]

Howling Twilight -500 [Dark Miasma]

Poison Trap -1000 [Traps & Poison]

Disintegrate -150 [Beam Rifle]


Is there something stronger?

Which one is better?

Do they stack?

Can Howling be cast if there's no dead teammates?


Makes me think a Beam Poison Corruptor might do it, but don't want find out later that its no good because Defenders/Controllers buffs are stronger or something.



Also is -Regen even the way to go, or should I go for say.... -resistance or something instead? Or a mix of both.






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22 minutes ago, Rooster Gold said:

Do they stack?

Can Howling be cast if there's no dead teammates?

My understanding is that all of those powers should stack, both from the same source and different sources.


To the second question (since Red's response is kind of answering a different question) yes, HT can be cast with no dead teammates.  You just need an enemy to target.  In fact, I often use it as a back up CC / debuff opener on my Ice/Dark Corruptor as it will stun minions with one application.

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Poison Trap in Poison is not the same as the one in Traps and does not have the -regen element.


Benumb doesn't stack from the same caster.

Howling twilight stack does stack, and you don't need a dead ally to cast it. I'd recommend doing it as an opener against all AV's. It bugs me so much that people don't use it!

Poison Trap from Traps does stack from my limited testing. 1000% seems to be enough though in most circumstances.

Disintegrate does not stack from the same caster.


You can also supplement -regen with envenomed daggers which are available from P2W venders. They have I think a 1s cast time and provide 250% -regen.


Most -regen powers do not differ between archtypes.


-regen has diminishing returns once you reach a certain point so I think looking to maximise -resistance would be better.


I have a Poison/Beam Defender which has been fun and can stack decent -res and an okay level of -regen. Poison also has -heal and -special. A corrupter version would be fine and do the same job just as well. 


For debuffs, for end-game/level 50 content I'd rank(in order of best to worst) -resistance, -regen and -damage as the three debuffs that are worth seeking/maximising. 

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You'd want to look at his resistances in addition to getting his -regen under control. 

I think he has a big ole psy hole.


As mentioned poison-poison trap doesn't do -regen.

Though that doesn't necessarily eliminate it from contention. 



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10 hours ago, Rooster Gold said:


Can Howling be cast if there's no dead teammates?






You do not need a dead target it is also used at a aoe mag 2  stun. This is with dark affinity set with controller I do not know if it's the exact same with def,mm, or cor. 


Out of the box

Beam/psi blaster is a great av/gm killer combo  with stacking -regen powers. With massive damage


Mind/psi Dominators

Safer but slower than blasters confuse av  halts damage incoming  also has   -regen not as good against GM


Both these combos are very good av/gm because of -regen from powers and Drain Psyhe.<---------(Missed)




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Radiation needs a big mention, it was the original and best -regen. Like already mentioned lingering radiation is easy to make perms and -500% regen.

its ultimate EMP is also -1000% regen I believe.

Coupled with almost every other type of debuff type available, including -hit, -def, -res, -dmg, -slow... it is hard to beat Radiation debuffing.


Also if you are fortunate to have an ally die you can cast Fallout for the biggest debuffing numbers ive seen ingame. Like -50% res. Works great with vengeance (and personally I skipped mutation, lol).

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I rolled a Cold/Beam defender a couple of weeks ago and it can stack some -regen and -res: 

Benumb provides -500% regen, Disintegration provides -150% regen and if you hit a foe that is suffering from disintegration with Single Shot, it provides -75% regen. 

Sleet provides -30% res, Heat Loss provides -30% res and Piercing Beam provides -20% res. 

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