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So, yesterday, on Excelsior, there was some chatter on the Help channel about the Corona Virus. No big surprise, I'm sure. 

To make a long story short, a few folks didn't want to hear about it. One person went so far as to spam something to the effect of "The Help Channel is for those who need help" repeatedly. Like 10 times in 20 seconds, maybe more, but not much more. 

I chimed in that this person should get over themselves because they aren't a mod and really have no place telling anyone what they can say or not say. Granted, they had a point, as the Corona Virus has nothing to do with CoH info. But apparently, me telling someone they lacked the authority was apparently a lie. I got silenced from using Chat for 48 hours. 

My suggestion: if you're going to silence people for a given period of time - wouldn't a warning from a GM be the first step? Secondly - wouldn't it also be better to not spam the message "you are banned from chatting for X hours and yy minutes" every time I use an attack, pull something from character email, go to ouro - essentially driving me insane with these system tells. 

I make no apologies. I found it odd to be silenced without so much as a warning - or even a message in my email to let me know why I was silenced - because I'm kind of guessing at it now. I never used profanity, never told anyone to shut up. Just said that I'm not going to shut up just because some person I don't know says to. Not like I had a lot to say. I said one thing in response to spam chat. 


And that's all I have to say about that. 

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If they were an Admin or Mod, shouldn't they have used a name/header indicating as such when they made that announcement instead of spamming it repeatedly looking like a normal user, too?


The same thing prefixed by an indicator of Admin or Mod status would have much more gravitas, assuming that indicator couldn't be duplicated by a standard user.

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56 minutes ago, Perfidy said:

But apparently, me telling someone they lacked the authority was apparently a lie.

Why do you assume that was the person that silenced you? Did their name begin with "GM"?

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3 minutes ago, ArchVileTerror said:

We seem to be getting a few of these threads lately.  I don't suggest this lightly, but it may be time for another revision pass over the Code of Conduct to emphasize the importance of certain regulations related to real-world events.

Probably wouldn't make much of a difference.


People will still:

  • Infringe on IP
  • Make fun of people, situation, events
  • Snub their nose at others that point it out, because no one has the right to infringe on their fun regardless of who it offends
  • Come to the forums and gripe about it when a GM rectifies the situation because someone can't adult



Dislike certain sounds? Silence/Modify specific sounds. Looking for modified sounds? Check out Solerverse's thread.

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No warning is pretty crappy. Unless you(or whoever) was seriously going nuts on a hate diatribe or somethign, a warning should be the first thign. Otherwise you end up with stupidity like the Warframe (i think its somewhat fixed) chat, when people would ask questions, and the obvious and correct reply, would contain a would that the Bots didnt like, so you got chat banned, for trying to help.


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I love the Hosts, GMs and Mods here.  Really appreciate them giving us a place to play. 


Its possible the OP misinterpreted a warning given in chat/ missed something perhaps.  


But if the silencing seriously came with no warning?   That's a lamo way to deal with this stuff.  




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I'm surprised that there was no warning.  That kind of sucks.  I know this is a private server and all, but you would hope that they would give a warning before silencing.


I'm not surprised that the topic was shut down though.  It's a scary, stressful time for all of us, and I see how it could be a violation of the Code of Conduct since it is very sensitive:


Controversial and adult content, including:

  • Sexual, provocative, pornographic, or adult content
  • Violent content
  • Controversial religious content
  • Anything involving controversial real-world individuals or organisations
  • Anything involving sensitive events, both current and historical

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  • Retired Lead Game Master

Hi there Perfidy,

I apologize you had not received a message prior to being silenced. Our team is trained to always message players regarding any disciplinary actions taken, this is being reviewed internally with any parties involved.


As a reminder - The Help Channel is designated for players in-game attempting to ask questions/receive help. Should you wish to host a conversation with players in-game, please do so in a non-global channel.


Should you have any questions regarding the silence, please respond back to the ticket you have open.



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Please contact me on the Homecoming Discord for a faster response! GM Arcanum#7164

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