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FREEDOM Forever!


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Longtime CoH player (2004-2012) here, exclusively on Freedom.  My mains were Kid Lazarus (50 empath/energy Defender) and Freek (50 mind/psi Controller).  It's embarrassing to admit, but I don't recall the name of my longtime SG, but I was playing sporadically and mostly solo for the last few years.  In the unlikely event anyone recalls me, feel free to shoot me a note!


I had read some time back that CoH had returned, but "rogue server" sounded complicated and illicit.  If I had known rejoining was so simple, I would have jumped in months ago.

Original CoH player [2004-2012]; Freedom Server

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Hi, so I'm pretty sure I played freedom with my family back in the day. We played beta and pretty long into the actual run but we moved a lot and we ended up not returning to CoH after a few moves and im searching for some old family friends. We may have been on protector so ill be posting there as well but I unfortunately only remember my mother's name and mine as mine was essentially her name. Hers was GreatOracle and mine was Orlcle. I believe my father's was Provider or Palindrome as those were his most common names in all of our family based groups. I remember having a friend named @terradome that I used to spend forever talking to and I haven't been able to find him since MySpace days unfortunately. Anyway, its nice to see that this game is virtually still around. It was the best memories my family made together as we grinded missions and whatnot together and basically started our family gaming dynamic. 

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