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Pentad and Tournament victor PvP badges


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I was curious about the Swiss draw tournament badge called Tournament Victor. 

I've gotten this badge once before, but either someone else was dealing with the match set-up, or I've forgotten how in my old age. 

Tried to get 8 folks, but only got a couple of others, and with 3, couldn't seem to get it to set up right so we could actually start it.  Am I right in saying 8 people are required? I know 8 are required for Pentad. (though it seems like 5 should be enough with that name). 

Can someone refresh my feeble memory? 


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Hi, been working on both those myself just yesterday.

First there are two “ads” septad and pentad needing seven and five members. Either awards the same Pentad badge so obviously go for the five member run.

The swiss draw is an eight member job.

Each member gets the badge if they win so you need to run the draw eight times fir all to get it.

Each run has three matches , 8 down to 4, 4 down to 2, final down to winner.

So 8 runs of 3 matches for team completion.

I assemble in the D so any level and any AT of any faction can come and participate.

You need to take charge and nominate the winner of each run and I set up the arena match and I invite each member so I can ensure the  chosen winner is always in second place on the list, cause it can bug out if not.

You (the star holder) will always be in position one in list.

Just make sure you keep shouting who is nominated and not to kill that member!

Best of luck 👍😀


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On 7/28/2020 at 5:03 AM, Jacktar said:

Hi, this is all you need and what I took inspiration from:

forums - excelsior- tuesday night arena badge farms   posted by voltor.


Good source! There was more from @Spiderin the post so I thought I would add it to this one:




Pentad Victor 

  • Win a rated or unrated Pentad or Septad match in the Arena
  • Minimum 10 players 
  • Misc: Custom Pentads negate the need for specific ATs
  • Post event info for future:
    • Image below for correct settings.  
    • The first match was incorrectly set. Original participants had to zone to SG base and then back to Pocket D for invite to go through.
    • Badge awarded to entire winning team.
    • Also, if Arena window incorrectly shows 6 vrs 4 then you can select "Freeform Teams" to adjust # of red and # of blue (2 teams of 5) and then return setting to "Custom Pentad" before beginning match. 
    • Coliseum is a nice map for this! No hunting around! Cage would have maybe felt crowded.
    • Although it is true that Custom Pentad does not require specific ATs, the arena window will sometimes not allow for some players to be moved between teams once invited (sometimes it did, for one person it would not). Just stick with Custom and run it one more time for anyone stuck on the wrong team too many times.
    • For me, the  match needed "start" to be clicked twice. 

Specific AT's are not required if using the Custom Pentad selection. Custom does sometimes still have buggy issues, but is an easier set up. 



Arena Custom Pentad.jpg






As for the buggy Swiss Draw:


Updating my original notes. Have run this many times. It isn't really a pita except the wait time. A few extra details:

  • This can be a lengthy time commitment. I tell everyone up front. Probably because custom pentads are so fast, some might assume this is as well. It's 3 rounds for only 1 winner. 8 badgers = 24 rounds. 
  • 8 *bodies* minimum needed. Easily, one can grab spouse / 2nd accounts to fill if needed. If 16 show up, run 2 teams with 2 hosts. If 12 show up, just ask 4 to wait and then excuse the first 4 winners after they badge. 
  • The host does all the work: sets matches, selects winner in advance, sends reminders, etc. When I had groups in voice, it was super simple. Groups in text were ok, but sometimes it felt like a lot more poking. If running in text, I preferred everyone wait at the battle terminals so I could "see" them as they exit and re-enter rounds. 
  • Remind everyone to drop toggles, which saves time on matches (except the designated winner). 
  • Remind self (host) to use Cage match map. This allows us to immediately see who we are placed inside a round with. If I forget and leave it on random map, they can look at the mini map. Iirc, the hover tells them who their challenge partner is. Or yell in broadcast. Or play hide and seek... haha. no. that is a time waster on 24 rounds.
    • Though I use Coliseum map for custom pentads. It's just prettier and larger. The teams go in and immediately see one another. 
  • I like to announce the winner in advance of each run (1 run = 3 rounds).  It's buggy and time consuming, so it's not a bad idea to keep everyone on the same page. 
    • Local chat: "Heroid is winner of this run for all 3 rounds. If you are teleported inside and face to face with anyone OTHER THAN him/her, please exit the map. You may click on SCOR to exit. If you are inside the cage match with Heroid, surrender yourself to sweet death. Do NOT kill the badger. Thank you."
    • By the 3rd run, I'm just yelling "Fidessa is the winner. Dont kill her. Thanks." 
    • I'm old fashioned and keep a handwritten list of who already badged. I take 2nd alt badgers last as a courtesy to those who only badge 1 character. 
    • Invite the designated winner first! By default, you as the host will be Place # 1. That places the designated winner / first invitee in Place # 2. 
      • Wait to ensure the designated winner has accepted the invitation and is showing in the arena screen before inviting the others. 
      • I like to invite someone who also does not yet have the badge as 2nd invitee, Place # 3. This way, if something bugs, at least both potential places needed the badge anyway. 
  • Yes, exiting early does sometimes change how the 2nd and 3rd rounds work. Sometimes, those advancing find themselves inside the match with no sparring partner. This is fine. The rounds will continue and the designated winner will still badge. 
  • Following the first and 2nd rounds, at least one person (the designated winner) should see a text announcement. Something like "Round 2 begins in 2 minutes". Sometimes they dont. Iirc, it's 2 minutes. So if no one is whooshed inside in 3 minutes, it's possible the run is completely bugged. This has only happened to us once in many many runs so I don't worry about it. Some designated winners swear they never saw the countdown message and still get whooshed inside the map for the next round. 
  • What happens when the designated winner is whooshed inside a round with no one to kill? Just wait. Stand there and wait. They'll badge. Though, if they are inside the match with someone in round 2 and 3, I prefer they kill the toggle-less sacrificial lamb. 

I like to run Pentad before Swiss Draw. 


Arena Swiss Draw.jpg



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I just want to note that I picked up all of these badges on Torchbearer in runs organized by @Spider - so I can vouch that her approach works.  I also want to applaud her on the hard work & cheerfulness in pulling this off.  That was a lot of cats to herd! 👍

Keep Redside Alive!

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19 hours ago, Mister Mass said:

I just want to note that I picked up all of these badges on Torchbearer in runs organized by @Spider - so I can vouch that her approach works.  I also want to applaud her on the hard work & cheerfulness in pulling this off.  That was a lot of cats to herd! 👍

No question that Spider's posts were helpful. 

The Pentad was straightforward enough. 

The Swiss - ran into some glitch where after the first run was successful for a badge for the character in slot 2, the second run wouldn't initiate because it was stuck in some timer loop counting from 11 to 9, back to 11 seconds before it would start. 

We all quit, logged off, back on, and it worked fine for the remaining rounds and didn't show up again. 


It may be useful to know that patience is critical. 

When I say "round", I should further state that there are 3 rounds per "run", or Swiss Draw Match. 
The System takes some random choice (I guess) and pits 1 player against another in their own one on one duel. While this is happening, the system has pit two others against each other, until there's nobody else left. 
We all knew going in that the person in slot 2 would get the badge - win or lose, but felt they should win just to be sure. It left some uncertainty as to what the other contestants who weren't facing the winner should do. Doesn't matter. 

Exiting the map was a little fuzzy too. Once you lost, did we have to stick around until the system counted down to zero? No. Although, it being as glitchy as it is, those that faced the winner tended to wait until the system ported them out. There is a preconceptions that may or may not be accurate that if the winner leaves early, no badge. Given the headache that it is to get folks to do something so silly, why risk it? 

The second round of a run - if you lost, you remained out of action - and some were a bit confused, thinking they would fight 3 rounds. Only if you win! If you lose the first round, you sit on the sidelines, patiently until the entire round is over. 


To add some measure of comfort to those who've never done this but want the badge, follow Spider's pictures to the letter. It's quite simple if you realize the player in slot 2 will get the badge each run. And really try to remember to pick cage match. Finding someone in the Eden trial map often took longer than the fight itself! 


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On 9/27/2020 at 3:55 AM, Killerhurtz said:

I'm in need of the Pentad badge

Thanks to Faultline responding to another thread on how to get the Pentad badge with just two players.


It still can be very glitchy, but I have got to work with four times:

  • Faultline said you should use the same AT, but I find it works better with two different ATs
  • Player one, setup custom pentad, victory conditions are flexible. I just use kills 1
  • Invite player two
  • Press start then wait a second or two. If the count down does not start. Switch to free form then back to custom pentad
  • Press start button then wait a second or two.
  • Repeat free form to custom pentad. Start. Until it works.
  • If it does not work after five tries, both players quit the event and try again.
  • Consider switching character if possible after ten tries. I can usually get it to work in under five.
  • Once, it works one players defeats the other, or quits. The non-quiting player needs to wait inside the match until the badge appears.
  • Example setup below




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The methods listed above are spot-on.  I got Pentad Victor and Tournament Victor today with the methods described above.  I had to move over to Excelsior for it.  We had 8 accounts split among 3 people.


Update:  I helped someone get these badges a few days ago on Everlasting.  The methods described above worked just fine once again.

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Originally on Infinity.  I have Ironblade on every shard.  -  My only AE arc:  The Origin of Mark IV  (ID 48002)

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11 hours ago, Magick.Merryl said:

Does this work anymore? 

Issue 27, Page 5 is live and I cannot get this method to work.


Any suggestions would be a big help.



@Merryl on Everlasting


I did these last week. I could not get the 2 person method mentioned above to work regardless of which archetypes I paired. I ended up forming 5 and 8 man groups. The Swiss Draw was buggy though and sometimes the loser would advance instead of the winner but it only seemed to affect the organizer of the arena event. 

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