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Who's Got The Best Pair? 2v2 PvP Event - 11+ Billion Influence Prize Pool


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Who's Got The Best Pair? - 2v2 PvP EVENT

Hosted and Funded by @Wombo5, @Fire Wire & @Xhiggy

Saturday September 5th, 3 PM EASTERN



Free for All - 1 Billion Influence for 1st (Starts promptly at 3pm Eastern)

Costume Contest - 1st 400mil - 2nd 300mil - 3rd 200mil - 4th 100mil


2v2 Event Overview

Double elimination bracket, best of one, 10 minute matches
1 archetype limit per team, 1 powerset limit per team (e.g can't do ice/* blaster with an */ice def or ice/* sent, but */icy assault dom would work)
No switching characters mid event, you play on the same character you sign up with (multiple builds allowed)
More rules and format info below


2v2 Event Prize - Per team, provided by @Wombo5 and @Fire Wire, current pool is 6.5 Bil, will increase with more signups.

1st place = 3 Billion INF + 1 Billion INF provided by veteran PVP'r @Hot
2nd place = 3 Billion INF
3rd place = 2 Billion INF
4th place = 1 Billion INF

5th place = 600 Million INF

6th place = 400 Million INF

7th place = 200 Million INF
Last place = 2 Respec recipes



Sign up as a team in this thread with one player posting the following info:
global names of both players and their AT and power sets
@Wombo5 - Ice/Kinetic Corruptor
@xhiggy - Sonic/Sonic Defender

Sign ups will close end of day September 4th. You can edit your team up to this date.

If you're solo you can post as LFT in this thread with your global and what characters you'll play.



Default arena settings (10 min matches, small inspirations only, no TS, no heal decay, arena temp powers only)
Ties will be settled by a 5 minute rematch then sudden death
Banned powers: Electrified Net Arrow (Blasters), Taunt (Tanks/Brutes/Scrappers), *Zapp (Stalkers)
Powerset limit is for Primaries and Secondaries only - power pool, ancillary, and epic sets may be the same

*Stalkers can not be paired with Scrappers, Tanks, Brutes, Masterminds or characters with Personal Force Field
Alpha only incarnate powers. Other incarnates will need to be un-slotted for the event

If a team is shown to be running non-alpha incarnates (in combat logs for example) they’ll be given a loss for the round
Maps order will be randomly chosen from a pool of the following: Cargo, Perez, Lab, Graveyard; re-randomed after every 4 rounds
# of matches will depend on how many people sign up, budget for at least 3 hours to make it to the final round

Animation canceling using emotes is banned, please use crey pistol at your pleasure

If a player DC's in the first 2 minutes, restart the match. The rematch will play out regardless of further DC's

New players are welcome and encouraged to come out and get a taste of some arena PvP
Feel free to ask any questions about the event, builds, or PVP in general on the PVP Discord

Or PM @Wombo5 @Fire Wire @xhiggy in game

The event will be run from Discord and voice channels will be available to use for communication, be sure to check beforehand that you can get Discord working. Feel free to come up with a team name if you want. 

Bracket powered by challonge.com

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Thanks to all participants, people who stuck around to observe, and congratulations to Chris and Dak on their flawless upper bracket run, not dropping a single death! And thank you to Wombo and Fire Wire for funding the prize pool and Hot for the addition to 1st prize. Final bracket.


Great job to the costume contest winners Reib, Riq, Hot Dogger, and Justin and to the FFA winners Silit and Silent (sudden death honorable mention Alouu).


Checkout the upcoming PVP events on the 19th:


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