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Weekly Discussion 69: Suggestions for Patron Powers

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This information was way too much for one spoiler in our thread, so just like our build your own powerset post and build your Epic Pool Powers - I'm posting our weekly findings here and will link it to the suggestion thread that is pinned. 


*Note most of these were copied directly from players - so please excuse the spelling errors. 😄


Here is a link to the forum thread for the weekly discussion


Popular Ideas Without Extra Info:

  • Dr. Aeon
  • Ms Liberty
  • Police
  • Praetorian


Full Villain (Patron):

Nemesis by @Megawatt


1: Carbine shot: a single shot from a nemesis carbine
2: Chokeing Steam bomb: a grenade that lowers accuracy some and possibly stuns
3: Carbine Burst: a ranged burst attack from a nemesis Carbine, possibly works as a cone?
4: Summon Jaeger: Summons a Jaeger bot to serve you for a short time before it departs to other fiendish plans with a 'HAIL LORD NEMISIS!'
5: SURPRISE IT WAS AN AUTMATON!: a Rez, the 'you' that was defeated was inpoint of fact a clever Nemesis clockwork duplicate!

Nemesis by @biostem



1. Nemesis rifle: ranged, lethal, moderate DoT.


2. War Hulk serum: self HoT, +dmg res all.


3. Jaeger Mine:  You summon an unstable Jaeger, which charges the targeted enemy and explodes on contact, dealing moderate damage in an area.


4. Summon Jaegers:  You summon 2 standard Jaeger drones, which attack distant enemies with their light machine guns, nearby enemies with an in-built mace, and explode on death, dealing moderate damage.


5. Fake [Character name]!  This would be a self-resurrect power with a twist - upon defeat, you can activate this power to replace your defeated self with a Fake Nemesis, while you reawaken a short distance away.  The Fake Nemesis is only temporary, but generates a large amount of aggro while it's there.


Rularuu - Unlock by doing Shadow Shard TF's by @Darkneblade



Tier 1 (Watcher): Optic Blast (Ranged, Energy) Foe -Speed, -Recharge, -Defense
Tier 1 (Wisp) : Mental Blast Ranged Psionic, Foe -Recharge
Tier 1 (Natterling) : Scatter Shards Ranged, Moderate Damage, Lethal
Tier 1 (Brute) : Energy Blast, Ranged Energy, Foe Knockback

Tier 2 (Watcher) : Paralytic Gaze (Ranged) Hold
Tier 2 :(Wisp) : Subdue Ranged Psionic, Foe Immobilize
Tier 2 : (Natterling) : Sinew (Ranged) Hold
Tier 2 : (Brute) : Energy Salvo (Ranged, Energy) Targeted Area of Effect, Foe Knockback

Tier 3 : Rularuu Affinity: Toggle +Special : Different powers with different rularuu forms

Tier 4 : (Watcher) : Quill Blast Cone Lethal, Med Damage, Knockback
Tier 4 : (Wisp) : Psychic Scream Cone Psionic, Foe -Recharge
Tier 4 : (Natterling) : Shard Explosion, PBAoE Moderate Lethal Damage. -Res 

Tier 5 : (Watcher) : Summon Sentries Summon
Tier 5 : (Wisp) : Dispersion Bubble Team AoE Toggle +Res(Special)
Tier 5 : (Natterling) : Merge Special. (You can merge with your teammates similar to how Kheldian inherents behave)
Tier 5 : (Brute) : Crystal of Vigor Point Blank Area of Effect, Ally +Damage


Banished Pantheon - Unlock by doing the DA storyline by @ryuplaneswalker


Tier 1 - Frigid Blast
Tier 2 - Frigid Spikes (AOE Immob, Cold/Negative dot)
Tier 3 - Frigid Storm : Location AOE -res, -speed, Negative/Cold damage
Tier 4 - Frigid Beam
Tier 5 - Summon Spirit of Sorrow (spirit mask with Radiation blast attacks and Lingering Radiation)

Hamidons Blessing - Unlocks by acquiring several DE related badges like defeats, GMs, the accolades for fully exploring the hero/villain zones by @arklide


T1-Throw Swarm: ST moderate lethal/toxic dmg DoT
T2-Spores-ST light toxic dot hold
T3-Tree of Life: places summon that pulses with healing
T4-Swarm Burst: smash/lethal pbaoe
T5-summon buds: summons 2 small hamidon buds with high base resists that attack enemies with their electrical blasts

 Made Man/Wiseguy by @Megawatt


1: Burst: a Chicago typewritter, a gift from Emil Marcone on joining the family....let 'em eat lead
2: Cement Shoes: used to be you had to make a guy stand in a bucket, now you've got a nifty bomb thanks the Marcones tech guys (Ranged hold)
3: Ballistic Vest: you didnt think the suits could stop bullets right ? (toggle enhanceing resistance Vs Lethal, smashing and one other)
4: Heavy Burst: it's just more bullets (PBAOE)
5:  Call in a favor: You can call in a Family Hitman to help you take care of business.....for a short time any way

Demonic Presence (CoT) by @Darkneblade


1:  Scorch Melee, Fire, Damage over Time (Fire)
2: Hellish Bolts Ranged (Cone), Moderate Damage (Negative Energy), Foe Knockback
3:  Healing Flames Self Heal, +Resist: Disorient
4: Chill of the Night Toggle Area of Effect (Negative), Foe -Accuracy
5: Summon Succubus.

Doppelganger by @Darkneblade


1: Summon Doppelganger. : Summons your doppelganger
2: Upgrade Doppelganger : Gives doppelganger summon doppelganger ability
3: Megaupgrade Doppelganger: Gives doppelganger's doppelganger summon doppelganger ability
4: Sacrifice Doppelganger : Sacrifice all doppelganger to give you boost to +res +regen +recovery +damage
5: Enemy Doppelganger : Summon doppelganger of enemies. In case of AV it is only at Boss HP

Primordial Flame (Promentheus) by @Darkneblade


1: Primordial Blast : ST Ranged Moderate Fire Damage. -Res
2: Primordial Breath Cone Ranged High Fire DoT -Res
3: Primordial Protection : +Res Fire,Cold,Energy,Negative Energy. +Absorb
4: Primordial Creation: Summon Fiery Elemental that uses just T1 T2 for attack.
5: Primordial Burn: Location AoE (Patch) Minor Fire DoT. -Res

Rikti (Hro'Dtohz) Melee and Ranged by @zenijos10



Melee Characters:
Rikti Rifle Ranged, Energy, Foe Knockback, Disorient
Accelerate Metabolism Ally +Speed, +Damage, +Recovery (less potent than defender version)
Activating this power emits radiation that increases the running speed, attack speed, Endurance Recovery and Damage potential of all nearby allies. Affected Ritki Metabolism is increased so much that they become resistant to effects such as Sleep, Hold, Disorient and Immobilization. The Riktis are not protected from such effects, they just wear off faster.
Fusion Pulse Ranged Energy, +Energy DoT, -RES (all), -Regen
Dominate Ranged, Foe Hold
Transponder Player can create an inter-dimensional Transponder for 60 seconds. A total of 3  Rikti soldiers(1 conscript, 1 guardian, and one Chief Mentalist (Lt))  can teleport in through this Transponder to join their allies and more will come to replace fallen soldiers while the portal is open. This power has a long recharge. The Transponder can be destroyed.  Pets will stay spawned for 5 minutes, even if the transponder is destroyed or gone.

Ranged Characters
Rikti Sword Melee, Energy/Lethal Foe Disorient
Resistance Auto, Self +Resistances: Smash, Lethal, Energy, Psionic, Resist Sleep, Confuse, Fear
Greater Rikti Sword Melee, Energy/Letha) Foe Disorient
Paralytic Aura PBAoE, Energy, Minor Damage over Time, Foe -Recovery, -Spd, -Rech, Fear
Transponder Player can create an inter-dimensional Transponder for 20 seconds. A total of 3 Rikti soldiers(1 conscript, 1 infantry, and one Chief Soldier (melee, Lt)  can teleport in through this Transponder to join their allies and more will come to replace fallen soldiers while the portal is open. This power has a long recharge. The Transponder can be destroyed.  Pets will stay spawned for 5 minutes, even if the transponder is destroyed or gone.


Hro'Dtoz arc from @zenijos10to go along with the pool



New Villain Patron Arc: Hro’Dtoz

Player must be a member of the Midnighters and Vanguard

Hro’Dtoz has sent out word that he is willing to make a deal with any human who becomes an agent for him- word got to you.  He will grant the traitor a governorship when the Rikti rule.  In addition he will outfit them with Rikti Technology in the meantime.   The Villain never onces plans to betray the Earth, but they know a good oppurtunityy when they see one.  A good plan here would be a great way to strike a blow against the Rikti Lineage of War, get some new tech, and possibly look like a hero for the world.

The Villain uses their Vanguard clearance and covertly steals plans needed to build the necessary technology to make contact with Hro’Dtoz.  The Villain discovers that other than Vanguard, the only known entity to possess this technology is Nemesis.  As a member of Vanguard it would be unwise to rob them, but Nemesis...  They definitely have it coming.

Mission 1: Retrieve subspace radio command board from Nemesis
After the player gets the item they are able to contact Hro’Dtoz on the appropriate channel.

Hro’Dtoz does not trust the Villain. “Character Reputation: Dubious. Trustworthiness: Miniscule.”
Hro’Dtoz makes it clear he will not trust the player unless they perform 3 treasonous tasks against Earth.
Get him working codes to a portal and place it where he can bring in an invasion force.
Plant a virus in the Vanguard communications array designed by Hro’Dtoz that he can activate on demand.
Retrieve Excalibur and bring it and give them to Hro’Dtoz at the Portal.  Hro’Dtoz will not send in troops until he is sure the villain has handed over the actual Excalibur.

Mission 2:  Defeat the Elder Fae guardians
Hro’Dtoz has very good intelligence on Excalibur and will not be fooled by a Replica Sword, he will only accept one that matches the correct energy signature he has. Clearly he intends to give it to the Honoree in order to make the Honoree undefeatable.

The player learns that Ms. Liberty has been working with the Midnighters so they can perform some research on Excalibur in order to free Hero One from his Rikti captors.  Using their Midnighter membership the Villain covertly accesses the files on Excalibur learning there is hope that if the Honoree holds Excalibur he may be able to mentally recover from what the Rikti did to him.   The villain believes they can now be the one to save Hero One.  An Excellent PR move that might make it easier for them to operate in Paragon City.

After some surveillance the villain learns that Ms. Liberty lays the sword on the ground whenever she goes to visit Statesman’s grave.   The villain does not see the need to face Ms. Liberty or be seen.  Instead the villain will take a helicopter and use a high powered magnet to grab Excalibur when she sets it down.

After returning to their base of operations, the villain is surprised to discover they have been mystically tracked by the Fae Guardians of Excalibur.  In order to keep Excalibur they must defeat the 5 Elder Guardians.

Mission 3:  Get location map of Praetorian Portals
The villain was right, this will be an excellent way to further their stature and strike a possibly fatal blow against the Lineage of Blood.  The Rikti are not aware of Praetorian Earth.  The villain can exploit Hro’Dtoz’s ignorance.

The villain must break into Portal Corp to retrieve the location of Praetorian portals and several processing unit parts needed to make them work.

Mission 4:  Defeat all Devouring Earth
The villain learns there are currently several abandoned portals in Praetoria in areas overrun by Hamidon.  The villain will explain to Hro’Dtoz they they will set up a portal in the basement of a large building in the heart of Paragon City.  Because Hro’Dtoz thinks he is traveling to Primal Earth he will not understand the building is surrounded and infested with Devouring Earth, at least not until it is too late.

The player must temporarily secure the large portal in Neutropolis long enough to make it appear to be Primal Earth and trick Hro’Dtoz as he looks through and performs test readings.  The rikti computer virus and invasion force will be against Hamidon controlled Praetoria and praetorian computer systems not Primal Earth’s. 

Mission 5: Defeat the Avatar of Hamidon
The player has succesfully cleaned up the building and reactivated power.  The portal and staging area is ready.  Just as Hro’Dtoz is preparing to enter the portal to make the deal the villain is attacked by the Avatar of Hamidon and more devouring Earth.  The player the must defeat the Avatar before Hro’Dtoz can figure out something is wrong.

Conclusion: Hro’Dtoz and the Honoree and small contingent of soldiers come through the portal with the Honoree. Before you hand over the sword, you ask for the promised tech.  Patron Powers unlocked. You also get the badge “Intergalactic Backstabber”.  Hro’Dtoz gives the sword to the Honoree who raises it in the air triumphantly. A slight gleam is his eyes tell you something has changed in him.

Hro’Dtoz turns towards the Honoree.  “Rikti Home world disagreements: Excalibur solves.”  Surprisingly, the Honoree turns and exits through the portal as more troops pile through. Excalibur didn’t work as the Midnighters thought and the Honoree still seems under Rikti control.

No matter, the Lineage of War isn’t going to survive the day- they were the real problem anyway, not the Rikti as a whole.  After the last of the troops come through the villain closes the portal and opens a new one back to Paragon City.  They place a small charge on the portal device and it explodes moments after the villain leaves, stranding the Hro’Dtoz and the Rikti troops surrounded by the Devouring Earth.

There could be a similar hero arc with C'Kelkah as the contact attempting to thwart the giving of Excalibur to Hro’Dtoz.  The player thwarts the theft, but learns from the Midnighters that it may be the key to saving Hero One.  They recruit Ms. Liberty who agrees to give Excalibur to the Honoree.  With Lady Grey’s help they set up a similar trap to the villain story.  Hro’Dtoz and his forces are stranded in Praetoria, the Honoree goes back through the portal seemingly unchanged.  C’Kelkah offers Rikti technology to the player as a reward.  Patron Powers unlocked.  The player gets the badge “The Hand of the Lake”.


Rikti Patron Pools by @Zepp



Dra'Gon: Alien Flames Mastery

Fire Blast

Cauterizing Aura

Fire Breath

Summon Clone of Honoree



Hro'Dtohz: War Mastery

Blade Slice

True Grit

Blade Swing (converted to cone)

Summon War Rider

Blade Drop (like The Lotus Drops, but with Rikti blade)


Lk'Onik: Psionic Mastery


Psionic Dispersion (like Sonic Dispersion, but +Res (all but Tox)

Total Domination

Summon Chief Mesmerist

Energy Drain


C'Kelkah: Tradition Mastery

Mental Blast

Traditional Armor (like Scorpion Shield, but Psi resistance instead of Tox)

Mass Hypnosis

Summon Portal (Summons a Rikti Portal for 240s or until destroyed, through which a rikti monkey spawns every 3s and a rikti minion spawns every 10s)

Hope (like Rise of the Phoenix, but with energy animations)


Rikti Magus, or U'Kon Gr'ai could also be considered.


Olympus by @Troo



Plasma Blast (Ranged) Foe -Regeneration
Plasma burns are hard to heal. The burns can temporarily halt target's Regeneration rate.


Gas Swarm Missiles Ranged, Area of Effect, Lethal, Foe Hold
Can launch a pack of Gas Swarm Missiles


Incendiary Swarm Missiles Ranged, Area of Effect, Lethal, +Burn
Can launch a small pack of Incendiary Swarm Missiles


Resistance Toggle, Self


Swarm Missiles Ranged, Area of Effect, Lethal, Foe Knockback
Can launch a large pack of Incendiary Swarm Missiles


Kings Spirit (Dark Nature) by @Troo



Scorch (Melee, Fire) Damage Over Time (Fire)
The hands are engulfed in flames, igniting the target.


Cinders Point Blank Area of Effect, Foe Hold
Incapacitates foes around the caster by whirling Cinders around them. The targets are left helpless, choking on the soot. Recharge: Very Long.


Hidden Placate or Stealth
Can occasionally become untargetable or hide as a tree in plain sight.


Embraced Darkness Toggle: +DEF(All), +Res(Immobilize, Hold, Knockback), +Perception

Your enemies can see you but have difficulty catching you.


Fire Stomp (Melee, Point Blank Area of Effect, Foe Knockback) Damage over Time (Fire)
Set your enemies ablaze with this Fire Stomp.


Praetorian Loyalist Patron Pools by @Zepp



Tyrant: Inexplicably Overpowered Boring Character Mastery

Bone Smasher


Whirling Hands

Summon Mindless Minions (like Gangwar, but with PPD Troopers)


[Alternative - PPD style powers]


Nightstar: Technological Mastery

Energy Torrent

Kinetic Shield

Typhoon's Edge (uses Nightstar-like blades)

Summon Nightstar v1.7 (summons a version of Nightstar that looks like the pre-upgrade model)



Bobcat: Wild Mastery

Savage Strike

Adaptive Nature (like Evolving Armor, but minimal effects)

Rending Fury

Summon Ocelot

Savage Leap


Diabolique: Infernal Mastery

Siphon Power

Sphere of Influence (like Rise to the Challenge, but with hellfire animations)

Chill of the Night

Summon Poltergeist

Force Bomb


IVy, Antimatter, Neuron, Battle Maiden, Black Swan, Chimera, Marauder, & Shadowhunter could also be considered.


Romulus Augustus: Opposition Mastery by @Zepp



Push Back

Energized Shield


Summon Poltergeist

Phalanx Fighting



Villain Ideas (Patron):

Lord Recluse and Red Widow by @Tyrannical

Red Widow, Ice Mistral, Barracuda, Silver Mantis & Wretch by @Tyrannical


Full Hero (Mentor):

Five Kheldian Patron Pools by @Zepp



Sunstorm: Kheldian Solar Mastery [fire damage]
Internal Refraction (like Fire Cages, but with some rainbowish particle effects)

Sunstrike (like Cremate, but with energy fists)

Prism (like Char, but with rainbowish particle effects)

Summon Sun Cyst (looks like a Shadow Cyst, only orangish; every 15s for 240s summons a Bright Nova (orangish) that lasts for 30s or until defeated and has attacks converted to fire damage)

Sunbreak (like Rise of the Phoenix, but with light flashes)


Moonfire: Kheldian Lunar Mastery [cold damage]
Lunar landing (like Frostbite, but with Freezing Rain type patch (but no rain))
Goodnight Moon (like Flash Freeze, but with a momentary moon effect)

Moonshot (like Block of Ice, but with Stalagmite effects)

Summon Moon Cyst (looks like Shadow Cyst, only pale blueish; every 15s for 240s summons a Bright Nova (pale bluish) that lasts for 30s or until defeated and has attacks converted to cold damage)

Lunar Sustenance (like Hibernate, but with different graphics)


Shadowstar: Kheldian Mental Mastery [psychic damage]
Shadow of Consciousness (like Mass Hypnosis, but with a smoky effect)

Doubt (like Mind Probe, but with a smoky effect)

Jungian Insight (like Dominate, but with a smoky effect)

Summon Darkstar Cyst (looks like Shadow Cyst, only purplish; every 15s for 240s summons a Dark Nova (purplish) that lasts for 30s or until defeated and has attacks converted to psychic damage)
Starburst (like EM Pulse, but with some shadows and it effects all targets the same as EM Pulse affects robots)


Requiem: Nictus Brute Mastery [smashing damage]

Weak Foundations (like Fissure)

Requiem for a Dream (like Salt Crystals)

Grasp of the Earth (like Fossilize)

Summon World Cyst (looks like Shadow Cyst, only grayish; every 15s for 240s summons a Black Dwarf (grayish) that lasts for 30s or until defeated and has attacks converted to smashing damage)

Homefield Advantage (like Earth's Embrace)


Arakhn: Nictus Precision Mastery [lethal damage]

Dark Embrace (like Electrified Net Arrow, but with web grenade animation and black with orange/yellow glow)

Nictus Shards (like Caltrops, but black with orange/yellow glow)

Relief (like Sleep Grenade, but black with orange/yellow glow)

Summon Death Cyst (looks like Shadow Cyst, only glow is orange/yellow; every 15s for 240s summons a White Dwarf (black with orange/yellow glow) that lasts for 30s or until defeated and has attacks converted to lethal damage)

Deadly Speed (like Vorpal Judgement, but with an orange/yellow aura on "clones")


Ouroboros by @Zepp



Mender Silos: Temporal Mastery

Aging Touch (added -regen effect)

Temporal Displacement (Similar effects to Field Operative optional Gaussian blur effect - if possible)

Distortion Field (added -regen effect, increased chance for hold)

Summon Singularity

Time Lord


Mender Tesseract: Penumbral Mastery

Penumbral Grasp

Penumbral Shroud (like Shadow Fall, but range increased from 40 to 60)

Oppressive Gloom

Dark Servant

Penumbral Drain (like Soul Drain, but 80% of Soul Drain effect on self and 20% of Soul Drain effect on allies withing 60)


Mender Lazarus: Coronal Mastery

Coronal Punch (like Energy Punch)

Coronal Aura (like Shadow Fall, but Fear Resistance replaced with Stun Resistance and visual effects similar to Energy Cloak)

Mass Ejection (like Thunder Clap, but added knockdown effect)

Being of Light (like Phantasm only with spectrum costume pieces)



Twilight's Sun: Hope Mastery

Bright Nova Blast (uses Gleaming Bolt animation)

Combat Flight

Bright Nova Detonation (KB converted to KD, uses Luminous Detonation animation)

Summon Unbound Kheldian (similar to Unbound Nictus, but with Bright Nova powers and appropriate color shift)

Restore Essence


Praetorian Resistance Patron Pools by @Zepp



Vanessa DeVore: Resistance Mastery

Telekinetic Blast

Resistance (like DeVore's Resistance power)

Psychic Scream

Summon Decoys (like Phantom Army, default clones of user)

Healing Aura


Beholder: Foresight Mastery

Will Domination


Compulsion (like Static Field, but with cloud animation)

Support (like Mass Confusion)

Chrono Shift


Hatchet: Contingency Mastery

Single Shot

Field Operative

Heavy Burst

Summon Ghoul (summons a Manslayer)



Jack Hammer

Snap Shots

Pickmeup (like Shadowmeld, but Adrenal Booster animation and +Reg, +Rec)

Overcharged Shots

Summon Resistance (summons Elite Resistance Officer)

Fixadine (like Adrenal Booster)


Chompie, Vagabond, & Crow could also be considered.


Cimeroran Patron Pools by @Zepp



Imperious: Zealous Mastery

Foot Stomp

Hardened Position (team +res (Sm/Le)

Hand Clap

Summon Castrorum

Divine Intervention (team rez)


Daedalus: Archaic Mastery

Cosmic Burst

Metabolic Acceleration

Choking Cloud

Summon Assembler Prince (yup, this is where I think a good Clockwork Summon fits!)



Senator Decimus Aquila: Senatorial Mastery


Negotiation (like Mind over Body)

Engaging Speech (like Sirens Song, but using clipboard emote)

Summon Praetorian Guard (like Praefectus Castrorum, but with purple instead of red and silver instead of black)

Outrage (like Dreadful Wail, but using frustrated emote)


Midnighter Patron Pools@Zepp



Mercedes Sheldon: Artifact Mastery

Wand of Might (like Blackwand, but smashing/energy damage and energy blast type effects)

Ring of Protection (like Wedding Band)

Shroud of Fear (like Cloak of Fear, but with Arcane Hood & Arcane High Collar Cape - overwrites certain costume options)

Summon Living Armor

Altar of Baal (summon an Altar, +regen, +recovery aura - destruction results in Medium Explosion)


Ashley McKnight: Dark Arts Mastery


Fire Shield (but with dark purple infernal fire animations)

Brimstone (Summon Demon Prince animation but with no Demon Prince, causes a Toxic/Fire damage patch)

Summon Midnight Squad Hermetic Master

Usurp Strength (like Soul Drain, but with dark purple infernal fire animations and fire/toxic damage)


Montague Castanella: Perception Mastery

Future Pain


Time Shift

Summon Midnight Squad Spirit Master

Chrono Shift


Percy Winkley: Lore Mastery

Minor Cantrip (like Arcane Bolt)

Dumb Luck (+Def all)

Fortuitous Accident (like Mass Levitate, but with Runes Aura animation)

Summon Midnight Squad Force Mages (3)

Origin of Power (AoE +Dmg, +ToHit for team)


Vanguard Patron Pools by @Zepp



Lady Grey: Leadership Mastery

Life Drain

Shadow Fall

Oppressive Gloom

Summon Vanguard Wizard



Dark Watcher: Mystery Mastery

Burning Touch (like Aging Touch, but Fire/Neg damage and infernal flames animation)

Person in Black (like Jaunt, but 5s recharge, +def (all) for 30s (does not stack))

Defense Aura (PBAoE, Energy, foe -End, Sleep)

Summon Vanguard Sorcerer

Freezing Sphere


Borea: Shield Mastery

Ki Push

Energy Cloak

Repulsion Bomb

Summon Shield HVAS

Energy Drain


Gaussian: Tactical Mastery

Cobra Strike

Coordination (Team +Res (all but Psi))

First Strike (like Shield Charge, but no shield)

Summon Sword HVAS

Never Tell Me the Odds (like Against All Odds, but click)


Levantera, Serpent Drummer, Faultline, or Fusionette could also be considered.



Hero Ideas (Mentor):

Five Origin Mentor Arcs by @Mainframe

"The idea here is less 'giving you powers that they have' and more 'you do a story arc working with them and you either learn or gain powers along the way'. I've included notes for each mentor as to what their hypothetical arc would be, and very broad notes on the pools you would get."



Blue Shield (Natural)
  Unlock Arc: a 'teaching' scenario, alternating between playing as Blue Shield through some of his past missions, and simulations, culminating in a confrontation with an enemy from his past in Kings Row.
  Powers: all pools get Superior Conditioning
    -Melee: powers focused on 'control' type abilities to force enemies to deal with, stuns, etc.  Martial Arts flavor.
    -Ranged: VEAT type Passives enhancing Accuracy and Damage, an 'armor' power, and a Build Up-esque ability.
    -Support: Mobility training (Toggle, +Def, +spd), 'super' Leadership abilities to inspire allies with (+Def for one, + Acc/Dmg for another), Power Boost-esque ability.
    -Control: Mobility Training, Tactical Thinking (toggle, grants bonus Acc/Dmg to self and allies against Controlled enemies), ST and AoE (cone?) attacks (ideally, a variety of FX allowing for pulling out a gun or throwing shuriken, or some other weapon based attacks)
Frostfire (Mutation)
  Unlock Arc: Frostfire and (player) work to bring more of the Outcasts around to the side of the good guys.  Some history for the Outcasts, perhaps painting them as a group that started with good intentions, that then went bad.  Final fight would be against the new leader of the Outcasts, who doesn't like what Frostfire is doing.
  Powers: all pools have Biological Superiority (Passive).  Grants increased maximum HP and END.  Rather than granting new 'active' powers, Frostfire's pools are all passives, operating like much weaker versions of the Incarnate Alpha slot, as he teaches how best to get the most out of your abilities.  So the pool powers would have +Dmg, or a +Range, or +Heal effect on existing powers.

Positron (Technology)
  Unlock Arc: Positron's arc involves the player working alongside Positron to solve the secret of some sort of strange gadget, tracking down leads and analyzing clues in his lab.  The finale AV fight would be someone like Dr. Aeon or some other technology oriented criminal, trying to bootstrap his way to even more power.
  Powers: all power sets get the We Have The Technology passive power.  It grants the character a global END Discount and Energy Damage proc.
    -Melee: gets a couple of 'Power Glove' attacks (pair of ST blasts, maybe a cone) plus a Hold (maybe based on the Praetorian cops energy nets)
    -Ranged: Defense Grid (toggle, +def, +Absorb), Disruptor Grenade (as Trick Arrow Disruption Arrow), Micro Mines (tosses out a small field of Trip Mines, low damage individually, knockdown), Flamethrower Turret (immobile pet, Acid Mortar appearance, fires cone flamethrower at enemies near it)
    -Support: Defense Grid, Flamethrower Turret, Support Drones (two temp pets, small heal targetting lowest hp ally, small laser attack), Megabot (temp pet, middling attacks, but taunts and has heavy armor)
    -Control: Defense Grid, Gun Drone (as Blaster Devices), Burst (from AR), Buckshot (from AR)
Synapse (Science)
  Unlock Arc: the arc involves helping Synapse take down a Crey program to make the next generation of Paragon Protectors.  The finale involves taking on one of their new elite Protectors.  In the process, the character is exposed to mutagens that unlocks new powers within the character (ie, the Mentor pool).
  Powers: all pools have the Upgraded passive.  Upgraded gives a passive Resistance bonus (all resists).
    -Melee: Bioblast (ST ranged attack, toxic), Biospray (Cone, Toxic), Insidious Venom (no cost Toggle, grants a chance for Minor Toxic DoT on attacks), Paralytic Venom (ST ranged Hold + Minor Toxic DoT)
    -Ranged: Bionaut (Toggle, +S/L/Toxic Resist), Punch (Super Strength), Haymaker (Superstrength), Physical Perfection
    -Support: Bionaut, Parasitic Infestation (uses Call Swarm FX, minor DoT but also a Minor HoT for the player while the DoT is active), Parasite Armor (toggle, places a damage aura on target (self or ally), deals Toxic Damage and gives a small heal every time it deals damage), Subversion (ST Confuse, deals Extreme Toxic damage to the Confused victim when it wears off)
    -Control: Bionaut, Bioblast, Biospray, Creeping Infection (targetted toggle, applies an AoE debuff to Mex protection, making it easier to Control victims in the area, high END cost to run though)
 War Witch (Magic)
  Unlock Arc: while working with War Witch in Croatoa, the player discovers a way to stabilize the area and keep it from drifting further into another dimension.  The finale involves protecting War Witch while she performs the necessary ritual from the forces that want to keep Croatoa destabilized, with a fight with an EB/AV version of Jack in Irons for the final battle (or perhaps an original enemy built up during the arc).
  Powers: all power sets have the Gift of Magic clickable.  When used, gives a Heal and END restore to the character.
    -Melee: Hexblast (single target attack + random debuff), Hexbomb (PBAoE, damage + a pull to effect), Witchstorm (toggle, inflicts random debuffs on enemies near the character, taunt effect for Tanks), Familiar (temp pet using Living Spell models, periodically pulses a healing aura)
    -Ranged: Hexshield (toggle, large Absorb shield, regenerates slowly in combat, fast out of combat), Spellblade (ST Melee attack, Negative;/Energy damage + random debuff), Accursed Blade (Cone Melee attack, Negative/Energy damage, random debuff), Cloak of Chaos (toggle, inflicts Minor Negative damage and a Confuse as a PBAoE)
    -Support: Hexshield, Howling Pit (targeted AoE, deals fire and negative damage in targetted area), Conjure Imp (temp pet, summons one Rikti Monkey/Fire imp/etc, deals toxic/fire damage at range or lethal bleed with claws), Chaos Storm (targeted AoE, Negative dmg, random debuff)
    -Control: Hexshield, Hexblast, Chaos Storm, Conjure Behemoth (temp summons a CoT Behemoth)


Positron, Citadel, Manticore, Numina, Penelope Yin & Synapse by @Tyrannical

Aurora Borealis, Luminary, Swan, Infernal, Woodsman, Malaise, Valkrie, Mynx & Ms Liberty by @Tyrannical
Vanguard Membership by @Chris24601



- Impervium Armor (passive resistance)

- Rail Gun Burst/Snipe (for those needing ranged attacks)

- Strike/Slash (melee attacks from Vanguard Ranger)

- Flashbang

- Willie Pete Round

- Curse of Weariness

- Summon Vanguard Troops


Midnighter Membership by @Chris24601



- Defensive Wards

- Ward Blast/Snipe (use the Croatoa Temp power animations)

- Magic Staff (various Midnighter Mobs have -damage, -to-hit, and hold effects)

- Melee Staff (taking a cue from the Dream Doctor for those needing melee attacks)

- Summoning (animated armor, ghosts, perhaps animus arcana).


PPD Membership (PPD Trophies as a villain variant) by @Chris24601



- Body Armor

- Acid Mortar (debuff)

- Glue Grenade (debuff, immobilize)

- Flashbang (debuff)

- SMG/Snipe (ranged attacks)

- Billy Club (melee attacks)

- Police Raid (summon power)


Praetorian Refugee/Ally by @Chris24601



- Power Gauntlets (various ranged, melee and debuffs from PPD)

- Personal Force Field (toggle with the grid body field animation)

- Summon Clockwork


Honorary Cimeroran by @Chris24601



- Pilum (ranged attacks)

- Legionnaires’ Armor (or maybe Shield as a toggle)

- Gladius (melee attacks)

- Engineer’s fire bomb

- Surgeon’s healing

- Summon Cimerorans


Fusionette by @Hexquisite



( Inspired by @Luminara, who described Fusionette so perfectly )


- Leap onto and attacks the nearest enemy; short-range teleport, inflicting both moderate damage and a minor stun on the target.


- With as often as Fusionette has been captured and rescued, you have become a master of escaping from captivity. Works like Break Free, snapping you out of any hold/immobilize/sleep or similar mez and giving a small boost to your To-Hit for a short time.

Adorable Look

- Fix your enemies with a look of such utter adorableness, they are flung backwards by the sheer force of your charm. AoE knockback and minor placate.


- Fusionette doesn't have the best aim, and sometimes her enthusiasm gets the better of her accuracy. You've taken so many indirect and accidental blasts from her that you have developed a resistance to Smashing and Energy damage, as well as considerable protection from Knockback. This power is always on and costs no endurance.

Call Fusionette

- Fusionette swoops in to aid you, as you have aided her so many times in the past, going after your enemies with her trademark enthusiasm and vibrancy! *While technically a pet, Fusionette will not listen to your commands, and instead will act on her own whims.




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To clarify:
From the Rikti Pools, Lk'Onik & C'Kelkah would be considered Hero Mentor Pools.
From the Ouroboros Pools, Mender Tessaract would be considered a Villain Patron Pool.

The Midnighter and Vanguard Pools are generally gray and perhaps would fit better as Rogue or Vigilante Sponsor Pools.

Archetype Concept Compilation -- Powerset Concept Compilations: Assault Melee


The Great Archetype Concept Battle: Final Round


Archetype Proposal Amalgamation

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The Doppleganger idea was great.  I wish I'd thought of that. 😕


The Fusionette one is inspired.   Sound.


On that note I'd still like a 'Hero NPC' group Patron/Epic.  Where you can 'lead' or have a cast of Hero 'pets' to join you for a while.  Eg. Fusionette, Jim Trem, The crazy Fire Blaster etc.  Frostfire etc.


I'd call that the 'Captain' Patron/Epic.  Where you lead your 5 pets in battle.  Like a mini Master Mind set.



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