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Any survivors from Triumph?


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Hello all,


Former Wild Card, which was part of the Grand Coalition along side Global Heroics and Fusion Force, had plenty of different heroes but went by Sh4rpie. Just seeing if anyone else made it back to this game. I know that I saw a bunch of Triumph folks on the City of Titans kickstarter but I never got around funding that endeavor. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hello and I hope to be back in Paragon City soon!

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*aves* stars fire and Panda here

My Dear you deserve the services of a great wizard but youll have to settle for the aid of a second rate pick pocket



So you mean you'll put down your rock, and I'll put down my sword; and we'll try and kill each other like civilized people?

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I started on Triumph and got my first few 50s on Triumph. By server shutdown I had >180 alts though so I was kind of playing on every server, but Triumph was always my first home.


Main Triumph Alts

- Giggle - Emp/Drk Def

- Fireskimmer - Fire/Fire Blaster

- Cruel Mockery - Psi/Energy Dominator

- Rising Day - Peacebringer

- Fastblade - Katana/SR Scrapper


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Wow! So many oldies in here! So many memorable names as I was scrolling through the forum posts. I know that I have either teamed up with you either on a Hamidon raid or waved at you waiting at Talon station on my way to Peregrine Island. Glad to see the Fusioneers, GH’ers, and all of the others in-between.

I had an Alt Empathy Defender who was named, Viewtiful Joe on Defenders of Tomorrow. I remember you Duffy. TempestMaster I remember seeing you in the SG Base e/wave

Vanden, I remember Powerthrust but you will always be remembered by your outfits.

Hello Finland!

Hello Lady Kay! You had so many Little Kay X Lady Kay X, etc!

I never made it on the Defender of the Knights of Scion but good to see you Agent AR-71!

Sinister Stone, I remember you!

Xtreme I remember you – Didn’t you have an Angel-esc type look? I do remember XtremeAlien though. I swore your SG was called XtremeLegends or something? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Hello Kaasha! Fusion Force Forever!

Sentai, you were revolutionary in the Sentai Force! I remember them well.


Hello Everyone else!


This is VERY old photo of me with CuppaJo and Positron @ PAX 07. So glad that this forum has brought all of us back to each other! 


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Was on Triumph in Paragon Elite and Rogue Elite SG/VG although I did move some toons to other servers for their PvP tournaments. 

Here are a few names:

Psyrene Ill/kin controller

Psydevile mind/fire dom

Psy's Psy psi/nrg blaster

Sooo Hot fire/nrg blaster

Ohms Ice Angel ice/nrg blaster

Ohms Girl elec/elec brute

Ohms Rocks stone/stone tank

Healing Psy Emp/psi defender

Psycl0ne Storm/Psi defender

Radiohmzy Fire/Rad corr

Radiohmzy 1.0 Rad/Psi defender

Sooo Cold Cold/Sonic defender

Micronicyst bots/dark mm

Ohms Lil Kin ice/kin corr

Psyzmic Distortion FF/Sonic Defender

Spineyohmzy Spines/regen scrapper

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Hey folks!  Dr. Earl Grey here, played pretty heavily with the Grand Coalition under a few toons plus some other fun group themes.  Alt-itis got the best of me, but here's the mains:


Dr. Earl Grey / Blaster - Fusion Force

Mister Burma / Defender - Global Heroics

Fritz Lang / Tank- Unpredictables

Pound Cake / Tank- Justice Desserts



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