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Any survivors from Triumph?


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'tis I, the mighty Grog!  I just discovered this thread.  Ran with Forgotten Legion SG and C.H.A.O.S. VG as part of the HUB player community.  Nice to see some familiar names from back in the day.


If anyone remembers me at all, you probably remember Grog the Big, but, in case one of my alts was more memorable, I also played:


Psi-Borg (a name I would love to have back on Excelsior!)

Shining Crystal

AIM-54C Phoenix

Ton Def

Burn Boy

Tetsu Sensei

Timmy Powergamer

.Night Shift

Night Shade (had some funny punctuation to get the name, can't remember what it was)


Farmer Green

Inimical X

Ferdinand the Bully


Ran a few on Virtue as well, but I can only remember Dark Light Speed.


I'm writing some fan fiction, re-posting what I have written so far to the forums here at: the below.  I got a lot of support from the HUB player community donating their characters to the tale.  Wish more of them were back to read it. 300+ pages and counting...


All hail the mighty Grog! 

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Obsidiman (Hero-Tank)/ Major Holocaust (Villain-Brute) here from Triumph's glory days.  Back in action on Torchbearer now. :)  Been a long long time. A hello to anyone I used to play decoy for back when!

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