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Propel choice of object


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After seeing that Propel during the Winter event throws nicely wrapped Gifts at the enemies i wanted to hear if its possible/suggest to add a feature in power costumisation to allow players to make a choice of 1 object that is allways thrown.

It would make a lot of sense in some thematic builds that the object thrown is always the same.
(One example could be a Santa´ish toon, which Propels gifts at terminal velocity towards the "naughty children". Such a toon would only make sense around the wintertime though, but if it was selectable to always be gifts for that toon it would be something you could use year round)

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Its client side; so one person who sees a fork lift they are throwning and 3 others will see a statue, a sink, and a piece of SG wall texture.  Holidays are an exclusion. 


Would be nice; heck I would like to see something that looks like a miniature singularity thrown.

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I'd never really thought about it, but since they can set it for just present throwing, they should be able to theoretically set it for any number of things.  Throwing nothing but (lamp) shades would be funny.  😃  And I'm sure there's a character concept for someone who throws nothing but those cement gargoyles.


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+1 for this idea.


Yes, I am aware that the Propel items are rendered clientside and everyone will see a different thing. HOWEVER I do not think this will prevent the desired customization's possibility. While being able to choose a single object would require a new animation customization for every single object, I do wonder about being able to choose between a few different Propel "lists" -


Default (As current; random outdoor and indoor details)

Miniature Singularity

Gift boxes year-round

Rocks (varying size and shape - meteor themed character, anyone?)



Books (Because I can't resist a pun on a potentially heavily legalistic character, lol)

And other plausible ideas I can't think of right this minute.


It'd still render clientside, of course, so with the Furniture list and any of the other suggested customizations (besides "miniature singularity" which would always be the same) one person might see a table while another sees a sofa, but for both players it would still follow the selected "furniture" theme.

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Addendum: Probably not possible to do with the code, but what would be sweet would be if the 'Default' Propel list somehow detected what kind of map it was on and only pulled items from its surrounding environment, thus giving a real 'Darth Vader fighting Luke on Bespin' effect - crates, shelves, and forklifts if you're in a warehouse, filing cabinets and desks if you're in an office, cars, statuary, and street signs on an outdoor city map, rocks and logs in 'nature' maps, etc.

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On 12/24/2020 at 12:14 AM, Hardship said:

But this would ruin the "Propel Drinking Game" where everyone is on chat and states what they see when propel is used. Any one who matches, takes a drink!

Wait, I think you are playing that game backwards... anyone who gets it wrong takes a drink...

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