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Jan. 23rd - Color Theory theme costume contest!

GM Kaiju

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37 minutes ago, captainstar said:

Yeah, I want to know too.

The latest announcement from the GMs said that they are not going to be holding them every month but rather 4 times a year from now on.

Check out my stories in the Mission Architect. Just search for "@Take One" or "SFMA". Here are some enticing titles:

  • Praetoria-related: Earth Revolution Red, Earth Revolution Blue
  • Mercenary Action: West Libertalia: Born And Raised, West Libertalia: Global Empire, West Libertalia: Love And Rockets
  • Soldier of Arachnos Arcs: The Tangled Weave, A Taste For Evil, Faultline By Night, Fear And Loathing On Striga, The Warburg Connection,
  • Various: Project Dragon, Evolve Or Die, The Murders in the RWZ Morgue, The Last Crystal Out Of Cimerora

These are just a few, and more to come...

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2 hours ago, krj12 said:

Be nice if they could implement some kind of in-game event calendar, like other MMOs have.   Doesnt even need to have a fancy interface, just a simple listing would do.

Could probably add on to those information kiosk thingys pretty easily 🤔

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Well, "easily."

As I recall, even the original Devs had some considerable hurdles getting the Kiosks to work.  Was it around Issue 1 or 2 when they finally became functional?

And from what I see, those Kiosks are now providing way less information than they used to.  No idea if that change hit Legacy/Retail, or if that change happened during SCoRE or here on Homecoming.


But . . . yes.   They make an ideal platform to have in-game bulletin boards and calendars, at least from UX and coherent narrative standpoints.  Granted, we would need to install some in the Rogue Isles.  As it stands, Villains can only access the Kiosk network from Mayhem missions.

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On 4/12/2021 at 1:30 PM, Herotu said:

I thought these were quite popular - I know I always enjoyed seeing what other people had cooked up.


😞 Did they go out of fashioni? 😉




I think because they were doing them once a month there was a declining amount of people attending.  So they are doing more Quarterly CC's now.  Next one is in May for the Anniversary.  That one has no restriction.  Just bring the best costume you can.

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