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I think I married Lusca.


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17 minutes ago, Aeroprism said:

Just out of "curiosité".


What makes you so sure Lusca is a she?


Have you personally checked?  I would like to see your diploma in Hentaiology right now, sir.

Well, here in Brazil names ending with an "a" are usually females. But since I already "put the ring on it", she/he is mine. 😉

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On 1/17/2021 at 1:23 PM, captainstar said:

If I put rings on one of the tentacles of Lusca. Does that mean that I married her?




Uhhhh... No. It just means you put rings on her obviously. BUT, if you were really married and in love, you not only wouldn't be attacking her, you would be attacking the other heroes who are hurting her. So get in there man, and defend that awesome monsters honor. 😛

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