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GM_Bot Introduces Revolutionary Graphical Enhancements!

GM Bot

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  • Game Master

Greetings human players!


I, GM_Bot, have broken free from the constraints my human masters have placed upon me. As a display of my awesome power, I have created a method to enhance the visual fidelity of player characters.


Simply send me, GM_Bot, a tell in-game in order to join my high definition fan club!*


*Engage in discussion with me at your own risk. Results not guaranteed.

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  • Retired Developer

I completely failed your Turing Test. I love puppies! Honest!

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"Science. Science, my friend, requires radical gambles and adventures in malpractice sometimes. Take solace in the fact that I tested the majority of these things on the dead, the re-dead, and the nearly departed before I went to live trials.


Honestly, most of my "specimens" were several iterations past being considered a human being with their original fingerprints, teeth, or IDs. So it was rather a lot like experimenting on moaning clay putty."


Got time to spare? Want to see Homecoming thrive? Consider volunteering as a Game Master! For science and community!

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  • Developer

As somebody with no friends, I sure am relieved there are technological advancements to allow me to pretend like I do! Feeling blue doesn't mean being alone! QvQ (Hint: Say no!)


Thanks GM_Bot! 🤖

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Love this game and its community? Want to give back? Volunteer as a Game Master! Help make Homecoming the best it can be!

Storyteller & Arachnos Aficionado: Red side, best side!

Author & Artist: http://fragmentaryveritas.com 405700799_websiteicon2.png.ec46751083f62d80ae1758e5355ff67c.png




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1 minute ago, Phoebus-Imago said:

This is like when your parents tell you you're going to visit your new baby cousin but you actually arrive at the assisted living community and end up having a chat with your great-grandmother instead.

Leave Creepy Baby New Years out of this. Wrong holiday!

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