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Independence Port Foghorn ambient sound

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Is there a way to set your base background music / ambient sound to the Independence Port foghorn? I couldn't find it listed anywhere. I have a base with a harbor and lighthouse, and the foghorn would be perfect.

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Is this the sound you are after?



If so it is called Independence2_loop.ogg (I found it in the piggs at sounds/Ogg/Independence) and as stealthnight pointed out it can be set as your base "music" using:

/sgmusic Independence2_loop

There is a similar loop in that folder called Ghostship1_loop.ogg that has the same foghorn but has a more 'unearthly' feel (because it is the ghost ship sound), so depending on how eerie a sound you are going for, you might give that a try as well. I have tested both tracks and they both play fine in my base.


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