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If you lived in City of Heroes/Villains


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Although the OP doesn't list Praetorian cities, I'd love to live there. They are clean and well-designed. Although crimes still exist, they are less prevalent than crimes in Paragon City. Also, I read Cole's administration provided a basic income for all citizens, allowing them to pursue whatever career they wanted. 

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On 4/6/2022 at 11:07 AM, Techwright said:

Simply to make a fortune off all the beachfront property that used to be the desert land they bought next to the fault, I'm sure.  😉

One of the dumbest plot lines from any Superhero film ever, and has been fully been proven to be impossible. 

1: The crust is thicker on Mountain Ranges, California is almost entirely Mountain Range. 

2: The San Andreas Faultline is a Continental Transform Fault, ie two plates that move side to side, as apposed to a Subduction Zone ie Japan. You can Sink one side of a Subduction Zone, but a Transform Fault actually moves the Ocean away from the Faultline and adds new land mass. ie India. 

3: The energy released from a Nuclear Explosion, even the Tsar Bomb (largest detonated ever) is still less than a typical Hurricane. 

4: If the Ice caps Melted and all land locked Ice melted (which will happen due to Global Warming/Climate Change) the Oceans will rise slightly over 230 feet or 70 meters. Most of California would be unaffected, hells most Of Los Angeles would be unaffected.  the Arizona California Border would however gain a small inland sea, as that area is mostly below Sea Level. So Melting Artic and Antarctic Ice would be easier than trying to Sink a Mountain Range. 

5: The US has exploded many Large Nuclear Devices underground in Nevada, near major fault lines BTW, and nothing happened. As the energy needed to trigger a small Earthquake is more than the energy released in a Hurricane. If you wanted to Sink the Mountain range that is California, You would have to Crack the Earth in a way that would kill all the life on the planet, and would require an object larger than the Dinosaur killing meteor. 

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Good to know! My Mom lives in California!


Steel has great theme music, a diverse population, and gigantic hero statues. What's not to love?

(Oh, and I hear the Nazi problem will be under control any day now.)


Personally, I'd beeline to Steel Canyon and move into the University. And hang out at the Midnight Club.

Who knows? I might learn something!




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Disclaimer: Not a medical doctor. Do not take medical advice from Doctor Ditko.

Also, not a physicist. Do not take advice on consensus reality from Doctor Ditko.

But games? He used to pay his bills with games. (He's recovering well, thanks for asking!)

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On 3/31/2022 at 6:33 AM, FenrisWolf44 said:

If you lived in this


What do you mean "if"?

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If someone posts a reply quoting me and I don't reply, they are most probably on ignore.

Some of them even know that I have them on ignore.

But that won't stop some of them from bullying and harassing people, because some of them love to do it.

It's who they are. There is a group of them that have banded together to do it. They think that it is acceptable.

Ignore is a tool to improve your gaming experience. Don't feel bad about using it.

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Mercy. Strong survive, the weak hang out in Atlas all day begging for pl's. 

Plus scavenging after a fight between supers and hellions/longbow would lead to getting a weapons deal with the port oakes mob family so i can goto the cinema on occasion.

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Talos Island - top floor corner apartment/condo. -OR- Atlas park in one of those fancy new Sky Scrapers with an Atrium at the top.


As near the train station as possible.


I work in Payroll and Accounting - So long as I am not working for Crey I'll be happily employed somewhere.


Put up some Dream Catchers and hopefully catch me a Kheldon to combine with - happy with either type.

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If I had to work in PC I would change my career to Commercial Real Estate agent. As long as I wasn't held liable for the activities of tenants. Talk about turnover!


Of course I wouldn't live in the city. I'd have a house in the suburbs for a family. My office would be in FF or KW, whichever is more prestigious. My cleaning staff and rental agents would work in a sweatshop in IP for all I care though I would probably want frontage in Steel for the rental agents. The apartments where I would stash my mistresses would also be FF or KW for office proximity but also for better shopping and dining venues. KW is where I would keep the yacht btw. Of course a lot of my money would be stashed in rogue island accounts on its way to the money laundering hotspots in Europe and Asia to avoid unnecessary taxes.


My only question is how do I rent cavern space?


If I wasn't changing careers then I may have to live in one of the empty spaces in Perez Park, hopefully near the Steel Canyon gate so I can get a decent coffee.

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I would have a couple of spots:

  1. Abandoned Sewers - Hear me out! Claim a little corner down there. Nobody would bother me.
  2. Shadow Shard- claim a floating rock out there .... who would actually find me out there
  3. Eden - Build a little sanctuary out there in the forest .....
  4. Pocket D - for sure

All would be connected to SG Base

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I think I would start out in Galaxy City and be at Steel Canyon for class when the meteors hit and so I'd relocate to Talos because it's probably my favourite comfortable zone. I'd keep fighting the urge to sneak into original flavour Dark Astoria until Mot rises while I am, again, in class and come home to seeing them barricading the old entrance.


I start to worry about going to class. I was, after all, originally at the Salamanca Campus...

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