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Electric is love, Electric is life.

Extor Prime

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Right, my first topic on Homecoming forums, might as well make it a positive one.

Never rolled an Electric anything before, decided to roll an Electric/WP Sentinel on Justin amongst the heap of other test characters I made there. And I do think I'm in love with this combination, but particularly with the primary:


- It has a built-in control mechanic that works on anything short of an AV/GM or a Rikti pylon - Foe -End. Can't hit me if you are too tired!

- It is low-annoyance (no knockback, no overly loud pew-pew noises).

- It has a ranged nuke! Which means it can be worked into a ranged DPS rotation without having to fly down to the ground and insert myself into the middle of a spawn.

- It has a surprisingly helpful pet.

- Tesla Cage is delightful.

- It does extra damage vs. robots.


Quick-and-dirty testing against L54 Rikti spawns yielded excellent results (that is, unless I really don't pay attention, they all go down nicely, though an application of Strength of Will may be necessary to eat the alpha strike from the group). I also had my way with the Heavy Assault Suits (elite bosses) that gave trouble to all of my other test sentinels except Rad/.


Now I just need to find a fitting Epic pool to complete the build. Electric epic seems good, as well as Darkness or Soul Mastery (mostly for Darkest Night). Any suggestions here?


But yes. I think I like Electric primary very much. Hope I can use customization to make it look like "somewhat generic energy blasting" because that's kind of my thing.

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It's not so much a pet as it is free extra charged bolts. Definitely worth it against tough single targets, and tends to mop up mobs with a sliver of health quite nicely in groups. It's annoying to cast it every minute, that's about it.

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I've always liked the animations and sound effects of Electrical Blast. But it was the replacement of Zapp with Zapping Bolt that finally got me to commit to a toon with Electrical Blast all the way to 50.

Winteriel Ice/Fire/Nrg Tanker | @Scranker Global

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I'm thinking of rolling an Elec/ and looking at secondaries in Pines. I'm thinking of doing SR or Nin to slot LotG Recharges along with Hasten in an attempt to push the dps potential. But, is there enough drain from the target to significantly help with End?

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You can get enough -End in just Elec/ to get a spawn to 0, but it takes Agility Alpha, two 50 End Mods in BL, and both two 50 and two 50+5 End Mods in SC.  Getting some -End from APPs really helps.

Bonnes from the old forums.


's doesn't make things plural

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