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Dear HC Team, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2023, and more!


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Dear HC team,


Honestly, I was planning to post this after Christmas and near the 2023 New Year date, but with my schedule being pretty packed near then, I did not want to waste sending this!

HC team, you guys are amazing, and even after few years of HC CoH being in existence, I just want to express my heart-felt gratitude of the merit you guys deserve! For those in the HC community, allow me to remind you what this wonderful team has done for the CoH Survivors:

1-They brought this game back to us, building a platform & community base to enjoy this game again.
2-To best of their ability, developed a working system for it to be playable and enjoyed by all
3-MANY, MANY computer updates, the likes which I can't fathom
4- MANY, MANY bugs/glitches/patches fixes
5-MANY, MANY answers to customer forum questions and complaints
6-MANY, MANY responses to in-game questions and complaints
7-MANY, MANY in-game interventions, mission fixes, and to get us out of buggy TF/SF/trials
8-MANY, MANY tweaks to powerset/AT balancing (the likes of which I cannot fathom)
9-MANY, MANY server-wide costume contests and events

10-MANY, MANY instances joining player-based events to show support & add to the fun
11-Adding new powers
12-Adding new enhancement sets
13-Adding new costume pieces
14-Adding new badges
15-Adding new map zones
16-Making changes to the currency system (another task which I cannot fathom given its systematic complexity)
17-Creating/giving out community titles
18-Giving out prizes at events
19-Creating new story arcs
20-Creating new missions
21-Creating new characters
22-Creating new TF/SFs
23-Keeping up with weekly maintenance
24-Keeping up with weekly updates
25-Keeping up with in-game weekly trial updates and scheduling
26-Doing the research for the software/hardware/licenses
27-Research on different companies to work with in keeping performance optimal
28-Negotiating with NCSoft
29-Keeping up with the constant communication of updates with the community (to best of their ability, trying to find the balance in that)
30-Keeping organized of the financials to keep this game up month-by-month (and being 100% transparent in this aspect with the community)
31....and MUCH, MUCH more that my limited mind cannot think of at the moment.


This is bit a tiny portion of the work that this incredible team does for us. And HC community, do not forget that this team does it FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE. PURE VOLUNTEER-BASED TEAM. Sometimes when I'm roaming YouTube, I'll see random stories of videogame developers/teams who raise a crapton of money and they do not deliver on what they promise, they do not keep up with game updates, they poorly communicate with their community, or they just take money and run. Many companies and teams out there lack integrity and commitment to the players who supported them. HC team is not one of them. Dear HC team, I just want to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023, and most of all, THANK YOU!
100+ Thank You Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash


SIDE NOTE:  This took place in 2020, but I remember it as one of my favorite interactions with the HC team. The team was doing one of their usual server-wide CCs, and while I was waiting in line at the CC, I remember one of the GMs making his rounds looking at the different costumes. Me, being my impulsive and snarky self, couldn't help but make a friendly, jestful jab at the GM. I remember it clearly, the GM types in local chat "WHO SAID THAT?!?!" and my fellow "heroes" next to me, being the betrayers that they are!......jumped away from their spots as to purposefully single me out, as if to say "IT WAS HIM, HE DUN DUN ****ED UP NOW!". The GM strolled on over, looked at my character in the face for like 3 seconds.....then turned me into a trashcan. XD
It was a hilarious moment and I love that GM for that. If any HC community members have any fun interactions with the GM team, please feel free to share! Would love to hear them!

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  • Developer

Appreciated and most welcome!


Posts like these are the reason we're developers. In the end, our goal is ever to deliver a fun and quality experience to our players, and while there are no perfect decisions, we are always striving to create work that lives up to the legacy of the game we all hold very dear.


Happy holidays to everyone in the City of Heroes as we move into 2023!



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22 minutes ago, Cobalt Arachne said:

Appreciated, and most welcome!


Posts like these are the reason we're developers. In the end, our goal is ever to deliver a fun and quality experience to our players, and while there are no perfect decisions, we are always striving to create work that lives up to the legacy of the game we all hold very dear.


Happy holidays to everyone in the City of Heroes as we move into 2023!




My friends and I really appreciate the effort and labor of love poured into HC  🙂  Ty for our chance to be in Paragon again, especially at Christmas. 

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On 12/21/2022 at 2:17 AM, twozerofoxtrot said:

Thank you @CU_Krow for being a super positive and active member of the community, especially on Everlasting where I've seen you lead or co-lead events since the server came up. 


It's nice to have folks like you around who constantly inspire us to be our best selves.

Thank you for the kind words, Twozerofoxtrot!

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Wonderful, and very much appreciated, seasonal topic, CU_Crow.  I, along with everyone else who has a personal investment in this game, cannot thank the Homecoming crew enough for their time, patience, and willingness to put up with silliness that would drive many kindergarten teachers to drink and/or retirement.  During my occasional interactions with the Mods - when particular goals are unreachable or technical issues crop up - I've always attempted to show some real respect and good humour as an appreciation for the volunteer time they're donating.


Various other CoX "legacy" projects have ended up either miscarried or essentially frozen in a glacier - and being originated and carried on with a nothing more than a full-volunteer capacity for pretty much the bunch of them, I can't see, logically, how it could have turned out any other way - and, although it could be argued that the CoHHC team at least had a fully operational system to work off of - just reinflate the tires, change the oil, fill up the tank, check the plugs and we're ready to go - that doesn't change the fact that keeping this thing going on an hourly, weekly, monthly and years-long basis has required some really honest, serious love.  For me and all the other superhero-wannabes out there, Homecoming crew - staff and volunteers alike - our greatest and ongoing thanks, and a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy New Year to all.  We'll be thinking of you and passing on our deepest appreciations every time we gather to give the CoT's Envoy of Shadow what for.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Knockout Blow that actually connects with the target and lodges them in the ceiling tiles.

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