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Games that provided most/least value for money


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Minecraft – $20 well spent, countless hours of laughs with buddies. Smash Bros. Brawl – $60 brought endless laughter nights in college. Pokémon – $11 for Blue, a nostalgia wave worth every penny. On the flip side, League of Legends – $300 spent, ouch, regret central. If I had invested the money I spent on such games, I would have been halfway through saving for a nice house. Maybe I will finally do it if I find a good mortgage specialist (like Mortgage Broker Huddersfield). We've all been there, right?

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On 11/3/2023 at 1:00 PM, Skyhawke said:

Best value: The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.  I bought the game and both expansions. Between the expansions and player mods, I had @ 320 hours in on one character. Freaking loved that game.

My all time favorite game and my #1 as well!  An older kid that lived on the same street as I did introduced it to me, but I was too young at the time to appreciate it.  I revisited it like a decade later after grabbing it for some pocket lint on a Steam sale and have never looked back.  I replay it at least once a year.

#2 would be Divinity Original Sin 2, which me and my best friends did a months-long coop playthrough of.  Easily my favorite gaming memory, Gavlan earned their Divinity!

#3 is Counter Strike Source, Warcraft servers were amazing and I miss them so much.


Honorable mention is Baldur's Gate 3, which in an age where releasing unfinished and unrefined crap is the norm, made me feel so vindicated in backing the project from day one.


I am very glad it is better now, but I have never felt more cheated out of my hard earned money by a game than Cyberpunk 2077.


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In MMO's, there is probably not any other game that gives you more of the game and actual play time than Lord of the Rings Online. I'm not actually sure how much total, but if you do everything and explore, there are probably many hundreds of hours of free play time in the game.

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