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PvP Free Agents


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In order to help facilitate new PvP teams that might be attempting to organize, let's use this thread to list our interest in joining teams with the express purpose of taking part in organized PvP, be it 6v6, 8v8 or more (if they ever fix 12v12s, of course) through leagues or a potential ladder.


In your post, list your global(s), nicknames that you may be known by, preferred roles (Offense, Support, Disruption, Target Caller, etc.), a list of completed characters, and availability (helpful for organizing practice). The last portion is optional, but will be very helpful for teams that may be looking to recruit.


Here is an example of a free agency post:


Name: Ryan Walrus

Global: @jc pose

Preferred Role(s): Offense

Available Characters:


HOMIES - Elec/WP Stalker

Big Neckbeard - Psy/TA Blaster

Bleak's 50s - Emp/Dark Defender

Bo Was Better - Fire/Rad Controller


Availability: Weeknights 8pm-12pm PST, Weekends ALL DAY BABY RARRRRRGH.

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found a team, leaving the rest of the post for nostalgia:


Name: MJB

Global: @mjb

Preferred Role(s): any

Available Characters:


mjb - fire/em blaster

some bro - Psy/TA Blaster

some gymnast - beam/ta blaster

some bot - Emp/water Defender

some vegetable - nature/ice def

some breh - psy/regen sent

some lady - earth/fire dom


Availability: UK so annoying, weeknights before 2-6pm eastern, fri/sat I can stay up later without feeling too bad for myself but still wouldnt want to go later than like 9pm eastern really

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Name: Fiery Enforcer

Global: @Fiery Enforcer

Preferred Role(s): Offense

Available Characters:


Fiery Domination - Earth/Fire Dom


Other offensive characters can/will be made.


Availability: Weeknights after 7 EST. Weekends are unpredictable. I can be on almost anytime if I don't have plans.

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Name: PF

Global: @PF?

Preferred Role(s): Offense


Available Characters:

Your Cold? - ice/plant blaster

Your Mind? - psi/em blaster

Your Rigid? - earth/fire dom


Availability: Weekends

Edited by PF?

@PF?/@PF2? | ULTRA - SG Leader - Freedom | U2BG - FPvPLS1 Champions | OPUS - FPvPL/Test Ladder | becalm - League/Ladder | Steve - CPvPL Champions



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Have been picked up by @Sloth and After School Special. Ty 😄


Name: Kara
Global: @Neuronia


Preferred role: Support/Disruption, learning to kill stuff.


Available Characters:

Trickshot Kara - Grav/TA Controller

Gravitic Kara - Grav/Emp Controller

Big Red Ball - Ice/Plant Blaster


Most evenings, just let know.



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looking for group


Global: @Mr. FUBAR

Preferred role: Offensive, Disrupt, willing to try Support

Available Characters:

Blaster>>>  Ice/Tactical;   Psi/Martial;   Beam/Time;   Dark/Plant;   

Sentinel>>>  Beam/Bio;   Dark/Regen (WIP)

Corruptor>>>  Ice/Nature

Stalkers>>>  Psi/Bio;   Staff/Ice;   Psylk-Psi/Rad (WIP)

Scrapper>>>   Psi/Nin

Brute>>>   Psi/Bio;   Psi/Regen (WIP)

Tank>>>   WP/Rad (WIP)



Very Flexible

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Name: Bud


Preferred Role(s): Offense, Support, Debuff

Available Characters:


Vadrol Volos - Rad/Psi Defender

Fridged Meltdown - Fire-Cold Corrupter

Terminal Bliss - Dark Poison Controller

Terminal Bliss - Dark/Mental Blaster

Fridged Toxicity - Ice/Poison Corrupter

Terminal Bliss - Psi/Plant Blaster

Lyfelyne - Ill/Emp Controller

Lady of Havoc - Poison/Ice Defender


******UPDATE: Joined up with Team Incursion******



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Name: 4shes

Global: @4shes

Preferred Role(s): Offense, Debuff, heals

Available Characters:


4shen - Dark/plant Blaster

Awestruck Psi / Rad Corr

Cool Breeze Ice / Nature Corr


Availability: Weekdays after 8 est and weekend afternoon

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Name: Phoenix

Global: @Phoenix'

Preferred Role(s): Offense

Available Characters:


Zhu Que -> Psi/Plant Blaster
Peenix -> Psi/Ta Blaster

Jujak -> Ice/Plant Blaster
Bennu -> Earth/Fire Dominator

Fenghuang -> Psi/Bio Stalker
Eudaimonia -> Demon/Pain MasterMind
Yo Im Psionix -> Psi/Em Blaster

Suzaku - > Fire/Therm Corruptor
Phi Phi -> Emp/Water Defender


Availability: Weekdays till 11pm Est , Weekends all night

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Name: Siph/Siphonic

Global: @Siphonic / @Siphonic2 

Preferred Role(s): Offense, Disruption

Available Characters: 


Beam/TA Blaster

Beam/Plant Blaster

Psi/Bio Stalker

Beam/Poison Corr


Earth/Fire Dom

Psy/Em Blaster



Other offensive/disruption characters can/will be made. 


Availability: Weeknights after 7:30 EST. Just need a schedule. 

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Name: Dak

Global: : @Dacaleos @Dak @Mans not hot

Preferred Role(s): Offense

Available Characters:

BeamThereDoneThat: Beam/Dev Blaster
TheEmp: Psi/TA Blaster
Sarah Milk: Poison/Dark Defender

Scary Fairy: Nature/Ice Defender

MJay: Rad/EA Stalker

BabesMansnotHot: Earth/Fire Dominator

Me now: Fire/Thermal Corrupter


- Will level/IO/accolade new stuff specific to comps pretty fast if/when needed

Availability: ALSO a UK LAD - Anytime is alright, will work around the team

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On 1/13/2020 at 6:27 PM, Fire Wire said:

@Fire Wire


Can play most roles


Flexible with scrim times



Please begin by sending a global friend request to @Hot or @Celebrity


Then proceed by sending a tell. Thank you.

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The VIllians of Rogue Island (VoRI) is currently looking to recruit one support main (Emp, Pain Dom) player for our team. We generally scrim three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays around 9 to 10 EST.  Please send me a tell in game @Void or on discord Void#3511 if you are interested. 

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