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Homecoming Server Update (August 15th): Justin 64-bit Beta Stress Test and Costume Contest

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Hello, everyone!

You might have noticed a new option in your Tequila launcher, HC Beta 64-bit. We’ve been working on a 64-bit client and server for City of Heroes, and are looking to get some stress-testing done to see how it holds up, and deal with any glitches or bugs during the resulting test.

We could just do some standard QA thing and have internal testing only, but that’s boring and dumb, so we figured we’d do something a bit more...fun.

It’s been a minute or two since our last monster mash, so we figured a fun way to stress-test the server would be to hold another! Kick some NPC butt, have wildly overpowered characters, and do your part to see if we can make the Justin server spit out some bugs for us to smash this Saturday!




Kallisti Wharf on our beta shard, Justin! To get to Kallisti Wharf, you can use the Paragon City Monorail (Blue side) or the Smuggler’s Submarine (Red side)! To access it, load the HC Beta 64-bit option in Tequila, log in, and have a blast with us this Saturday! You can get prepared now, if you like, with the wildest character of your dreams to smash some NPCs.



This Saturday, at:


Monster-mash bug-smash!

We’re going to be bringing you some truly beastly monsters and NPCs to beat down on, so get your craziest builds up and ready for one heck of a smackdown. This is also a bug-smashing event, so if you spot any bugs, let us know so we can get ‘em smashed. Expect crashing, as we’re really going to be putting some stress on the server!


Costume Contest!

No specific theme this time, so come show off your fanciest threads to see if you can win fabulous prizes, and show off to all the other heroes and villains out there that you are, in fact, way cooler than them.

Winners will receive rewards on the shard and character of their choice on live, so feel free to come on over and show off your best threads.




Winners of the Justin Costume Contest will receive the following prizes:

    1st place: 500 Reward Merits, the Fashion Victim badge, and the title ‘64-Bit Costume Contest Winner’

    2nd place: 250 Reward Merits, the Fashion Victim badge, and the title ‘64-Bit Costume Contest 2nd place’

    3rd place: 100 Reward merits, the Fashion Victim badge, and the title ‘64-Bit Costume Contest 3rd place’


We may adjust these prizes and the number of winners based on how many people show up!

Winners will receive their rewards on the shard and character of their choosing upon winning the contest.



The 64-bit beta is designed to increase stability and performance. As always, there may be bugs involved, and we’re hoping to ferret them out and smash them during this monster-mash, so we can give you a more stable, better-performing experience in the future!

We’re working on future-proofing for modern operating systems, in case they drop compatibility with older software. For example, Apple will be dropping 32-bit support entirely in an upcoming update – something we want to head off with this update.

More RAM usage is also a benefit to a 64-bit setup, which could open the door to additional upgrades including possible HD textures down the road! This could also increase performance via the more efficient 64-bit CPU instruction set.


What is Justin?

Justin-case you haven’t seen what we’ve been up to with this Justin server thing, here’s a quick rundown! 

Justin is a beta server, where we’re testing the bleeding-edge alterations we’re working on for the game, such as the new 64-bit client! It features some adjustments, bug fixes, and balance alterations to balance and powers that may be added to live once we’ve ironed out the bugs. 

To get access to Justin and the 64-bit client beta, just launch the HC Beta 64-bit option in Tequila! 

It’s also a neat way to test out builds! You can instantly set yourself to level 50, spawn in IOs and set enhancements to test out, and generate unlimited influence! Check out this guide or  this popmenu from NobleKangaroo  for more info. 

Justin is, however, a beta server, and regular wipes will occur - do not get attached to anything on this server, as wipes will happen, and often!


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Just now, Apparition said:

I don't know if it is just me, but the text is black and extremely difficult to read against a navy blue background. 

I am yelling at Tempest about this now and we are working to rectify the issue.

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Getting the OPENGL error I tried to patch but the windows 32 bit patcher is already patched on homecoming.exe and the 64 bit one doesn't work on the homecoming.exe because its 32 bit. Is there a new download for Justin....it works on my laptop but not my main computer

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On ‎8‎/‎18‎/‎2019 at 12:00 AM, Leandro said:

Cyric, the beta client binaries are inside the hc-bin32 and hc-bin64 folders. They use new DLLs so we had to get them out of the main folder to keep the original game files untouched.

So how do I patch/shim to run on my computer?  


Update: Installed Shim on all of the Cityof heroes EXE files and still cant run hc beta or beta 64



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