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11 hours ago, Dacy said:

Oh, I didn't feel you were taking anything away from them; indeed, it's something of a compliment for someone to think that maybe that base just wasn't possible within the current system! ūüôā I'm just here to tell you, it's very possible, and I think anyone can get there with enough vision, determination, information, and practice.


If you're looking to give it a go, feel free to join my Discord, and sing out if you want any help! (Link expires in 30 days, apparently they've changed the ability to have a permanent link for Discord...) https://discord.gg/tjqvx8EvG



TYVM, I appreciate the Discord offer and the offer of help. I'll be in touch.


I have a second base I am building that I intend to tie into the AE arc I am working on, allowing the players in the arc to join the SG being used in story as an immersive element.



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The latest SG base built, Beep Beep Central on Everlasting. Base code: TAXE-24775.  ( Item count 19,033 )


In 2012, a crack transportation unit was sent to prison by the ESRB for a crime they didn’t commit. In 2019 these men and women promptly escaped from the maximum-security Ziggurat to the Paragon underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as taxis-for-hire. If you have a problem getting across the Hollows, if no one else can help you navigate the Shadow Shard and if you can find them. Maybe you can hire, The Taxi-Bots.


The plan 'A' for Operation Big Ol' Taxi.




Everything started out simple our handy man got to work with what scrap metal was lying around.



Once the drive shaft and axles were assembled the frame was raised to make room for the wheels within the wheel wells.



The seats, trunk and the engine compartments were framed in and attached to the base.



A V12 engine was salvaged and lowered into the vehicle.



Reinforced roll cage and built proof glass was installed for maximum defenses.



A rust proof and mine proof paint job was applied to the large exterior of the newly formed transport.



High visibility fog lights, custom shock absorbent seats and cup holders for the long trips are added as requested.



Manual window adjusters in case the battery shorts, gauges to determine if something is wrong, and of course the fare meter because even the Taxibots have bills.



Passengers ride in comfort in the back, the driver is protected from rogues and vigilantes by a glass barrier, just in case someone gets froggy.



Pay no attention to the water all around, it's just for show.




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After several false starts, I'm finally on my way to making changes to the bare-bones bases of both of my small supergroups, Men Of Action, and Action Heroes.

I'm nowhere near the skill level of others I see here (yet), and I can already see things I should have done better, but the results of our custom teleporter room had me excited enough that I had to share.  Thanks to @Dacy for all those helpful videos, and to so many others of you who have posted all those helpful base-building reads in the forum.  I'll probably have a lot of questions in days to come.







Short vids to show the kinetic elements of the build:




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The latest SG base built, Grayson's Dojo on Everlasting. Base code: DOJO-30364. The Hidden Mist is the home of the Grayson Dojo. Surrounded by obscuring fog and terrifying creatures only the brave and strong dare venture to find the legendary dojo. The ninjas that are trained here are said to be the strongest in the world, but their fealty comes at a high price.


Many seeking the dojo have wandering weeks to no avail, and ultimately died in the swamp either from hypothermia or to a deadly creature lurking in the mist.



The first sight of the dojo, you would think most students would be happy to see, but the easiest part of their journey is over.



Upon entering the mist clears and the magic that protects this place can be felt in the air.



The side buildings are where the students sleep, eat and pray. 



The main building is where the students train, fighting and practicing their physical skills.



Once the students have proven themselves and become ninjas, they are dispatched around the land to handle difficult missions.



Water falls from the mountain top to provide clean drinking water for the weary and thirsty pupils.



A mediation garden sits in the corner of the dojo for those that wish to clear their minds of troubling thoughts.



Between missions ninjas are allowed to utilize the pool for a bit of fun and recreation.



It's hard to imagine a place this wonderous being hidden from the world, but like most treasures only a few ever lay eyes upon it.




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