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Here's my plan on how to take action and make all of these great ideas a reality and get them into the game.

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Create a list of optional game changes/powersets and make it a donational level change and keep the meter running, like a telethon.



When the donation level is reached, the change is contracted and implemented within 2 months. The 2 month speed is achievable by hiring outside specialists to complete the changes, even reaching as far back as the original Dev's to help make changes, leaving current staff free to work as normal.


The people playing would decide what powerset/change is developed next by voting with their wallets.


Get a specialist/contractor someone who's only job is to make changes - i.e someone from original coh/ someone in house/hell even someone from cox/ over her to change powersuits and create new sets - pay them for it on a PER JOB basis. Get someone you can trust or just train them up.


What do I mean? have a board that says: (i'm not a numbers man, this is just for idea's sake)

Whip powerset Dev $2000 goal currently at 400/2000

Mastermind pet editable costume changes $3000 Currently at 2700/3000

Fixing X power or changing X stat $1000/ Currently at 999/1000


And get out of the way of the money Tidal wave that's about to roll in, as people could pay for the ability/change they want and get Hyped of the progress every day/week as they move towards the change in the game they want. People may be slow/iffy about donations but if you put up a price and they can pay to get what they want, Heck, even I'd be donating and  chucking $10 per check towards a goal I wanted until it was done sounds like a good investment in entertainment. Because such an accessible, Everybody wins kind of feedback change has NEVER been done before. Ever. And the more people like an idea, the more money it would get and the faster it would get completed.


And this platform and situation with homecoming is the best one to do it on, ever.


And when the donation has been achieved, the Dev's have the money to hire a competent person, with no skin off their back and no time out of their lives, to create said change in the game, and they person given the change is given the project time of two month till release.

Why so short a time?

1 because it is 1 change

2 because the person is only responsible for the 1 change in the game and nothing else, so they are free to excel, and in fast manner too

3 The fast manner from donation post to game release is so that people have faith in the system. When the first powerset gets paid and release in two months and works like a charm. Go get your wheelbarrels! you're gonna need a way to haul the next incoming batches of cash around.

4 If they don't know how, they can hire a specialist who can. I know the guys at cox are already changing/making new things, and I'm pretty sure some of the devs from the original coh are still alive (looking at you Matt Miller and I am very sure that no matter how their own lives have evolved, NONE of them are allergic to CASH for a one and done easy project that they are already knowledgeable on. My thought is it would be like someone paying you to fix a computer for them on your own dime if you worked in best buy tech shop.


Can a GM/Dev answer the following question?


A - The devs plan to make any changes at all and in what time frame - so I can go back to taking naps instead of dreaming of stuff that will never be?


B - Can a system be devised or put into play? I.E. someone from the devs contacts this forum and says ya or nay to the idea?


My understanding is this game is done not so much for profit (but nothing is done for ZERO reward), but for love. So let US END USERS show you how much we love  by allowing use to Send in $$ love, for CHANGE. And watch everybody win.


So can this be done? Set up?

Can a Gm/Dev answer Yea or Nay?




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42 minutes ago, Megajoule said:

When I saw the subject line, I figured this was a joke or parody post.

IMO, it should have been.



See... I saw the first title and immediately thought...  tl;dr

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Didn't read far, didn't agree with the little I did see.

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Wow, I'm obviously out of the loop with the mentality(?) of the coh crowd. I was hoping you guys had some better ideas.


As far as monetization goes. COH is already taking donations. I am talking about more donations for more tangible results.


But i get No helpful replies, or discussions why this isn't a good idea. Are you sure your are still the same "fun, coh community is so awesome guys" crowd? Seems different now.


Just I.Q. trolls, trollin'


NONE of you are interpreting what I said correctly.

4 hours ago, Yoru-hime said:

Can you imagine the bid wars that would start over disputed changes? One group raises $2,000 to change Rage and their opponents raise $2,500 to change it right back.

Can you imagine if you stuck to my topic and not induced this strawman? My topic focuses on new powers and new changes. You bit down on a sentence like an old hound dog and let the car drag you down the street. Sheesh. Can you come up with a creative helpful comment? I know I am asking too much of your capabilities.


So, Asking for some clarity and something to be put into action and throwing my ideas into an IDEA forum is as to blaspheme huh? Lock and ignore? I was asking about how to actually spur change instead of posting powerset and change ideas into the void of space and waiting for the "gods" to bless us with such.


Such talk and brain using is verboten i see. In rush the /jranger brain police to shut down all thought.


Enjoy your game. I tried yall. Haters gonna Hate.


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5 hours ago, Haijinx said:

Tbh this thread should probably be locked. 

Indeed, this is going nowhere fast, and with the OP nope'ing out, I will lock it.

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