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  1. Siphon Power, Siphon Speed, Speed Boost Which of these (if any) stack with themselves? I want to plan slotting recharge if they self stack but don't need it if they don't.
  2. I love controllers and alts. After trying out many types I narrowed it down to 7 primaries and 7 secondaries I liked. Then I looked at how they play to pair them up. My consideration was active vs passive (pre-buffing in combat or toggles is passive), pbaoe/cone/range, and End usage. I came up with these 7 combinations that let you try all 14 sets with no duplicates. Note that I made no consideration of power level, end game play, IO sets, etc. Primary Secondary Darkness Thermal
  3. I was just in a team doing Posi 1. We wiped twice on the simulacrum but had taken out 4 of them. We got charged into them and I froze mid run. Lost connection and dropped. Logged back in but the task force was over - I didn't get credit.
  4. There are 3 basic ways to do this. Have a setting that always displays an aoe. You could make it an aura - have AoE for burn always display. This should be easy. Have the aoe outline display before you trigger it like targeted aoe's do. This would make cones and such take multiple clicks to activate which might be annoying - so you'd have to make it optional somehow. Have the aoe outline show after it is used. It is not always clear how big an aoe is, so this would show you and train you. You wouldn't be able to line it up before you use it, but you wo
  5. I have a lot of alts. I cannot remember which one is waiting for purchases from the AH to make an IO set, which one still needs to do Posi 1, etc. It would be great if we could save some text notes for characters in the character selection screen so you could comment on what a character needed to do or some other note when browsing which character to play.
  6. I find playing over level 32 in teams has no challenge. So I just play lower level characters. But I'm glad you found a solution for you.
  7. Ice is disappointing on Dominator because Dominate does not help it much. As a solo character you would want to be a dominator for damage. But for control it will get very little out of being used by a dominator.
  8. I am going to post about this later, but I came up with this set of 7 controllers without overlapping primaries or secondaries. Primary Secondary Darkness Thermal Earth Darkness Electric Kinetics Fire Radiation Ice Time Mind Empathy Plant
  9. Electric melee has a chance for sleep built into its attacks in addition to the -END. They should just add that for blasters.
  10. I've been back 2 weeks. The first 5 days I played when I wasn't sleeping or working. Now I am cutting back to just 3 or 4 hours of play a day.
  11. My secondary is Time. I'm level 16. I really don't care about levels above 32. I find the game boring at that point. I basically play up to 32 and start over.
  12. I will have to look at dominators for this. I normally just play controllers, but I know doms can be great as well. It's mostly a holdover from when doms were just redside.
  13. Looking at Arctic Air in Ice and Time's Juncture in Time, you would have an aura debuffing -Rech -Spd -Fly -Dmg - Spd -ToHit Would this work well or is it just a lot of soft control that doesn't add up to anything?
  14. Aren't clockwork weak vs psionic and they drain END So psychic attack and electric armor?
  15. Okay, so basically it gets something really good at level 26. I may not care to wait that long. Thanks
  16. Gravity seems to be made for soloing. You get more damage but less control. I team almost exclusively. Is gravity just not right for me, or is there a power coming up that turns the set around?
  17. Major Tomorrow is your classic retro-spaceman with patriotic stars and stripes. If you are ground control you can call him Major Tom.
  18. I wish I was a fireballer. I wish I had a contact that let me call her.
  19. Force Field and other powersets have powers that you can only use on a team mate, not yourself. These sets are not very popular since they are bad for soloing. Defenders get +30% damage when solo. This same feature could be applied to team mate only powers in those powersets. When a character is solo, have Deflection Shield apply to them - but at a reduced value like 30%. That is still far better than being useless soloing like it is now.
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