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  1. Hello LonePhantom, have u tried to verify files? And which System u are using Mac or Windows? Which Launcher Tequila or the HC Launcher? Those Infos might help others to identify a cause. Depends on where the Installation Path is try to run the game as Admin (if Windows). greetings
  2. Hello, just wanted to add a possible problem caused by this solution, what happens if the leader get dced? Will the Power be moved then to new leader? If not, and he needs time to come back .. as we all know real life problems are not all solved in minutes, this could lead to the problem to not be able to finish the Strikeforce.
  3. So my Memory was faulty after 8 years 😀, Thx for the Clarification Aurarius.
  4. Hi, just saying it depends on PVP Zone, the lower ones like Bloody Bay/Sirens Call/Warburg are side specific (blue against red), but as far i recall Recluse Victory is free fire for all that are not on team.
  5. Also black screen and reboot could also be a hidden blue Screen, cause most PC's are set to reboot by default instead to show blue screen and wait on response. You could check this by disabling the reboot and wait for the crash to happen again, or check the windows logs of computer management.. sometimes Windows have enough time to make an entry for that before rebooting if it has enough time. The Number of error could help indentify the cause of the crash. Back on 2011 when i bought this comp i didnt know about compatibility much so the RAM i put into it wasnt 100% com
  6. At this moment u wont see much difference cause the EU Server uses the US Mapserver anyway, reason for it it hardware malfunction on the host, should be fixed by next maintenance. Greetings
  7. How about the Amazons , whole female Tribe of Warriors (going the Classic way like in Xena, not the DC Approach).
  8. just for future reference ur client version was very older u must read it backwards server version is 20210105_3591 and the client version is 20201130_3514 server = 3591 from 05 january 2021 client = 3514 from 30 Novembre 2020 Greetings
  9. Try a different Server , Reunion is located in Germany the other in Canada. If the Server in different location has not the same Problem its bad internet along the route ur packets travel. Only solution would be different routing like via using a VPN.
  10. Its just a fresh clean start from Beginning in our Favorite Game.
  11. Also it could be an Issue with the Firewall Settings of your Computer or even some Routers. Try shut Down the Firewall for short time try if u can connect then if yes u need to add CoH to the Firewall exclusion, if problem persists the reason is somewhere else in that case turn firewall back on as fast u can.
  12. There was a Summer event in the last year (2012) before Shutdown on live.. Homecoming made it permanent... it was named Summer Block Buster, although more Movies to do for it would be nice, if u do the Twinshot Mission with the meteors the Movie Theater there shows more Movies. Im sure we would have seen more if Shutdown didnt happen. What kind of event u think should be added? We had the Rularuu Invasion sometime last year in Summer alongside with Helloween... i was nearly shocked.. cause i was new to game when the original Rularuu Invasion happenend back in 2004 :). G
  13. The Culprit is here u have to both Enhancements listed for that Badge u cant just do the lvl 50 ones, u have to do 45s and 50s ... thats why it stops around the half amount, found that out by accident back on Live. For lvl 10 its cause only one lvl Range is mentioned for that Badge so its only one that really counts for it. And its surely bad cause it dont show how much of which range u did.. its sadly just an try and error run :(. greetings
  14. also it could be the graphic driver of the gpu just had a malfunction... had that once back on live, when driver got corrupted. It still worked but randomly crashed... the message shows up only short time so its easy to miss. Reinstalling/Updating driver could help. The windows logs should show it, computer management - event display - windows protocols
  15. Im with Monos King and Greycat, since i end up mostly focusing on buffing team etc. with my MMs.. i do not need more aggro on me.....
  16. No Mu around so no other source for green numbers, as said could be the attack intervall of PA is enough so it heal right back the previous attack, but still same amount is a flaw considered how it works for Spectral Wounds. It should not be that u have to slot enhancers to get damage done at all. Like Attack intervall 1 damage done no heal. Attack intervall 2 damage done full heal back of Attack Intervall 1 damage= zero damage. and so on until either PA runs out or u do damage from different source like Nemesis Staff and the target dies.
  17. They was 1 lvl below me cause i had the mish set to -1 and it was done in police band radios as mentioned. Since PA was pretty new.. i hadnt slotted damage enhancers in it. But pretty much i did 3x damage to em and they got instantly 3 times green numbers back pretty much same amount instantly, may be from previous PA attack but still PA felt absolutely worthless. Tried it with just Confuse Blind/Spectral Wounds and Sands of Mu/Nemmie staff on another lieut and had normal behaviour as u described too, so the flaw seems on Phantom Army. As far i recall the damage of
  18. Could verify it, it happen only under this conditions.. Arachnos Robotic Lieuts (Drone Commanders and Spider Lieuts), and only if Phantom Army is active.
  19. Hello, just noticed this bug on a Police Band Mission against Arachnos Lvl 21 Talos: im used to Spectral Wounds und Blind give enemies a bit of health back after some time. But in this mission they did not only get health like instantly back, they also got health back from PhantomArmy Attacks, a Drone Controller Lieut healed so fast back that i nearly couldnt drop him if i hadnt the Sands of Mu and Nemesis Staff Powers. And the heal was the full amount of damage it did to them.. not part of damage how it should be. Thats surely not working as int
  20. Sometimes it can be Windows itself if the minimum/maximum % of CPU isnt both set to 100% (done in Energy Options). Had that once on a PC where he used only half of the Processors and those he didnt use was at 0%. For a Laptop i can see Power saving reasons there, have u checked the Power settings for windows, if u have connected the Laptop to Power Source try to run it at the maximum Power/Efficiency setting. But be sure to monitor temp when u do that. Also Windows 10 by default does not really do a "shutdown", it goes just to a deep hibernate mode, so u nee
  21. Yay, 1st time i made it in before Window closed ^^
  22. Hi, do u use any script blocker or such like noscript for Firefox? In that Case u may need to whitelist this Forum. Maybe firewall blocks Account Server , might worth a try to deactivate Firewall for short Time.. its a Risk though. Gretings
  23. and just as i posted server status page works again and shows ppl are logged in... so to Paragon City with us folks :)
  24. Im in the same boat, i could log in once in the many try's i did and when i got to server list they all was grey so definately something went wrong with maintenance., so just all we can do is have patience and hope the Homecoming team will solve it soon.
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