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Post your best costume designs here!


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I've had a lot of characters over the years and currently have 24 previous characters that I want to play through again, but these are two of my favorite designs:


Samurai Onryo - Dual Blades/Fire Brute





San Venganza - Dual pistols/ninja Sentinel



Most of my characters are not based on a vengeance theme, these two just happened to fit :)

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Wandering Soul my Peacebringer (nicknamed by my friends as "Accidental Dr Doom")



Autumn Dryad a Plant/Nature Controller



Augustus Mycroft a Staff/Dark Armor Brute



Wiccan Cub an Earth/Empathy Controller



Magnus Vanderforge an Ice/Axe Tank



Cerulean Storm a Water/NRG Sentinel



Massive Nor'Easter an Ice/Storm Corrupter



and Gravity Distortion a Grav/Time Controller



I have more but haven't taken screen shots yet

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I thought up this villain today while at work. All the costume creator needs now is a proper chef hat to perfect this costume, but the surgeon's cap will suffice. This guy is a master chef who specializes in improper food safety practices.


I present, "Recipe for Disaster"! Dinner is served! (Radiation/Poison dominator)



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Some more variations on ideas I had with an Angel/Demon theme.


Dark or Fallen angel.



This was my costume contest submission. A villain demon.



Btw guys, feel free to steal or use anything I post for yoir own costume ideas.  Modify or get inspired to create your own. Or hit me up with a concept and I'll see if I can't help you out.

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Dang...those are really good!  I honestly thought your costume entry would place in the contest when I saw it in the thread.


Thanks! I'm a little disappointed by the contest's judging metrics. Not that I definitely deserved the win, but none of the costumes I thought might beat mine were selected either.

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Dammit! Beat to the punch!


Lol, I tried to make a Rad/Rad blaster with that name a few days ago.

Excelsior - Grey Scale 50+ Emp/Dark Def - Thermal Meltdown 50+ Rad/Fire Brute - Old Growth 50+ Plant Troll - Enrico Fermi 50+ Rad Blaster

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Ok guys, so I went a little nuts with the character creator. This is totally not what I set out to create, but the pieces of the outfit just started to fall in place, so I had to run with it.  I REALLY need a good name for this hero/villain. Help me out?



Surely, that's Orange Goblin (That name comes with a lot of theme tunes to choose from)?


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Like I said before - I love recreating characters from my favourite games and add small details here and there.


So here's Konoko - from "Oni" :)



And since it would be nice to create something original sometimes - here's my Katana brute Havelock, changed from admiral to fallen Jedi ;)



Also I think my Blood Eagle armor was just a little too plain. So here's a little twist:


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Azaneal - WB/Bio Sentinel

Azaniel - Fire/Time Corruptor

Anemia - SJ/WP Scapper

Nefrisa - Arch/DM Corruptor

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