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1 hour ago, Galatian said:

That's really neat!

Is this a git project that we might be able to contribute to?


To the best of our knowledge, the Homecoming team is still involved in negotiations around legitimizing having access to the game at all. It seems incredibly likely that the tooling described by Cipher requires intimate knowledge of CoH's code and database structures, which are (very) likely considered part of the content under negotiation. Thus, until they get the go-ahead, they likely cannot publicly release things so tightly coupled with CoH's engine code. We know there are NDAs involved.


We can hope that, if they ever do get some sort of legal "blessing", it would come with the right to share such things, but sadly even that is not guaranteed.

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I looked around this site for something similar to this project, namely a web-based character designer, but didn't find any. Mid's is great; and so is the new version, but it requires a PC and a lot of work to get the new numbers in, whereas a web one (in theory) could be more accessible and get data from API's somewhere. 


I've been looking for a project to keep my mind occupied and this seems like something that might be fun. Would it be ok for me to work on something like this on my own? Uber Guy, you mentioned something about legal issues, thus I would prefer to make sure the "powers that be" are ok with this before I go and release anything.


I did talk to Philotic Knight, who was working on a replacement desktop/web app about helping out with his project, but he told me he was no longer pursuing it, although he did give me access to his code to help me out. I was thinking about using the API data from https://coh.tips/powers/ (which is lacking some things, but it was the best one that I could find, please let me know if there's a better one) releasing the code in an open source format and in GitHub for those interested. I also read that you prefer REACT for the web platform, so I would build it as a single REACT app with no authentication or anything.


Would this be ok to pursue? 


Thank you for all your amazing work!

- Galatian


Excelsior Server

Halestar, level 50 claws/regen scrapper

Rad Pixie, level 50 rad/psy defender

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35 minutes ago, Galatian said:

I looked around this site for something similar to this project, namely a web-based character designer, but didn't find any.

You might have seen this already, but there was another project being worked on that offered web-based functionality. That thread has not been updated in a while, though.

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