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8 Man hamidon Done!


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On March 28th 
The Hateful-hami 8 of Inherent Chaos
Took down hamidon in the Abyss.
We cleared 3 blooms and then took hami down the rest of the way. 

1.DM/Regen Brute "GOO" @gristlebone(gris)

2.Water/Kin Corr "hate2o" @Bambi

3.Sav/Bio Stalker"28thday"@battering-ram(Ram)

4.Savage/fire Dom  "black burn"  @enforcer(ignite)

5.Grav/Dark Troller"Fraynk"  @action Figure (Fraaaaynk!)

6.Dark/martial Blapper"tolchak" @Reddy(Red)
7.Ice/plant Blapper "procstar AF"  @masque

8.Fire/Fire Blapper "brightburn"  @an armored Assassin 9 (the Kid)

thank you guys! you were all great!

we had @ingram recording for Inherent Chaos and NO U was watching.

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Homecoming staff, PLEASE NOTE I have this video UNLISTED and not monitized so as its not just out in open as you asked us not to post videos.  I have a recording of the entire 2hr event that I can Stream to you on request if wanted but I dont want to upload it. I will remove it when you tell me to, as this was uploaded for this proof of event only...

Hateful Hami 8.jpg



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added Picture of Inherent Chaos Hateful Hami 8
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As Homecoming staff can see there is more to see of the battle for them to review, and I thank them for the ability to hide that content to prevent other problems.  I also turned off Embedding just so it does not get shared someplace we don't control access to the footage.  I would like to put forward that this 8 man achievement is epic when you consider that back on live it would typically take a full zone to take down Hamidon especially on the villain side of the game.  To now be able to do this with a standard full team, not even a league, is frankly amazing.    I would like to submit these videos as proof to our Homecoming Hosts of our shard Torchbearer where our Super group of Inherent Chaos call home.   And would fully endorse and support a petition for a custom badge for the Hateful Hami 8 who are now the first on this server to achieve this epic moment.  


Thanks for your consideration,

Ingram  Inherent Chaos Cameraman.

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