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Indomitable Name Release


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Speaking of names... Here are a few I'd like to give back to the community. These were character ideas that never came to fruition or characters I am no longer playing. Maybe someone will use them!



Mr. Scissors


Big Coal

New Soviet Man


Doktor Zapps

Burrito Smuggler

Aggro Cap

Idle Hands

Mr. Mirror

Mirror Man

Column Breaker

Law and Order

Goon Squad

Statesman's Pal


Ides of March

Ad Nauseum



One of the above names was not in my list, but is available. A No-Prize to anyone who can guess which one.

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As I move from Indom fully to Excel, I've been holding on to a number of names just in case (Nice to have a back up plan if Server has to be closed). If you would like one of the following let me know:


The three it hurts to part with but I'm not using them - 


After Image

White Wolf


Then the others - 

Crash Thunder


Mary Mayhem


Marcus Queensberry

Street Spectre

Blind Feather


Steal Dragon

Double Switch

Bounty Star


Moto Psycho

Buster Crossfire



Nuclear Dawn


Neon Giant

Spirithawk (may have released this, will have to check)

Guy Jin (may have released this, will have to check)

Fightsong (may have released this, will have to check)


I'll add more here as I find them. I will not be releasing the names unless you message me directly. Feel free to check if something listed here is available as I may not have renamed a level 1 toon for everything I moved off Indom.


I'm keeping the Jolt-themed names (Jolt, Rejolt, Dr. Jolt, Joltaire, Revolt and others) at the very least.

Edited by Rejolt

Thanks for D-Sync Enhancements! Just wish things like Resist/End, Heal/End and Damage/Mez had a third stat that made them more viable. Suggestions - add Recharge to Ribosomes, Range to Golgis, and Slows to Peroxisomes. These changes would allow for an endurance cost/range, recharge/endurance, and slow/mez or slow/damage enhancements.

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Free names, bring your own costume.






Star Pirate





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"Homecoming is not perfect but it is still better than the alternative.. at least so far" - Unknown  (Wise words Unknown!)

Si vis pacem, para bellum

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