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In Loving Memory of @Neutron Decay


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It is with great sadness that I share that @Neutron Decay, a beloved Hami Raid Leader, has passed on November 13, 2020

He had a valiant fight against cancer, but it is more important to remember his contributions in building a positive community on Everlasting

He led 10pm Hami raids on Fridays to Sundays for many months, only to retire when his health just wasn't up to the task but continued to be a substitute leader

Neutron was a wonderful and nice person who helped other Raid Leaders get their 'foot in the door' so to speak, give them the chance they needed to make the plunge

He wanted to let us know that he is grateful for all the moments spent with the community on this game, laughs, losses, and camaraderie

I know he was at a Hami raid just the other night, he didn't get there very early, and when I got a second, I ran over to him and sent a "<3" to him

May the spirit of Neutron Decay live on
/em holdtorch

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I've teamed with him multiple times, especially during the beginning of the HC itrial runs. Always a positive player, I can not recall one thing negative coming from him.  I am glad I was fortunate enough to talk to him a couple times after he shared he was fighting against cancer and before he passed away.

/em holdtorch

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I met Neutron Decay at the beginning of this year when he was interested in tanking Hami, and helped him put together the popmenus for raiding.  He initially started with substituting for Elmyder's raids, later running alternating schedules, and eventually claimed the full Fri-Sun 10pm block.  He genuinely enjoyed leading raids and was right at home with us in the Hive, and was very patient and helpful to new players.  Several nights, we all goofed off on a third Hami raid after everyone else had gone to bed and ended up answering a bunch of questions on Hamidon's mechanics.  In April I learned about his battle against cancer but he remained hopeful about it.  For months Neutron ran raids, fighting past the nausea of chemotherapy while also taking care of family, yet he remained undeterred until health forced him to retire in October.  Neutron was a strong leader that was with us on Homecoming until the very end, and he helped build the positive community we are today.


I'll miss you, ND.  Your spirit will live on with the heroes of Paragon City.

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@Veracor - Veracor, Bio/TW Tanker on Everlasting.


Everlasting raid leader, Hamidon main tank, iTrial main tank -- hit me up if you have questions!

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Neutron Decay was a member of our SG Chaos United this was a huge loss to us since his contributed to hamidon raids and ITrials he was always a loyal and kind hearted SG member. I and all of Chaos United mourns for his loss and he will be remembered in our hearts. Even now you will always be a member of Chaos United to this very day and shall be remembered as a long time member of Chaos United and our Friend.

/em holdtouch

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A fellow CU member and a friend
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I went to many of Neutron's Hami raids.  As a CU member, he was always helpful and friendly.  I saw him playing a couple of days before his passing.  Did he get his bucket list done?  He wanted to get 100 badges after he decided to give up leading raids due to his health.  I sure hope he did.  He will be missed dearly.

/e holdtorch

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Hello and thank you all for your kind words and shared memories of the late Neutron Decay ~ Alan Hagen
There will be an online memorial service on Sunday November 29, 2020 at 2:00 pm Eastern time.  Please feel free to to join us if you like, using the following link:
Please feel free to contact me at my Global handle should you need to contact me.

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