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Your go to character?


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I go to my main, a blood widow fortunado. Fortunatas are such strong generalists that you can drop them into any team and they'll be useful.


Running Tip missions in Atlas Park is my default "I don't know what to do" activity. Invite lowbies along, talk rubbish, nuke the minions and taunt the bosses.


I've also got a storm/water defender I like playing, but he doesn't scale very well and needs harder content because setup on a stormie takes such a long time.

Doctor Fortune  Soulwright Mother Blight Brightwarden Storm Lantern Shadow Self Corona Borealis
Blood Fortunado Dark/Dark Corruptor Rad/Rad Brute Gravity/Time Controller Storm/Water Defender Warshade Dark/Dark Tanker
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The Mean Missions Guide: A Villainous Levelling Journey through Story Arcs Redside Guide Fortunatas are the Bestunatas
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Not so much an "I don't know what to play" character, but if I join a group that's underperforming I won't hesitate to go fetch my Thermal/Ice Defender.  It's astonishing what one support AT can do to completely turn a team around.  I've joined a couple teams that struggled with a couple AV fights or a monster (Goliath War Walker can actually be challenging with a poor setup) but as soon as my Defender made the scene it went from spinning tires to smooth sailing.


This Defender is my go-to for what she can do.  Fire shields are strong along with some heals if necessary, Forge is an excellent damage buff for the Blasters, Scrappers and Brutes, and Melt Armor can completely destroy tough groups while Heat Exhaustion will outright neuter a mob of my choosing.  Throw in Ice Blast's slows and the butt-ton of damage procs I stacked in those powers and I also provide some major damage output while keeping foes mostly in place.  Bitter Ice Blast and Freeze Ray both accept a bunch of different damage procs so they tend to demolish anything I throw them at.

Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Depends.  My general go-to character is Baroness Munchhausen. a rad/spines tanker with a DPS oriented build.  Still a very adequate tank.  Jungle Jenny, my rad/electric brute, fills a similar role; more than adequate toughness, good enough DPS.


But if the team is struggling with survival, I will choose Heraclea, invuln/dark melee tanker, about as tough as you can be without Granite.


And if the team is struggling to take down an AV or GM, that's a job for Elizabeth Bathory, poison/dark defender, a Swiss Army Knife of debuff.  Can duo a giant monster with just about any teammate. 


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Either one of the BZB Claws and SR variants or the Fire/Bio Sent.


Edit: Or if I feel like showing off the ridiculously broken, the shield/em tank.

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On 6/1/2021 at 4:47 AM, Redheadrocket said:

What is everyone's go to character when you do not know what you want to play?

As an altholic here is what I do.


1)  Play my "main" but if I have overplay it recently->

2)  play a recently created alt or->

3)  play a middling alt or ->

4)  create a new character.

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I went to Ouroboros all i got was this lousy secret!



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