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Do You Halloween Costume?


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So, it being the season and all, I like to do a little more homage-y alt costumes for my toons. Normally I stay away from the obvious stuff as a base look/name/concept because a) lazy and b) getting generic'd, so Halloween gives me an opportunity to lean into the idea a little with existing characters. 


Aurora Snow (ice/cold corruptor) - Emma Frost

Straye (savage/sr brute) - X-Force X-23

Venym (poison/rad Defender) - Black Suit Spidey

Aurora Guard (shield/StJ tank) - American Dream

Lilyn (dark/psi dominator, succubus) - Supergirl (for the lulz, obvi)

Pyrotide (water/thermal corruptor) - Rescue


Not sure if screenshots would be pushing the limits on good taste, but I'd love to hear if y'all do the same thing or if I'm just a total weirdo!

@Aurora Girl - Excelsior - BSOD
 Aurora Girl  (Blaster)- Energy/Atomic, Queen of Faceplants and former Mayor of Pinnacle Server  Straye  (Brute)- Savage/SR, Survivor of +4 ITF Nictus Crystals and Bobcat's Bane  Aurora Snow  (Corruptor) - Ice/Cold, AV Humiliator  Terraflux  (Controller) - Earth/Rad, Bass Exploder  Spynerette  (Arachnos Soldier) - Night Widow, Super Spy of Sneakiness and Stabbing  Snowberrie  (Tank) - Ice/Spines, Disco Ball and Lady of Winter

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Dressing up for Halloween in why they throw us all those free Tailor Tokens throughout the year.


(And it's the only time of year I feel safe wearing a blue, red, black, and gold color scheme on my favorite ex-sorceror!)


Note: If you're going for radical body size/gender/model changes, the Pocket D Tailor in the Tiki lounge is your friend!

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Disclaimer: Not a medical doctor. Do not take medical advice from Doctor Ditko.

Also, not a physicist. Do not take advice on consensus reality from Doctor Ditko.

But games? He used to pay his bills with games. (He's recovering well, thanks for asking!)

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I won't say you're not a weirdo, but I do think you're not outside the norm by much, if at all. I'm too much of a weirdo to make the call. Why? Because I don't mess with costumes outside the creator, unless it's in pursuit of a badge. I'm so dull. 

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I love making new costumes, but I've only ever once done one expressly for Halloween.  I was running a Widow at the time that I had set aside as an "anything costume-wise goes" character, meaning if I wanted one to look like an alien and another one a clown, it thematically wouldn't matter to me.  So anyway, I patterned one of his off the then-current image of Tony The Tiger dressing up like a vampire which appeared on some cereal boxes at the time (you can probably Google it and find it), using the tiger head and so on.  It actually wasn't half bad!  I should pull him back out and take a spin around with him for the hell of it.


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I've made a few classic horror movie costumes for Halloween (Freddy Kreuger, Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, etc.)


*** Still trying to figure out how to make overalls with a striped shirt (for Chucky) if anyone has ideas or suggestions...

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