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How in the F-K do I create an ACTUAL ASS GAME ACCOUNT?! I've tried everything.


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Couple things, kids come on here cussing is not going to garner you any favors. Nor is drama. Edit your title.


Two its the link down below.









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The Revenants twitch channel, come watch us face plant, talk smack, and attempt to be world class villains.

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Wow. Not even I am that ballsy. 

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I just suggest that if the relatively simple process of setting up an account baffles you, this may not be your game. After all, it uses WAY more than two joysticks.

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UPDATED: v4.15 Technical Guide (post 27p7)... 154 pages of comprehensive and validated info on on the nuts and bolts!
ALSO:  GABS Bindfile  ·  WindowScaler  ·  Teleport Guide  ·  and City of Zeroes  all at  www.Shenanigunner.com

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So, it's okay to be angry. And swearing isn't the worst thing here (general rule: don't swear at or to someone specifically, and try to keep it clean when possible. Saying "Ah fuck" is okay; saying "Fuck you" is not. Ultimately, what is or is not okay is up to Moderator discretion). Anyway...

At the top of your screen here on the forums, just below our logo, are several buttons, (unless you're on mobile). They read Activity, Browse, Account, etc.

Click "Account", then in the little window it makes, hit "Game Account".

You'll be able to make a log-in name, and a password. Note that once you create a log-in name, IT'S PERMANENT, and can NOT be changed. So make sure it's a good one. Also make sure that the e-mail you used to make a forum account is active and not a burner e-mail, as this is how we'll communicate with you if you have issues in the future.

If you need any more help, post your question in the Help and Support sub-forum (where I'll be moving this thread), or in our Discord.

Thank you.

Also, closing this topic before it gets meme'd.

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GM Impervium
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