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[Costume Contest!] Hero Corps Makes a Triumphant Return!

The Caretaker

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Greetings Paragonians and Etoilettes, (And Praetorian refugees - Sorry to hear about the end of your world) I am Caretaker, and I come bearing great news!


Hero Corps has recently begun a second renaissance and has begun to reassert its presence in our fair city, our lovely Isles, and to devastated communities worldwide. Not every hero saves the cheerleader or the world, but plenty of us here on the ground do the work for the common folk so that we can all keep soldiering on.


Who are we? We are Hero Corps!


Who are we?




It's your turn to tell us! We've been crawling over this code for a little over two years now and we want player-driven ideas for this project! Hero Corps will be featured in a few of the new upcoming story arcs, but we don't want to keep all the fun to ourselves. What we want are honest, hard-working heroes with a great look!


If you think you have a great vision for a Hero for Hire, then you are hereby invited to develop costumes for Hero Corps NPCs!


What the team wants is to give players a chance to stake some ownership in the game they love, so we're asking for your best COSTUME submissions for Hero Corps heroes!


Hero Corps heroes will be featured as named bosses hired by other agencies to shore up security. There are only a few stipulations:


The top and bottom costume pieces, as shown below, must be presented with these colors and patterns. (Tights are not a hard-and-fast rule, but the idea here is that they will have some semblance of a costume while retaining a sense of individuality. Not unlike a super group!)



All costumes must feature the Hero Corps logo, and both top and bottom using the colors and patterns defined below, but all other details are up to you!








Please note that we are not asking for names, biographies, origins, powers or archetypes - that information can help justify a costume design but will not cross over into our development process - just the costumes! We are hoping to maintain a small amount of surprise when these NPCs show up, so you'll be curious and wary of their abilities!


Submission Rules


[Any text you want to write]


[Costume file attached]



This thread will unlock Feb. 1, 2022 at 1pm EST, and lock again one week later!


Good luck everyone!

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There comes a time in which all stories must come to an end. It's a shame, hero, that you and your people aren't writing the end of yours. We've taken it upon ourselves to be the author of this universe's story, and your chapter will be added to the ever-growing story of how we dictated the path for all life.


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CorTexas, the psionic gunslinger who captures the American mind!  Any similarity to Vahzilok heavy "Cortex" is purely coincidental and may or may not inform his inability to market himself as a solo hero.  Presented here in both his brain and hat versions.






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Lead of the <New Praetorians Initiative> supergroup.  Goldside enjoyer.  Perennial RP-etiquette overthinker.

Most of my writing is SG-internal, but the following are SFMA that anybody should be able to play if you want new story-based content.

  • NPI: Duray, Duray | 25575: - The New Praetorians scramble to stop the Praetorian and Primal Virgil Durays from getting the band back together.
  • NPI: Brickstown Vice | 36729, 40648, 40803 - The New Praetorians aid Marauder in a drug bust that dredges up his past.  Branches into two paths.
  • NPI: Red Resistance | 43796 - The New Praetorians run afoul of vigilantes after a robbery gone wrong.  Crossover with <Hero Corps Founders Falls>.
  • NPI: Leucochloridium | 44863: - A wellness check on a Woodvale cleanup officer turns over unfinished, Praetorian business.
  • How Emperor Cole Saved Christmas | 45794 - A 100% authentic simulation of how Emperor Cole singlehandedly saved the holiday of Christmas!
  • Bassilisk | 51947 - Several Paragon City villain groups fight over the Rikti's dumbest entirely-canonical doomsday weapon.
  • A Freakshow Love Story | 54544 - Ganymede the cherub calls upon heroes to break up a toxic romance that's going to have explosive fallout!
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