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The 'Share your awesome bios' Thread!


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8 hours ago, QueenBethari said:

Great bio, @Flashtoo! How did you get Zoombie to pose like that?

@QueenBethari It's the cyborg emote.

hit enter and type or paste ---> /e powerdown

there is also /e powerup



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Raven Nevamore:  On a cold winter's night in Cap Au Diable, Lanore Raven was born to a member of the Carnival of Shadows. Raised by the women of the group, she grew into one of the Carnival's most renowned members.That is until one spring night of her 24th year when a hero raid left her dazed and her mask broken. As her mind cleared, it was also released. Now, Lenore has come to Paragon. Under the guise of Raven Nevamore, a play on her name and former life, she strives to make ammends for the evils she formerly wrought upon humanity.



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Yet another installment of my never ending quest to fit big stories in small bios:



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TB ~ Amazon Army: AMAZON-963 | TB ~ Crowned Heads: CH-10012 | EX ~ The Holy Office: HOLY-1610 | EV ~ Firemullet Groupies: FM-5401 | IN ~ Sparta: SPARTA-3759 | RE ~ S.P.Q.R. - SPQR-5010

Spread My Legions - #207 | Lawyers of Ghastly Horror - #581 | Jerk Hackers! - #16299 | Ecloga Prima - #25362 | Deth Kick Champions! - #25818 | Heaven and Hell - #26231 | The Legion of Super Skulls - #27660 | Cathedral of Mild Discomfort - #38872 | The Birch Conspiracy! - #39291

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5 hours ago, Christopher Robin said:

I guess she would make a good Sonic corrupter. rs4wmRnk_o.gif

Beam Rifle / Sonic, actually.  I wanted her to have a gun.  And I wanted all of the most annoying sound effects there are. 

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TB ~ Amazon Army: AMAZON-963 | TB ~ Crowned Heads: CH-10012 | EX ~ The Holy Office: HOLY-1610 | EV ~ Firemullet Groupies: FM-5401 | IN ~ Sparta: SPARTA-3759 | RE ~ S.P.Q.R. - SPQR-5010

Spread My Legions - #207 | Lawyers of Ghastly Horror - #581 | Jerk Hackers! - #16299 | Ecloga Prima - #25362 | Deth Kick Champions! - #25818 | Heaven and Hell - #26231 | The Legion of Super Skulls - #27660 | Cathedral of Mild Discomfort - #38872 | The Birch Conspiracy! - #39291

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15 hours ago, Heraclea said:

Beam Rifle / Sonic, actually.  I wanted her to have a gun.  And I wanted all of the most annoying sound effects there are. 



My partner had a marching band themed Beam/Sonic character pre-shutdown named 'Wall of Sound' 🙂

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Character portrait artist for hire, PM for details!

Commissions: Closed, Sorry

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Well, I haven't written any long bios yet, but I have at least a paragraph or two for most of my characters. All Heroes, unless otherwise noted.


Here are a couple of teenaged friends who both became heroes as a result of attempted muggings by Hellions. Both are rerolls from live.


"Stabby Steffi" (Dual Blades/Super Reflexes scraper):


That Hellion didn't realize that Steffi was on her way home from her fencing class when he decided to mug her. He soon discovered his error. Now Steffi fights crime alongside her best friend, Mandy Clark, aka "Mandy Manslapper".


"Mandy Manslapper" (Martial Arts/Ninjitsu scrapper), bio based entirely upon the common expressions of gratitude you get when you save a mugging victim in Atlas Park:


Every week somebody was trying to steal Mandy's purse! Finally, she decided she'd had enough, and she beat the tar out of the next mugger who tried. It was the most exciting thing that ever happened to her! Perhaps not coincidentally, several years ago Mandy's mother was rescued from a mugger by a hero, and told the hero, "I hope my kid grows up to be just like you!" Now Mandy fights crime alongside her best friend, Steffi McAllister, aka "Stabby Steffi".


One of my first new character ideas for Homecoming, "Roentgen Bull" (originally "Rad Bull", changed servers and that name was taken, so he became "Red Beef", which I was never happy with, and finally his current name). Travel power is Super Leap. (SS/Rad brute):


Everybody warned Angus Hereford that it wasn't smart to chug so many energy drinks. He didn't listen, and now he's a superhero. Who's the smart guy now? NOTE: Angus' IQ is 43 now.


White Orchid and Bruised Violet are sisters, but they are Hero and Villain, respectively:


"White Orchid" (Energy/Energy brute):


Joselin Beltre and her younger sister, Carmen, grew up as orphans on the streets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As teenagers, they were abducted by a magic-wielding madman who called himself "El Demonio", who kept them captive for several months and subjected them to horrific magical experiments. As a result, both of them manifested magic-based powers, and soon after they were able to use those powers to overcome El Demonio and escape.

The two sisters fled to the United States, finding a home in Paragon City. Using their newfound abilities, the sisters took up crimefighting, under the names White Orchid & Blue Violet, and Joselin was always a bit concerned that Carmen was too brutal when subduing criminals. During the Galaxy City disaster, the two got separated, and in the aftermath Carmen disappeared. Unbeknownst to Joselin, Carmen took up Arachnos' offer of assistance, and now lives as a villain in the Rogue Isles, where she is known as "Bruised Violet".


"Bruised Violet" (Dark/Dark brute):


Carmen Beltre and her older sister, Joselin, grew up as orphans on the streets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As teenagers, they were abducted by a magic-wielding madman who called himself "El Demonio", who kept them captive for several months and subjected them to horrific magical experiments. As a result, both of them manifested magic-based powers, and soon after they were able to use those powers to overcome El Demonio and escape.

The two sisters came away from the experience with very different outlooks. Joselin came to believe that those with power had a responsibility to protect those without power, and calling herself White Orchid she took up the mantle of the Hero when she and Carmen arrived in Paragon City. Carmen, though, took the opposite viewpoint, swearing that she would become powerful enough that nobody could ever hurt her again. She now lives as a villain in the Rogue Isles where she is known as Bruised Violet.


"Goldbar" (Kin/Inv scrapper):


Richard Zanders is a reformed and rehabilitated former member of the Gold Brickers criminal gang. After serving his prison term for his youthful criminal activities Zanders used his razor sharp scientific and financial skills to grant himself superpowers and become fabulously wealthy (through legitimate means). Now he fights on the side of right as the superhero "Goldbar".


I'm a fan of the German metal band, Iron Savior, who tell a high-concept science-fiction story over the course of their albums. I wanted to make a tribute character, but "Iron Savior" was already taken, so I went with an alternate name used in some of the band's songs.


"Savior Machine" (TW/Energy brute):


This sophisticated A.I. / war machine was created by an ancient, but advanced, human civilization with one purpose in mind: Protect humanity. It was lost in deep space for millennia, but has finally found its way home to a world that has changed much since it last saw it. But its purpose remains.


"Angry Mama Bear" (Street Justice/Shield brute):


After losing her teenaged son to superadine addiction, Sharon Hetre swore she wouldn't lose another. She's mad as hell, and she ain't gonna take it no more! Drug dealers beware the Angry Mama Bear!


"Heartbeat of America" (Elec/Elec scrapper):


Dr. Henry Ferguson M.D., D.O., M.B.B.S.,  was a cardiologist, until a bizarre accident involving a defibrillator triggered his latent mutant gene.  Now, in addition to his medical practice, he fights crime in hands-on fashion, using his electrical powers to subdue wrongdoers!


"Recipe for Disaster: (Rad/Poison corruptor, Villain):


Borden Jamsey is an unsuccessful chef. So unsuccessful, in fact, that he has turned bad food into an art form. He refuses to follow food safety rules, and he cooks everything in the microwave. Basically, he's going to give you food poisoning, even if you don't eat his food.


"Soul Candle" (Dark/WP sentinel):


Soul Candle is a mystery, even to herself. Even she cannot recall her name. Examinations by magical experts have been inconclusive; she seems to be both alive and dead. One theory, is that she was a victim of a ritual sacrifice performed by the Circle of Thorns (suggested by the fact that she wears pieces of the CoT "uniform"), and she has somehow been returned to near-life. There have been indications that the dark powers she wields are drawn from the souls of other unavenged victims, as she has felt compelled to seek out those who prey upon the innocent and punish them for their crimes.


"Pyrestone" (Stone Melee/Fiery Aura brute):


Pyrestone is an elemental spirit, accidentally summoned by an inexperienced Circle of Thorns initiate who was reading aloud from a book of magic. The explosive summoning killed the unfortunate novice. Upon encountering other members of the CoT, Pyrestone recognized their evil and decided that, as long as he was here in the mortal realm, he would seek out and destroy evil wherever he found it.


"Cobalt Claw" (Claws/Inv scrapper):


Cobalt Claw can't remember her real name, but she knows her code name. She also cannot recall when or how she got her powers. She has vague memories of a previous existence, but that existence was in a somewhat different world. It has been suggested that she is some sort of dimensional echo.


((Back on live she started out as a Praetorian rebel before crossing over to Paragon City, but for Homecoming I decided to skip Praetoria.))


"Nano-Ninja" (Katana/Bio Armor scrapper), 4 feet tall:


Nano-Ninja is a strange, experimental android. Its clockwork body is augmented with biological components that enhance its defensive capabilities. Nobody knows who built it.


"Frossen" (Ice Melee/Regen scrapper):


Frossen moved to Paragon City from Denmark, with her family, after the Danish government decided to impose a tax on superpowers to fund free healthcare for struggling EDM artists.


"Major Marinara" (Water Blast/Fiery Aura sentinel):


Major Enrico Ravioli was an officer in the Italian army. In his spare time he practiced the science of cooking, and after retiring from the army he dedicated himself to perfecting his marinara recipe. He was ultimately so successful that his sauce attained near-sentience and formed a rudimentary mental bond with Maj. Ravioli. Enrico soon discovered he could telepathically control his sauce, and his military background made him realize his sauce could be weaponized.


Now he works to rehabilitate criminals by exposing them to the joy of cooking!


No, Major Marinara is not a Pastafarian. He's a Raguan Catholic.



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Here are my five best character bios so far. (I have altitis!)


Tim Sundae (Scrapper, Ice-Willpower, Hero, Indominable)


Tim Sundae's ability to summon ice comes from a mutation he inherited from his mother. From his father, he inherited homosexuality and self-denial.


Unlike his father, Tim is out. But he's obviously hiding something. He doesn't drink or go to parties. He drives under the speed limit. Nobody's ever heard him swear. Ice cream appears to be his only vice. How could anyone be such a goody-goody?


Fireplay (Brute, Rad-fire, Hero, Indominable)


Browsing in a used book shop, Dr. Albrecht looked at the occult section on a whim. "Practical Summoning" looked fun. The scientist flipped the pages quickly. She read one of the incantations out loud, smirked, and put the book back on the shelf.


When she got back to the lab, a seven-foot tall person (was it a person?) with glowing red skin was sitting on the floor, playing gleefully with her glassware. He (it was obviously a "he") had somehow melted several of her test tubes and was turning them into some sort of sculpture. He greeted her in perfect Latin. Then he started munching on a graduated cylinder.


(Why is Fireplay a hero? He always has good intentions!)


Tom Turnkey (Defender, Empathy-Sonic, Rogue, Indominable)


Some young villains dream of conquering the world. Tom had a more modest dream: a small house, a steady job, three weeks' vacation a year, and a fortress with a few hundred defeated heroes in cages.


The Rogue Isles Police Department was hiring. They needed more prison guards.


Tom had two useful qualifications: an imposing presence and a powerful command voice. He was hired. After starting the job, he was dismayed to discover that he has empathy.


Reuben Freeman (Blaster, Archery-Tactical Arrow, Vigilante, Everlasting) (Looking for an RP supergroup!)


Hey, doesn't the guy with the bow and the green mask look kind of like Robin Locksley? The English guy who stole emeralds and gave them away? The one who covered that awful billionaire in glue?


It's definitely not Robin. Robin went to prison after the heist in Cap au Diable went bad. There's a whole Instagram feed of Robin and his buddy Jon Little in their convict uniforms, smiling and acting goofy and pretending they're having a good time. Poor guys. Prison in the Rogue Isles must stink.


Anyhow, the guy with the mask says his name's Reuben. He's got a thick Brooklyn accent. Do people in Brooklyn still talk that way? I guess he's old school. Like that English longbow he's carrying. How many people know how to fire an English longbow these days?


Thetawave (Controller, Mind-empathy, Rogue, Indominable)


Ted went to a stage show by a hypnotist and volunteered to be a subject. A few deep breaths, and the next thing he knew, the audience was applauding thunderously, his pants were soaking wet, and he had no memory of the previous half hour. His friends had stories. It had been quite a show.


Fascinated, Ted asked the hypnotist to take him on as an apprentice. Good hypnosis subjects make good hypnotists. In five years, Ted had surpassed his teacher. He took the name Thetawave.


Every good hypotist will say that hypnosis can't make people do things against their will. Every good hypnotist is a skilled liar.


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One of my supergroups, The Extracurriculars:


Dorotea Dagger (Dual Blades/Super Reflexes stalker) from Mexico:




Dorotea Solana Cortez was a homeless child on the streets of Mexico City, getting by as a petty thief as part of a small-time gang. Despite numerous run-ins with the police, she always managed to escape mysteriously. And she had an edge: a nearly superhuman skill with a blade. A tourist from Paragon City heard rumors about her and managed to track her down, and convinced her to return to Paragon, where she paid her tuition at the Galaxy City School for Superpowered Girls. In the aftermath of the Galaxy City disaster and the mysterious disappearance of Headmistress Dahlia Ventura, Dorotea now leads The Extracurriculars, a team comprised of several of her fellow former students.


Beatriz Brasil (Staff Fighting/Bio Armor scrapper) from Brazil:




Beatriz Pinheiro was an orphan growing up in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Though Beatriz is unaware of the fact, her mother was a practitioner of magic who blessed her infant daughter with protective wards shortly before her own death. As the girl grew, her own innate magical attunement strengthened and improved those wards, but this was unconscious, as she still remained unaware of her natural gifts. These wards helped her to survive on the streets, but she also helped herself by always carrying a discarded broomstick with which to defend herself. When she was 10 years old, she was taken in by a martial arts instructor, who raised her alongside his own children. He replaced her broomstick with a proper fighting staff and trained her in its use. At 14, her benefactor sent her to the USA and enrolled her in the Galaxy City School for Superpowered Girls. When the school was destroyed a few years later in the Shivan attack, Beatriz and fellow students formed The Extracurriculars super group.


Betty Beatdown (War Mace/Invulnerability brute) from England:




Elizabeth Downing grew up poor in London, UK, with a physically abusive stepfather. One day, when she was 13, her drunken stepfather hit her ... and his blow had no effect. Her mutant powers had manifested as invulnerability. When the next blow proved similarly futile, Betty picked up the first object at hand - a cricket bat - and gave her stepfather a taste of his own medicine, along with a promise of more to come should he ever hurt her or her mother again. Before long, Betty found herself recruited by the Galaxy City School for Superpowered Girls, and relocated to Paragon City. After the disaster in Galaxy City destroyed the school, Betty teamed up with several of her fellow students to form The Extracurriculars.


Energy Ellie (Energy Blast/Mental Manipulation blaster) from USA:




Born into a magically-gifted family, it was no surprise when Ellie Sturgeon began to display magical abilities of her own at a young age. Growing up in Paragon City, it made sense to her parents to enroll her in the Galaxy City School for Superpowered Girls as soon as she was old enough, in order to direct her powers in the right direction. When the school was destroyed in Shivan disaster, Ellie and several of her fellow students banded together to form The Extracurriculars.


Kinetic Keisha (Kinetic Melee/Regeneration scrapper) from USA:




Keisha Franklin was a high school student in Miami, until an explosion in her science class wounded her and doused her in chemicals. Amazingly, her wounds healed unnaturally rapidly, and she later discovered new kinetic abilities. Not long after she transferred to the Galaxy City School for Superpowered Girls, the Shivan disaster destroyed the school. Now, Keisha has teamed up with several fellow students to form The Extracurriculars.


Mental Miyuki (Psychic Blast/Mental Manipulation blaster) from Japan:




The youngest member of The Extracurriculars, Miyuki Oshima is nevertheless one of the most powerful. Born and raised in Saitama, Japan, her mutant psychic and telekinetic abilities manifested when she was just 12 years old. Soon after, her family emigrated and relocated to Paragon City so that Miyuki could receive training at the Galaxy City School for Superpowered Girls. When the school was destroyed in the Shivan meteor disaster less than three years later, Miyuki was among the now-former students who banded together as The Extracurriculars.


((I didn't intend for two blasters in the group to have the same secondary, but Miyuki started out as a Mind Control/Psionic Assault dominator (or corrupter, can't remember for sure) and just wasn't working for me for solo play, so I rerolled her as a blaster and picked the two powersets that I felt fit the "mental" theme.))


Rayusha Razor (Claws/Willpower brute) from Ukraine:




Rayusha Ustyyanovych was born and raised in Luhansk, Ukraine. Questionable, experimental, medical treatments she received as a child made her more aggressive than a normal child, while bestowing a mental mindset that lets her shrug off pain and injury and allows her to maintain focus regardless of difficult circumstances. However, Rayusha gained, from her parents, a strong sense of justice and cannot stand by while the weak are mistreated. When it was revealed that her childhood medical treatments were part of a secret government program to raise up a corps of assassins, the family fled to the USA and settled in Paragon City. As one of the older students at the Galaxy City School for Superpowered Girls, Rayusha helps to lead The Extracurriculars  team in the aftermath of the Shivan meteor tragedy.


((I may tweak this a bit - it's a little too "Wolverine-ish"))


Tabitha Target (Archery/Darkness Manipulation blaster) from Scotland:




Tabitha McKinley bears a magic bow, a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations. The bow has a connection to the realm of shadows, and it grants its bearer the ability to draw upon shadow powers. It also grants the ability to fly so long as the bearer carries it. The bow grants no special archery skills or powers, though - that's all Tabitha. In fact, the one condition for using the bow's powers is that the owner must use the bow for its mundane purpose with great regularity. Failure to practice, or otherwise utilize archery skills will result in the shadow powers diminishing. Tabitha was a student at the Galaxy City School for Superpowered Girls when the meteor attack destroyed the school. Now she works with several of her fellow former students, fighting crime as The Extracurriculars.


((Because her powers come from the bow, she'll keep the same bow with every costume, even though it might appear out of place with more modern armor. She uses that wooden longbow with the arcane runes on it.))


Tonya Toronto (Ice Blast/Ice Armor sentinel), from Canada:




((No bio yet - I haven't decided on her real last name, because she's Canadian "First Nations" and I've had some trouble trying to find how surnames work for them. I plan to consult with some Canadian friends for suggestions. I mainly don't want to inadvertently give her a name that sounds stereotypical or mocking.))


And finally, the Extracurriculars' former teacher and future nemesis ...


Dahlia Danger (Dual Pistols/Traps corruptor) from USA:




Dahlia Ventura established the Galaxy City School for Superpowered Girls, acting as the school's headmistress and primary instructor. In reality, she is an Arachnos agent, and the school was a front intended to identify superpowered young women and indoctrinate them into Arachnos' philosophy, with the intent of turning them to Arachnos' purposes. Unfortunately for Arachnos' plans, the Shivan meteor attack interrupted and derailed their plan, and when the school was destroyed Dahlia had little choice but to flee back to the Rogue Isles with the Arachnos agents who responded to the attack. Dahlia's former students, who went on to form the superhero group known as The Extracurriculars, remain unaware of her true nature. They presume that she perished in the attack, and remember her fondly. Dahlia lets them believe she's dead ... for now.


((Heh - no, she didn't dress like this when she was "teaching" 😄 ))


EDIT: The costumes depicted above are the girls' "level 20" costumes. Their starting costumes weren't really "costumes" - they were whatever they happened to be wearing when the meteors struck. So, a mix of school uniform parts and some personal items. By level 10 they were able to create basic, spandex costumes, with the non-USA members choosing to create costumes in their own national colors. By level 20, they had enough resources to design and create more suitable suits that offered more protection.


And just for fun, here's a wallpaper I made of the group back when I first created them on live:


The girl in the blue beret was Flavie Faker, an Illusion/FF controller from France. I deleted her because she was just terrible for solo play (which is what I mostly do). Flavie was replaced by Tonya Toronto, and Beatriz Brasil is a new character created for HC.

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This is my old CoH Illusion/Force Field Controller main, making his return to Paragon City (leveling currently on Indomitable). Some of y'all might remember him as Vectorman back in the day (named so cause I used to work at Sega of America at the time). This image I (aka Dika Wolf) drew of him was also featured in one of the CoH newsletters that Cryptic/NCSoft had put out:




Also on this video:



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AKA Dika Wolf (on the old CoH forums)

Currently playing: Virtualman on Indomitable.


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I made a WoW "tribute" character, named "Epic Gear":


Epic Gear began his adventuring career on another world, in another dimension, where he was a mighty warrior known to all as Pwnmastr. In his long and storied career, he defeated elemental lords, lich kings, murderous dragons, demons, and even a few ancient, evil gods. In short, he was one of the most elite, hardcore heroes of his world.


Alas, a teleportation spell gone wrong, probably cast by some noob casual adventurer, sent Pwnmastr hurtling through dimensions until he landed on this ... "Primal Earth". Although this new world was vastly different from the one from whence he came, he saw that there were evils to conquer and villains to pwn, and he set forth to become a hero here as well. Despite being still early in his career as a ... "superhero", he is clearly already one of the elite. See how he is clad head to toe in epic purple gear!


((Ran out of room before I could add, "Epic Gear is currently investigating the existence of a gigantic epic mount or vehicle so that he can park it in front of City Hall's doors, or perhaps on top of Miss Liberty, where everybody can admire it and recognize his elite status.))




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STAR CORE – Emergence


 [Where am I?..........................I can’t see anyth……..can’t move……….] …………………..mmmmuuuaaaammmffff…………………..



 <click>What the fuck is that?<click>

<click>Could be anything.  Hereditary anomaly. Cancer cell, whatever.  It is within acceptable ranges. Continue the process.  We have a time frame to meet. Collins, this being your first lab event, you don’t get the luxury of making choices..<click>

<click>Are you sure?!?  Shouldn’t we run a full DNA analysis?<click>

<click>IT IS within acceptable ranges…..CONTINUE.<click>




 <click>Did you see this scumbag when they brought him in?<click>

<click>Yea, bad shape….not to mention I think he was trying to drink himself to death<click>

<click> What’s his story?<click>

<click>Lets take a look…..  Evidently, he was some hotshot on wallstreet.  Sure doesn’t look like it though. We back-tracked him through the database, and he falls off the grid some time shortly after the Rikti Invasion.  Hmmmm…Look at this…….His wife and child were killed in the initial attack when the Rikti leveled their penthouse building. I guess that would explain the state we found him in.<click>

<click>Who found him?<click>

<click>Murphy did on a random Bio search of the homeless under the Skyway overpasses.  He was almost dead when he came in. Sever liver damage and hypothermia. Think of it as we are giving him a new lease on life.<click>

<click>How do you get a semi-coherent drunk to agree to this shit?<click>

<click>You don’t<click>

<click>Cut the bullshit you two, we are beginning phase 2, Bio-physical augmentation.<click>














<click>I hate this part<click>

<click>….well, if they live through this, then there is a good chance that they will make it through the next….<click>

<click>shit…brain scan shows activity….he is fighting it.  this piece of work is still conscious<click>




<click>nothing we can do about it now.  Procedure has started. The motor inhibitors will keep him still.  Let him yell.<click>

<click>looks like he is going to feel this…..sorry buddy, this might sting.  Heh heh heh.<click>

<click>jesus christ…..I didn’t sign up for this kind of tortue<click>




[my god!  What is happening to me????.........brain….on fire………cant move…………Rachel…………]

 […….so much…….fire……..pain………………………]






<click>Dammit…that was the longest 30 minute procedure I have ever been through<click>

<click>Grow a sack, and shutup Collins.  Countess Crey wants a new group of PPs up and running in 3 days so we have a lot of work to do.<click>


 <click>Move the subject to tank 15 for Phase three Power Implementation<click>




[……………moving………………….p…..ain……………….so much fire……………………….]




<click> what is he mumbling about?<click>

<click>who cares…..he is prolly hallucinating on a subconscious level.  Maybe a memory of when his wife and kid died…..up the Inhibitor dosage<click>

<click>he has already had 2 times the normal amount!……any more and we risk viability<click>

<click>we cannot risk him moving during this…….do it.<click>



















<click>…hard to talk over this guys screaming…<click>

<click>tell me about it…..as long as he is physically still, we are ok.<click>

<click> why do we get all the hard cases?<click>

<click>You are just lucky Collins….HA HA HA HA!!<click>

<click>…..asshole…..what powers will this thing have when we are done?<click>

<click>Computer chooses that after all of the bio scans.  It picks what will most easily be accepted into the physiology and integrated into the DNA.<click>

<click>Great….so we are just along for the ride on Frankenstien’s roller coaster huh?<click>

<click>You know what?  You talk to god damn much.  Who hates me that much, to stick your ass on my team?<click>





<click>Hansen, is it just me or is it getting warm in here?<click>





<click> ….something is fucked up with the AC…..figures.<click>







<click>Problem here……subject internal temperature is reading 104<click>

<click>Hmmmmm……on the threshold….. process is 57% complete……we should be ok here.<click>




<click>106 now<click

<click>69%....hold on……..getting a cardiac alarm…….<click>

<click>intravenous nitro going in<click>

<click>we can make this work<click>

<click>are you sure?!?  110 now……we are going to lobotomize him….<click>

<click>COLLINS!  Shut up!<click>







<click>SHIT!….that is the environmental alarm…..why is it so GOD DAMN HOT IN HERE?!!!?<click>

<click>Lab temp at 98…..99…..100<click>

<click>IT IS STILL CLIMBING!!!!!<click>




<click>COLLINS!!...SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! <click>

 <click>We are fucked here…..Subject temperature is at 115…..he’s toast<click>

<click>Vitals are all over the place…..wait, not registering.…..I can’t get any solid readings<click>




<click>Cameras are offline and non-responsive……all room sensors are going nuts!!<click>

<click>Lab temp at 112 now!!!<click>

 <click>Open the windows covers…..we need to see what is going on in there……NOW!!!<click>




<click> OH MY GOD……………..<click>

<click> FIRE…….FIRE!!!! WE HAVE GOT A REAL PROBLEM HERE!!!!<click>







<click>SOS THE MAIN LAB…..NOW!<click>




<click>LOOK!!!  THAT’S NOT FUCKING POSSIBLE!!!!!<click>

<click>HE’S STANDING!!!!<click>

<click>God Dammit<click>

<click>HE SEES US!!!!!<click>




Sir we have received a priority one alarm from Lab 6”

“What?!?  That is one of the Paragon Protector labs in Brickstown…..pull it up on the HUD”

“I cant sir…..all sensors and surveillance just went offline”

“That’s odd.”

“Get a team over there ASAP”

“Yes sir”



“Countess?  You asked to see me?”

“I did.  What did your team find Doctor?”

“I can’t explain it.”

“Again, what did your team find…Doctor?”

“The lab was destroyed. Completely.  All personel were killed. 3 teams of Protector scientists, 12 defensive units, and 6 subjects. Pretty extensive damage to the surrounding city block as well”

“How was it destroyed Doctor?”

“Uhhhmmmm…..melted ma’am”

“Excuse me?  I could have sworn that you said it was melted”

“I did ma’am….Please look here at the recon photos from my recovery team”

 “is that a crater I am looking at Doctor?  I don’t remember that being in the plans for Lab 6”

“Uhm…yes ma’am, and no ma’am”

“How did this happen?

“Subject A4357-2 was in Phase 3 implementation in tank 15 where the blast originated.  We don’t have much data, but preliminary analysis shows a genetic anomaly in the subject that was barely detected.  It was within accpeptable ranges for the process to continue.

“Explain this genetic anomaly please.”

“Well, I would gather that is was some for of cellular mutation”

“The subject was a mutant?’

“No….but it is possible that he might have had latent genes.  I believe that these genes were activated when the power implementation process started, since we are basically rewriting the subjects DNA.”

“And where is the subject now?”

“No trace…..I believe that he was atomized by the explosion.  Nothing could survive those temperatures. It would have momentarily been to be close to the temperature of the sun in there to cause that level of molecular degredation”

“Hmmmmmmmm…….This greatly disturbs me Doctor.”

“Yes ma’am”




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The above 2 back stories are intertwined, as Weaponier was the first person to find Star-Core after he destroyed the Crey facility.  He was also the one who implanted Star-Core's cybernetics to keep his powers in check.  He then moved Star-Core to a location where he would quickly be taken in by The LEGION, and Arclight (my main toon).

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Well, here is my recreated edgelord character and first CoV build - Suffercharge.  Electrical Melee/Willpower Brute.


Suffercharge was a prototype super soldier created by an unknown group who planned on mass-producing loyal, emotionless clones for profit.  Part of the design brief was to make them immune to pain, which they succeeded on to some degree.  His nervous system exists, but is essentially separate to the rest of his body.  His creators found that his body was numb, registering pressure and heat only vaguely.  Pain, however, caused electrical impulses to be generated by the appropriate nerves.  But, rather than heading to his brain, the energy simply circulated endlessly through this sub-dermal network of nerves.  He was able to use this power source to heal his injuries by focusing the energy into the wounded area to speed cell regeneration, as well as discharge it through touch.  As the energy was the 'frequency' of human pain signals, this resulted in his target becoming crippled by waves of agony.


Delighted by this turn of events, Suffercharge's captors ran him ragged through brutal, seemingly pointless tests to determine the limits of his abilities.  He was exposed to all kinds of painful stimuli and then thrown into combat against street thugs, mercenaries, etc.  He would be told to let them beat him for as long as he could remain standing, then kill them without mercy.  His body was augmented by crude cybernetics designed to run off his internal power supply, and he was often awake for the surgeries.  Even his name was a mockery, as the project to discover a way to replicate his abilities in all the following closed was called Operation Supercharge.  Since his creators wanted to see how much he could suffer, they 'wittily' dubbed him Suffercharge.  All of this abuse strained his in-built loyalty to the limit...and eventually snapped it.


During yet another round of stress testing, Suffercharge broke his wrist, allowing him to generate enough energy to kill his opponent and burn out the magnetic lock on the door.  Immediately the facility was flooded with a poisoned gas.  The scientists and guards died within minutes, but Suffercharge's augmentations allowed him to batter down the steel door of his prison and emerge into the weak light of Mercy Island.


With his mind broken, he was easily captured this first time.  However, he soon broke out of prison and engaged on multiple rampages.  With no direction or orders he simply lashed out at anything that attacked him, becoming nearly feral.  Arachnos eventually were able to capture him and put his fury to use.  They claimed that they had found evidence in the underground lab which pointed to his creation being part of a secret government project, partially funded by Longbow, to create soldiers to crush Lord Recluse.  Lies, of course, but Suffercharge didn't really care.  His skills and abilities made him an excellent terror weapon for Arachnos, and he was able to slowly rebuild his shattered identity by following orders.  That these orders allowed him to vent his insane anger served both parties nicely.


Powers - Suffercharge can generate electrical power by experiencing painful stimuli.  His costume is designed to facilitate this, with multiple layers of barbed wrappings which chafe and dig into his skin constantly.  He was also designed at a genetic level to be stronger, faster and tougher than a regular human.  These traits have been further enhanced with unique cybernetic implants.  These include metal prongs which emerge a few millimetres from his knuckles, heels, elbows and knees.  These conduct his pain-energy better than simple skin-to-skin contact.  He is also capable of using the energy to enhance his natural healing.  This can range from stimulating his tissues to regrow slowly over time to searing shut mortal wounds in seconds.


Weaknesses - As he is unable to feel pain, and in fact is powered up by injuries, Suffercharge is considered high-maintenance by Arachnos medical teams.  After even a simple fight he can have sustained injuries which will kill him over time, but not notice or simply not care.  His costume also creates a constant source of low-grade physical trauma, so he must be checked daily to discover if he needs surgery, skin grafts, etc.  While his healing does somewhat compensate for this, and his body is designed to accept donor tissue without issue, he has on several occasions fought until his body almost literally came apart under him.


Role - Terror tactics/High-threat assassinations.  Arachnos has found that the best way to make use of Suffercharge is to give him a target, throw a cordon around the area and just let him go to work.  By the time he is finished everyone inside the hot zone will either be dead or terrified to the point of being unable to resist a second wave assault team.  Between his terrifying appearance, pain-causing powers, and superhuman ability to soak up damage, he has been able to defeat many foes simply by horrifying them into submission before moving in for the kill.  Hearing half of your men go quiet over the radio while the rest gibber in fear about 'the monster' tends to send a very clear message to any who would resist Lord Recluse's will.

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