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The 'Share your awesome bios' Thread!


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Mine is long... sorry...


Sicken is dying…


When she was a teenager, Alli excelled in sports and carried a good enough GPA to keep her father, a nobel winning physicist off her back.  Although her mother had died when she was 6, She lead a normal, happy life and although she never ran with the “cool” crowd she was well liked enough by pretty much everyone. 


Her father, Jack Alsgaard, worked for a secret government program dedicated to creating clean, renewable energy.  This program combined the talents of the top physicists, chemists and engineers in the world.  The goal was to create a stable self-sustaining nuclear generation process that did not depend on water cooling. 


Alsgaard and the other scientist focused on natural energy generation processes in nature and attempted to improve upon those models.  Photosynthesis, the conversion of oxygen to energy in blood cells, phosphorescent light generation based on kinetic movement and chemical interactions in deep sea creatures were all studied, along with traditional nuclear power generation processes. 

A breakthrough came when a brilliant chemist on the team determined that biologically initiated fusion could occur on a small scale.  Given sufficient fuel and virtually any external power source, like solar radiation or even kinetic heat - specially modified plant cells could initiate, but not sustain a fissionable event.  The cells were genetically created through gene-splicing technology and the resultant cells were called “Genesis Cells”. 


The issue was that the Genesis Cells used the fuel, generated the power, but unless they were placed in a system that provided continual external energy, the conversion process failed.  Some team members suggested that an experiment be done where the cells were placed out doors in the sun with a large fuel supply.  The chemist pointed out the tremendous danger in such an experiment as the cells would continue producing energy unchecked and unconfined.  He feared a cataclysmic release of power that may destroy up to 1/4 mile of the surrounding countryside.  And that was with virtually no fissionable material present.  For that reason, the priority protocol was to contain the cells in a controlled environment where the fuel and external energy source could be monitored.  This of course meant the project was failing one of its primary tenets - the process needed to be clean, self sustaining AND stable.


Early tests of the new technology were disappointing, not because it didn’t work, but because it worked too well.  The amount of power generated from even small amounts of fissionable material were frightening.  In fact, the team discovered early on, that uranium and plutonium were TOO effective and for any hope of energy containment to be successful, hydrogen, despite it’s inefficiency in fission compared to other sources, was the best fuel.  Truly, it was BECAUSE of hydrogen’s smaller output that it could even be considered for the project, which firstly needed a readily available source of fuel, and secondly created SO much energy output.


Massive work was put into containment and routing of the generated power.  Virtually every containment methodology known to man or invented by the team eventually failed in simulation tests.  The output of energy and radiation was simply too great.  The team was on the verge of quitting on the project.


The molecular density of all known and widely used containment materials was too high.  Radiation and energy pulsed against the containment and shortly vibrated them apart.  Sicken’s father postulated that any successful containment field needed to be uniquely malleable and able to cope with the energy pulses created from the generation process.  He and other team members had long since noted that despite the massive energy creation and release, the modified cells did not fail.  The cells were uniquely designed to replicate at a high rate so that any damage caused by the energy and radiation release was mitigated by newly developing cells.  Essentially the “generator” was constantly destroying and rebuilding itself at a rate that ultimately evened out.


The problem of course was that any cellular containment system would be bombarded by energy and radiation and that would destroy THOSE cells just as the energy release had destroyed other traditional containment systems.  Alsgaard theorized that the only way a biological containment system could work was if it utilized the same rapid regeneration properties that the generator cells possessed.  The trick, was to create containment cells that could absorb energy and radiation and rapidly reduce but which could NOT generate additional power like the “Genesis Cells”.


The mutated containment cells were spliced.  Ironically the best suited base cells were human skin-cells.  They proved resilient and with minor modification they were able to reproduce at astounding rates.  These new cells were half-jokingly called “Def-Con Cells”.  The physicist in charge of their development came up with that name because he said, “If THESE cells fail we’ll be at Def-Con Doom in NO TIME!”


With a small grouping of Genesis Cells and a giant, grown sphere of Def-Con cells to envelope them, the team prepared for it’s first test.  The now prototyped Gen-Con Generator was placed in a small radiation containment room and a skylight was opened to let some sun shine upon the generator.


Nothing happened.


The Def-Con cells absorbed the light, and because they were not designed to convert any of that light to energy, the Genesis cells underneath starved.  Clearly more work needed to be done.


Alsgaard informed the state of the project's current status and, frustrated with the massive amount of research money and time that had been lost, it was decided to terminate the project.  Alsgaard was ordered to destroy everything.  Unable to let go of the massive potential for the project, Alsgaard saved 1 Genesis Cell and 1 Def-Con cell for possible future work.  The Genesis cell was perfectly safe as long as it couldn’t get access to any hydrogen for fuel and Def-Con cell was designed to stay completely dormant unless it was attacked by the specific radiation signature produced by the Genesis Cell.


And so, Alsgaard put the saved cells on slides and planned to hide them away.


Years later, Alli was dealing with severe “Senioritis” as she gutted out the last few weeks of high school.  She had an English final and an advanced biology final and she was finally OUT!  The English final was easy.  She had to write an essay about how high school had “changed” her.  In truth, high school had really just bored her, but she wrote an acceptable if complete crap paper about how she’d become some new and amazing creation because of classes like Art and History.


Her advanced biology final was more challenging.  She had to identify and classify different types of cells and she only had 30 minutes to get through 10 of them.  Fortunately, she could earn extra credit if she could “stump the teacher”, Mr. Bordell.  Many had tried, none had succeeded.  But Alli had a secret weapon.  She knew of TWO different slides her father had put in an old box in his office from a long time ago.  He’d shown them to her once and said they were the only two of their kind in the entire world.  If she could stump Mr. Bordell ONCE she’d get an extra 10%.  if she could do it TWICE… Well she may not even have to take the final.


Walking into the biology room, extraordinarily confident - Alli never saw the backpack on the floor.  She stumbled over it and crashing into a lab table, she badly cut her hands on the slides she had been carrying in.  Although Alli had never had a problem with the sight of blood before, she soon fainted and… within hours Alli Alsgaard was dead.


The moment the cells were introduced to her body, they started doing what they were designed to do.  The Genesis cell began searching for sources of Hydrogen.  It found it in the vast amount of water that made up Alli’s body.  It was no work at all for the Genesis Cell to start splitting off Hydrogen and using it to generate energy.  Her own body heat provided the kinetic energy source to keep the Genesis Cells operating on a small level and continually duplicating.


At the same time the Def-Con cell merely integrated into Alli’s bloodstream, but almost instantly a burst of genesis radiation pulsed from the replicating Genesis cells.  In response, the Def-Con cell began replicating at a wild rate attempting to contain and control the energy.


And so, a war started in Alli Alsgaard’s body.  One that would consume her at a genetic level as the Genesis and Def-Con cells battled for equivalency.  Had she been out in the sunshine, she likely would have exploded - destroying half the city.  But, inside under fluorescent lights her rapidly replicating Genesis Cells could find no external power source great enough to continue producing energy.


When she woke, her father was standing over her.  The frightened look in his eyes terrified her.  He tried to explain to her that she had some kind of terrible cancer or something that was constantly trying to burn her alive from the inside.  He told her that she was emitting toxic radiation from her body and that nobody could be near her for more than a few seconds without getting sick and dying.  She asked how he could sit by her, and he just smiled and held her hand.  “I’m with you to the end.”  He said simply and squeezed.  “No matter how much you sicken, I’ll always be right here.”  She watched as he grew shorter of breath.  His skin became clammy.  She tried to pull his hand away, but he held tightly until his strength failed.  Then he collapsed on the hospital bed by her legs.  She held him and his last words were, “I’m sorry.”


Alli died with her father Jack Alsgaard.  Sicken was born.  Her body is constantly at war.  In order to keep the Genesis cells from overtaking her and causing a catastrophe, she must regularly vent energy and radiation.  With nothing else to live for, she decided to take to the streets and do what she could to fight crime and somehow turn her curse into something that wasn’t so terrible.  She can never have a relationship, never fall in love, never make friends.  But if you hurt somebody, she can make you sicken.

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Fire/Dark Corruptor, Magic Origin:


I really wanted to cast magic missile at the darkness.


What can I say, I was young.  Banged on their door, begged.

Offered Cheetos as payment, Mountain Dew.  Turns out they

liked Mountain Dew, because the door opened, and ... well,

here I am, no longer a kid.


The missiles, and the fire, are easy.  The darkness, on the

other hand, has to be summoned, and after a while, like in

Russia, it masters you.


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Eilestraee, Dark Dark Defender


You can call me Eilie.


Everyone does. You're wondering how I got here?


Originally I was the Drow goddess for goodness and light. It was a great gig but I was left scrambling when they downsized the Pantheon. Believe me, I totally get why the Banished Pantheon is so bitter. I'm not excusing their actions, but I do empathize. Anywho, I lost my job. The Mississippi trailer elves put me up for a while, which was very nice of them, but let's face it the old adage about company after three days is true and I could tell that I was harshing their queen's mellow. I owe them for that but when I heard Paragon City needed heroes, I leapt at the chance. So here I am. It sure beats watching soaps and eating Ho Hos with Ilrondelia.


At work:









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Smashley Black


Dark/Dark Brute


The funniest thing happened the other day. There I was, waiting on the monorail to go to work at the End Dive Bar when a skunk bit my ankle. Luckily a nice man hurried up and captured it. Believe you me I was sweating bullets that it would turn out to be rabid. Fortunately the rabies test came back negative. But it did turn out to be radioactive. Can you believe it? I  haven't started to smell funny. So there is that, but I do have the strength of ten skunks. My Mom has promised to keep checking about the smell. And to think I only lost two days from work. I'm supposed to start working as bouncer next week.  And I've moved from the bench to being a starter on our roller derby team!



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Moonstruck Molly


Budding young amateur astronomer Molly Harris was a grade A student. Always hoping she would make a name for herself, join Nasa, meet a nice man, settle down, all that jazz. But it was not to be, one day while working part-time as a clerk in the first national bank in Talos it was robbed by a supervillain. Molly, while diving for cover in the carnage was struck by a vicious surge of electrical energy, her entire body was engulfed, her body charged, her brain fried. Doctors did all they could but it was clear she was beyond hope, while her body has healed, her mind has not. Fortunately, a latent gene allowed Molly to harness the energy she had absorbed, making her body far more powerful. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of her brain, and she is certified quite insane. Taking a fascination with the moon she began to pray to it. And now together with her stuffed cat Muffy she uses her powers for the glory of her moon god, Bobo The Screwy.



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I mentioned before: my personal challenge is to see how much story I can pack into a very short bio text.  Here's another try:




TB ~ Amazon Army: AMAZON-963 | TB ~ Crowned Heads: CH-10012 | EX ~ The Holy Office: HOLY-1610 | EV ~ Firemullet Groupies: FM-5401 | IN ~ Sparta: SPARTA-3759 | RE ~ S.P.Q.R. - SPQR-5010

Spread My Legions - #207 | Lawyers of Ghastly Horror - #581 | Jerk Hackers! - #16299 | Ecloga Prima - #25362 | Deth Kick Champions! - #25818 | Heaven and Hell - #26231 | The Legion of Super Skulls - #27660 | Cathedral of Mild Discomfort - #38872 | The Birch Conspiracy! - #39291

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Copying this from my post in the Costume thread, as this more realistically belongs here.







As a child, I was pulled through a portal to a strange land full of cultivators like you would read about in a Wuxia novel.  I was taken in by a small clan and taught to cultivate. When I came of age, I was able to awaken a Martial Spirit, even though I wasn't a native to the world.


My Martial Spirit is an Ice Flame. Yes, a flame composed of ice is odd, what can I say. I learned the clan's Martial Art, focused on avoidance, and added some Martial Techniques that allowed me to use the cold of my Ice Flame to attack my foes while also setting them on fire. The Battle Ring behind me, infused by my Ice Flame, helps to gather energy to fuel my attacks and absorb damage via the Runic Ice Shields phasing about my body.


Finally, I left to wander that alternate world and explore. Eventually, I stumbled upon a portal back to this world, my original home.


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My latest, Sonic/Invuln Sentinel, the Silver Hornet.


The Silver Hornet was a relatively unknown hero before the first Rikti War, she made a name for herself at that point, focusing on getting civilians to safety while the heavy hitters fought the Rikti. She spent the next several years rising in fame, dilligently defending the people of Paragon City, a power-armored beacon of hope. Until the Praetorian invasion, where she fell in battle and was confirmed killed in action.


This new Silver Hornet is a more recent arrival in to Paragon City, and no one is entirely sure precisely who is inside the armor. Those that knew the original say that it is definitely not the same person, but that the armor is very similar though updated.


Whoever this new Silver Hornet is, they are taking to the streets and much like the original, seem more concerned with civilian lives than any glory or fame that comes from being a hero.

Always happy to answer questions in game, typically hanging around Help.
Global is @Zolgar, and tends to be tagged in Help.

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Yeah, yeah. It's derivative. A little swipe here a little cliche there and bang! Done.




Red Devil


Joseph (Joe) David Nicholas Morrell


Ya grow up tough in the Row and Joe was one'a the toughest. Da' oldest of five. Even as a kid Joe was a scrapper. Either stickin' up for the little guy er just takin' on the biggest ta see if he could. His old man, Al, tired of talkin' to the principal or the cops alla time got him into Father D'Anglo's boxin' club. Figurin' it'd keep 'im off the streets and outta trouble. An' it did. Joe was good. Some folks said “gifted”. No. Not like Statesman an' dem jokers. Gifted like Louis. Ali. Frazer. Dem guys.


We wuz all so proud when he won da national Golden Gloves. He wuz gonna try for the Olympic team and then go pro. But then their was that accident with his mom and dad. Dey was goin' back to their hotel from da match when a tire blew and Al lost control and dey ended up head on to a tree. His mom died right then and there and his dad? Damn. He got it bad. Crippled from the neck down. Sure the insurance paid for the medical bills and Al got his government money but there wasn't enough to pay for nurses and to take care of the younger kids.


Joe had'a put 'is dreams on hold. He got a steady job at da garment factory and worked odd jobs for what ever he could get. One day some one from the Frost family showed up and tied to get him ta work for 'em. Joe told 'em to stuff it. Da' Family sent goons arround a few times ta change his mind. Dat ended when dey got tiried of 'em comin' back all broke up.


Then does Skulls tried ta hook his little sister on 'dine an' dat made Joe real mad. REAL mad. He walked right in ta one'a der club houses or whatever looking ta set things straight but as Joe tells it dey had one'a does Bone Daddys there and ol' Joe was about ta get his first real beatin'. Den this guy all in red busts in and opens a can of whoop ass. Fightin' like a devil. Well everthing is said an' done and dem Skulls was all out and this red guys tells Joe to go home an just take care of his family, he'd handle the scum in Kings Row. After dat Joe tells everyone dat Red Devil was gonna fix dose Skulls, the Family or anyone who messed with the Row. An he has.


Much longer than will fit in game. Came to post it for that reason.

Because there is a city in the Midwest that is continually threatened by a silver backed gorilla and is protected by a man who can run faster than the speed of light.

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Here's another one. Warshade.




Shadow Nova's longtime companion Jane Smith had passed away years ago and now her daughter was dying of cancer. Shadow Nova decided that their two halves should separate. They knew the human host would die almost immediately due to old age but their love for Jane and her daughter was so great that the decision was easily made. In the hospital several doctors and Kheldian observers watched as the Kheld, La'Mazal (Hunter of Foes) seperated itself from the human Alice White. La'Mazal maintained mental contact with Alice to comfort her as she slid into the final darkness. As the last bit of Alice faded from its mind La'Mazal began to integrate with Sarah Smith. Sarah's body and mind eagerly embraced La'Mazal as the pain and weakness started to leave her body. Now bound together a new being arose. No longer La'Mazal or Sarah Smith, they are Grav-Star!

Because there is a city in the Midwest that is continually threatened by a silver backed gorilla and is protected by a man who can run faster than the speed of light.

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Here goes a couple...  Be kind.  Rewind.  (There's a 30-year old virtual cookie for anyone who gets the reference.)


First up:  Dash Marlowe


Bio:    A day can make all the difference.  I should know - I left my yesterday back in 1943.  I was chasing down some sort of super science gizmo for the Feds, and I knew I was getting close.  Too close, it turns out.  I had the thing in my sights, when suddenly there was this blinding flash.  Next thing I know, I'm waking up in an army hospital a lifetime later.  For my troubles I got a hearty handshake, a "thank you for your service, Mr. Marlowe," and an impromptu military escort to the nearest door.  Good to know some things haven't changed...


Second, my newest character:  Arduenne


Bio:  The R.D.U.N. series of cybernetic modifications represents the latest in augmented soldier technology.  Increasingly favored by military agencies and mercenary companies alike, R.D.U.N. promises reaction time and tactical awareness that surpass our nearest competitors by nearly four percent!  Contact a representative of Feth-fiadha Incorporated today to give your soldiers the combat advantage they need.


(This bio is a placeholder - somehow need to incorporate an alternate universe (where the Gallic tribes threw back the Roman conquest), intergalactic warfare which resulted in the complete destruction of said universe, and the surviving pieces getting scattered across the multiverse.  Finding it hard to relate all that in a paragraph...)

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In the future, the colonization of the moon results in a society that desires total autonomy from Earth; their relative isolation (combined with the cutting-edge technology that they were initially provided) allows their brightest minds to flourish exponentially.


They perform revolutionary experiments on human genes in secret, and after many iterations and generations, the product is their very own super soldier.




Lunar Lancer

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