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A popmenu for all the temporary summons powers

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I find that on any character I play a lot, I end up accumulating a TON of temporary powers.  Summons, in particular, are very useful, and there are a lot of them, but they don't usually need to be used at an instant's notice, which makes them well-suited for a popmenu.  So I made a popmenu ro access them all with a single icon.


To use this:  First, download the attached file summons.mnuinto your CoH/data/texts/English/menus folder (or the appropriate other language).  Then, if your game is running, completely restart the game.  Once in game, type

/macro_image Temporary_Summon Summons popmenu summons

This will put an icon in your bar that looks like the icon for most of the temporary summon powers, and if you click it, you'll get a list of all of them, with any that aren't available (you don't have them or they're on cooldown) grayed out.  Just click any that isn't grayed out, and you'll cast that summon five feet in front of you.


The full list:

Amy's Ward

Build Snow Beast

Clockwork Connection

Knight Errant

Shivan Shard

Longbow Mech

Vanguard HVAS

Backup Radio

Signature Summon (Melee Damage)

Signature Summon (Ranged Damage)

Signature Summon (Support)

Signature Summon (Tank)

Rikti Drone

Vial of Bees

Loa Bone

Coral Amulet

Creeper Seed

Demon Box

Summoning Amulet

Warwolf Whistle

Arachnos Backup Radio

Artificial Demon Seeds

Soul Crystal

Summon: Tsoo Sorcerer


I apologize that the list is kind of in random order right now, because that's the order in which I dug up all of the powers.  Any suggestions for a more logical order would be appreciated (Alphabetically?  By power level?  By level at which you earn them?  I dunno).


I also don't guarantee that it's completely bug-free; if you find any bugs, let me know (ideally, with a fix!).

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Agreed on the alphabetical listing as being the most logical. Also, if you head over to Brainstorm (the beta server), you can probably earn most if not all of these powers by completing the respective missions using the mission/task completion tools in the freebies menu. They are under the 'Misc Commands' heading on the top level. You can copy one or more of your live server characters there to test using the forum beta copy tool. That way you can test to make sure that all the commands in the popmenu work.


I don't think there are any power awards that are tied to badges, but if you find there are let me know and I can help you grant the appropriate badges on Brainstorm as well.

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That's really quite clever, and useful. 

I appreciate your taking the time to create it. 

My one question - at the bottom of the list, "Soul Crystal". 

I can't say I recall that one crossing my radar before. My search on the HC wiki further verified my ignorance. 
How would I get that one? 


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Some of these, I'm not sure where they come from, either, and some of them, I'm pretty sure can't even be earned any more.  I just included everything I could find.


I'll re-order it alphabetically... some time or other.

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I actually made a very similar pop menu a little while back which I had posted in the COH Modder.  I sorted mine based upon the more common shared summons being in the root of the menu with all the others separated into another menu.  I put Ouro icons for the ones I saw on the wiki that were rechargeable.



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